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June 7, 1977, the biggest event in ‘gay history’ took place, with the repeal of ‘affectional and sexual preference’ ordinance in Dade County, Fla.(Miami), that Anita Bryant and Jerry Falwell opposed. Dr. Alan Rockway and I co-authored this world-famous ordinance. We exposed and opposed Anita/Falwell and their fellow bigots and our campaign made ‘gay’ a household word, brought millions out of their closets, helped form thousands of organizations, saved many lives, opened the door locally and globally and in four elections, we became a majority on the ballot here and in the State of Fla.

June 12, 2016, Muslim killer slays 50 in gay bar in Orlando, Fla. and 53 wounded. Killer’s family is from Afghanistan. The Islamic Nazi is Omar Mateen from Port St. Lucie, Fla. and born in New York City. He has a ‘G’ license to carry guns anywhere in Fla. Father says he saw two men kissing in Miami a couple of weeks ago, which set him off. More lies.

Below, Mosque speaker calls for Killing of Gays, on Ch. 9 in April in Orlando. Did this killer of gays in Orlando, an American citizen, attend this speech and act on it or have connections to anyone who did attend? Orlando Muslims ignored this, only adding to the anger towards them.

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Meanwhile a Muslim leader is speaking at a news conference: “Who Could Have Predicted this?” is one more excuse for mass murder by this religion of “peace” and during Ramadan, no less.

Sen. Bill Nelson of Fla. says there is a connection with this Islamic Nazi killer and ISIS.BillNelsonSenateHoldsHearingBorderSecurityWnXj-LKanMulSenator Bill Nelson (D) Florida

In Saudi Arabia they chop off the heads of gays.

Iran hangs gays.

ISIS throws gays off of tall buildings.

Muslim countries and African countries oppress gays, jail terms and death and women and do honor killings.

This is the worst terrorist attack in America since ‘9/11’.

To the left-wing homosexuals who side with the Palestinian Arabs that want their state to also be ‘gay-free’, while killing innocent Jews, today’s blood is also on your hands in excusing what has come back to bite all Americans and all free peoples.

Sharia law calls for the Killing of Gays, that 1/2 of Muslims worldwide support, that is 750 million Muslims support this insanity and of course ignored by Obama/Hillary/Kerry/Congress/EU/UN/Vatican and Left politics that has given cover to this outrage and mass murder..

Hillary and Bill’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” obscene attack upon Gays in the Military and their “Defense of Marriage Act” politics to deny ‘taxation with representation’ fed and fueled the anti-gay hate that took many years to overcome. Now that the public is with us, they are with us. It was only matched by Obama/Hillary/Kerry giving Iran Nukes and $150 billion to fund international terrorism, let alone Hillary on 3/27/11, telling us that Assad of Syria, was a ‘reformer’ and now 300,000 dead in Syria alone and ISIS doing genocide in Middle East and North Africa, 9 million of refugees and Germany putting up $106 billion for 1 million refugees, while only offering $70 billion in 70 years to Hillary-Rodham-ClintonDemocratic Presidential hopeful Hillary ClintonHolocaust Survivors and heirs. This doesn’t include a massive body count from Obama and gang with many more hundreds of thousands dead and over 100 potential attacks in U.S. thwarted in this climate to protect Islam instead of their victims.

Where is the justice in any of this?

Bill Clinton ignored the Rwanda genocide of 1 million, while GOPerverts were obsessed with Monica Lewinsky and a stained dress, gay marriage and now transgender toilets, while the rapists, murderers and terrorists are free to do their dirty work. Both parties have continued this carnage and anti-gay bigotry that has led to this tragedy, again.

And now we must suffer from today’s horror among so many out there. More loved ones lost. Our hearts and prayers go out to the families. All the gays murdered for being gay. All the million Americans and 20 million worldwide were sacrificed with AIDS Crisis politics and killed as many as possible and Bill and Hillary also ignore this tragedy that led to this body count and 100 million infections and collapsed health care systems and all of this under the guise of saving the fetus while aborting the living gays, bisexual and heterosexual infidels, as the Muslims call us.

Today, June 12, 2016, is the Jewish holiday of Shavous, when G-d gave us the Torah which says: “Thou Shall Not Kill”.  

On May 27, 2016, Congress still considered Gay American taxpayers as second class and refused to pass non-discrimination against gays.


Over 1.2 million Gays, Bisexuals and Heterosexuals gave their lives in all of America’s wars, we remembered and honored, on Memorial Day, so that the bigots and homophobes could keep their attacks on their fellow Americans, now cut down by the very Islamic Nazis who want all ‘infidels’ dead.

June 6, 1944, “D-Day”, the invasion of Europe to stop Hitler, that the Arabs were aligned with and barely a mention in the media as well as June 6, 1967, ‘The 6th Day War’ and 30,000 marching to celebrate the uniting of Jerusalem with Israel and no incidents. Yet two days later 4 Israelis murdered and 5 injured in Tel Aviv by the very Islamic Nazi mentality that cut down 50 in Orlando and 53 wounded.

We have sent this to the Orlando Police Dept. media and all concerned.

Yours in Shalom,

Bob Kunst

Pres., Shalom International


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