The Raving Lesbian

Stephanie Donald | Publisher, LGBT-Today

After former FBI Director James Comey’s dramatic testimony, a vast majority of mainstream press’s coverage has jumped the rails into obfuscating the real point of these hearings. That the underlining issue here isn’t necessarily impeaching Trump. The real issue is preserving our democracy for our children and grandchildren.

The main point is that the Russians leveraged the instability of our election system and that Trump’s campaign (although I doubt the Russian hackers had a deal withjust a few Trump campaigners and cabinet members rather than a bottom-up scenario of influence—Trump has two ex-wives and current wife who are all from Russian—just think about that constantly)

As I read this morning’s usual press gaggle, I noticed that the writers seemed hell-bent on giving everyone a “Who’s won and who’s lost” commentary about the Senate Intelligence Hearings into tampering with the 2016 election by the Russians.

I’ll simplify this for everyone: We all lost and the only one who won is Vladimir Putin, who seems to be very amused at all the chaos he’s created. His intent from the beginning was to paralyze the American government as left-wing and right-wing assail each other both verbally and physically via the fascists (and let’s call the alt-righters that because that’s what they are) and the AntiFa’s, or Anti-Fascist movement, are literally trying to kill each other in the streets of America.

Putin and Trump will provide the fiddle music as America burns to the ground.

Our democracy has survived numerous assaults with the war of 1812 against the British, the Civil War, the Spanish-American War, World War I & II, Korea, Vietnam, the 100 Day War with Iraq, the retribution over the attacks on the United States by invading Afghanistan and Iraq, and more situations of constitutional crisis’ than there are stars in the heavens, but it appears we’re losing our nation and all that will be left is the burning cinders in the aftermath of another crushing civil war in the offing.

Hate crimes against various minorities has become rampant since Trump’s election as the fascists are gaining ground via the refusal of the U.S. Senate and House ofRepresentatives are virtually paralyzed with fear over one small misstep or failure to vindicate a President who has no business being in office. They know it, but Trump’s election is the result of a complete collapse of public reason brought on by plain, pure stupidity and neglect on the part of Americans who refuse to be political in any way or to vote.

The vast majority of people, regardless of whether they vote or not, is left-wing, but once you unleash hate, the fascists will overtake you faster than a drag car can go from zero to sixty MPH.

This country has been so consumed by Christian hatred of everything they disagree with will cause this nation to split off into bits and pieces and pass into obscurity as new third world nations with GNP’s lower than Bermuda.

This is going to happen. The long-term logic of my argument is irrefutable once you place the United States and the current climate of other nations that have been split apart by cultural differences in policy or religion.

Is this really what you anti-political types out there really want: Another civil war?

Get off your collective butts and get involved or everything you’ve worked for all your life will be gone forever. No more house or apartment, no more 401k or pension, no job, no protective services such as police or utilities because the American dollar will go the way of the dodo bird and goods and services could go away overnight in the turmoil.

If you don’t believe this is possible then I suggest you look at modern day Syria and Turkey, who both had coup d’etats in those nations placing a vicious dictator as ruler. It can happen and will happen, especially considering that we have a sitting president who has no clue what to do or how to do it. He listens to no one and makes rash and volatile decisions that affect a vast majority of citizens.

So it’s time for you non-political types to finally pull your collective heads out of the sand and go after your elected officials and demand answers to your questions.

Let us endeavor to make this a civil discussion and not a civil war.

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