The Election and LGBT Disappointment

Stephanie DonaldBy Stephanie Donald
Editor/ Publisher - LGBT-Today

I was going to leave well-enough alone; I swear! This first issue was just supposed to be about Jack Nichols and nothing else but after the election it was completely irresistible to write something! It was like a comedian faced with the subject of politics; you just can’t walk away from that one without say something about it or your head is going to explode.

Going into the election President Barack Obama addressed the LGBT population in general and said for those of us who felt that he hadn’t done enough, for those of us who felt that he had let us down, for those of us who felt disappointed that his administration and Congress hadn’t moved forward with LGBT civil rights issues that we were just plain wrong and that his administration had done more for us than any other President in history.

I blinked slowly at the computer monitor where I was reading this story and had to back up and read it again.

We have no ENDA. DOMA is still a boot up our collective behinds. While Judge Vaughn in California ruled firmly against Proposition 8 the vast population of LGBT people in California are still prevented from marrying while the forces of evil muster their forces (which are now more considerable after this election but thankfully California went for Jerry Brown) and make a run for the Draconian U.S. Supreme Court.

Then we have Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. Oh, what a sore spot that one is! Obama might have done what Governor Charlie Crist did about the hateful Florida gay and lesbian adoption ban and decided not to appeal, although, that seems to be a moot point since the new Florida Governor, Rick Scott and the even more right-wing state legislature is calling a special session to undo all the good that Crist did while he was Governor including reinstituting the adoption ban.

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