Perkins: Gay Marriage Ruling Will Undermine Court's Legitimacy, Freedom in America


Tony_PerkinsBrian Tashman—Right Wing Watch

Family Research Council head Tony Perkins yesterday chatted with Tim Wildmon of the American Family Association on Today’s Issues to discuss the Supreme Court’s imminent decisions on Proposition 8 and the Defense of Marriage Act. Perkins warned that if the Proposition 8 is overturned, then the “legitimacy of the court” will be called into question.

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Citing MLK, Gary Glenn Calls On Christians And Governors To Ignore Any Pro-Marriage Equality Ruling From SCOTUS


Gary_GlennKyle Mantyla—Right Wing Watch

Last week, the Frederick Douglass Society hosted a Junteenth Celebration in Michigan at which Gary Glenn of the American Family Association spoke.

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WET Lubricant Provides 50,000 Safe Sex Kits for Step Up, Get Tested Chicago!

Month-long campaign hosted by Chicagoland National HIV Testing Collaborative

CHICAGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--More than 1.1 million people in the U.S. are infected with HIV, and more than 200,000 don’t even know it according to CDC estimates. As the exclusive lubricant sponsor of the Chicagoland National HIV Testing Collaborative’s (CNHTC) Step Up, Get Tested Chicago! campaign, Wet personal lubricant is distributing 50,000 Safe Sex Kits.

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Fountain-Fort Carson School District Loses Coy Mathis “Potty” Lawsuit

Coy-Mathis-410x280Stephanie Donald—LGBT-Today

Fort Carson, Colorado—When Coy Mathis’ parents, Jeremy and Kathryn, became aware that their child was transgender they showed superior understanding, compassion and support and allowed their son to change living from male to a female.

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Accused NY Gay Hate Crime Murderer Elliot Morales Pleads Not Guilty in Likely Bid to Seek Insanity Verdict

Elliot_MoralesStephanie Donald-LGBT-Today

New York, New York—The accused killer of gay man Mark Carson pled not guilty today in what most observers believe will be a likely bid to seek a verdict of not guilty by reason of insanity.

Despite the verified story of Elliot Morales and his cohorts stalking Carson and his companion, beginning with a confrontation with a bartender in a gay bar where Morales lifted his sweat shirt to reveal a shoulder holster and gun. He threatened to shoot the bartender if he called the police.

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