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1 FBI Director Comey Confirms that an Active Investigation is in Process Tying Trump and Staff’s Contact with Russian Officials and Agents 618
2 Hogwarts Running Club Presents 
The Trevor Project With $62,535 In Donations 691
3 Religious Right Support For Donald Trump Exposes Movement’s Values Void, Says Americans United 887
4 U.K. LGBT Journalist Owen Jones Demands "Tell it like it is--it's homophobia" 999
5 Quick—Call the Waaah-bulance! Kim Davis is at it Again! 1244
6 Transgender Applicants Could Face Confusion When Purchasing Auto Insurance 1213
7 North Carolina’s HB2 will cost the State $5 billion a Year in Lost Revenue 856
8 GLSEN to Honor Amber Schweitzer as Educator of the Year and Academy for Young Writers as GSA of the Year at 2016 GLSEN Respect Awards – New York 977
9 In the Wake of HB2 776
11 Be A Part of the Remedy: RAD Remedy Launches Ambitious Crowdfunding Campaign 1644
12 LGBT-Today Gets First Letter to the Editor in 5 years! 1750
14 Judge Bunning to Kim Davis; Either Comply or Go to Jail—Davis chooses Martyrdom 1962
15 Social Outreach Seattle Needs Donations for LGBTQIQ Homeless Youth! 1867
16 India’s High Court Reverts to British Colonialism and Outlaws Gay Sex by Overturning Their Own 2009 Ruling 5782
17 The Tribe of Humanity Weeps for Madiba is Dead 5688
18 Unity Through Diversity: The Power of Unity 4895
19 Keyes: Gay Rights Leads To Incest, Bestiality, And Persecution Of Christians 6043
20 This Is What Bryan Fischer's 'Love' For Gays Looks Like 3693
21 Robertson: Gay People Deliberately Spread HIV/AIDS By Cutting People With Special Rings 2774
22 Fischer: Russia's Anti-Gay Law Is Exactly The Sort Of 'Public Policy That We've Been Advocating' 2979
23 (Hum it with me) Oh, Happy Days are here again! Limbaugh and Hannity Get the Boot! 3457
24 A Funny Thing Happened to me on my way through Budva 2165
25 Ted Cruz Warns Gay Marriage Will Lead to Hate Speech Laws, America on Brink of Collapse 1974
26 Porter: Disney Channel Unsafe for Kids Because of Lesbian Moms 1232
27 Robertson: Facebook Should Have 'Vomit' Button for Pictures of Gay Couples 1044
28 Staver: Push for Transgender Rights 'Is the Abolition of Civil Rights' 973
29 Religious Right Responds to DOMA Decision: 'Absurd'; 'Profound Injustice'; 'Shameful Day in American History' 1902
30 Ding-Dong, DOMA and Proposition 8 is dead 1031
31 Perkins: Gay Marriage Ruling Will Undermine Court's Legitimacy, Freedom in America 1033
32 Citing MLK, Gary Glenn Calls On Christians And Governors To Ignore Any Pro-Marriage Equality Ruling From SCOTUS 1304
33 WET Lubricant Provides 50,000 Safe Sex Kits for Step Up, Get Tested Chicago! 1105
34 Fountain-Fort Carson School District Loses Coy Mathis “Potty” Lawsuit 1333
35 Accused NY Gay Hate Crime Murderer Elliot Morales Pleads Not Guilty in Likely Bid to Seek Insanity Verdict 1018
36 How Do You Get to be a Homosexual Bigot? Be the Eldest Son of the Biggest Breeder on the Planet! 1928
37 There Goes Kentucky Again—Treating Lesbians Like Sub-Humans by Denying Constitutional Rights 1766
38 The Gay Kiss Seen Around—Well, a Lot of the Internet, Anyway 1672
39 New Mexico Attorney General: Please Sue New Mexico Over Marriage Equality 1215
40 Army MSgt. Turns to Chik-fil-a to Make a Statement about His Promotion 1262
41 Have You Heard About the New Facebook Game Where Orthodox Priests Try to Kill Gay Activists? 3751
42 LGBT-Today’s Horse’s Ass of the Week Award goes to Hillbuzz’s Kevin DuJan 1083
43 California Once Again Shows Common Sense as Bill Seeks to Remove Non-Profit Status of BSA 931
44 Nigeria Sets New Low for the Sub-Sahara as They Criminalize Being Gay 841
45 Gay Whacko Kevin DuJan Makes Accusation that Obama was Snorting Cocaine and getting his dick sucked during the Benghazi Incident 2741
46 Anti-Gay Children’s Book Teaches Kids to Pray for Destruction of Same-Sex Families 5185
47 Fischer: The Boy Scouts Are Now the 'Boy Sodomizers of America' 1095
48 Orthodox Church Sends Thousands to Attack Gay Pride Gathering in Capital of Tbilisi 1362
49 French High Court: Marriage Equality Constitutional 991
50 European Union Launches “You Are Not Alone” Worldwide LGBT Campaign 1357

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