How Do You Get to be a Homosexual Bigot? Be the Eldest Son of the Biggest Breeder on the Planet!

Josh_DuggarStephanie Donald-LGBT-Today

Josh Duggar, the eldest son of the Duggar family of the reality show, 19 and Countinghas now moved to Washington D.C. and is the new Executive Director of the FRC Action division of the Family Research Council, which has been called “chief purveyors of lies about LGBT people” by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

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There Goes Kentucky Again—Treating Lesbians Like Sub-Humans by Denying Constitutional Rights

bobbie_joe_claryStephanie Donald—LGBT-Today Staff Report

Louisville, Kentucky—Geneva Case faces a difficult issue that will no doubt bring national attention to the fact that the LGBT community is quite obviously not equal under the law because Case might be forced to testify against her spouse, Bobbie Joe Clary, who is on trial for murder.

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The Gay Kiss Seen Around—Well, a Lot of the Internet, Anyway

A_kiss_to_stop_the_hateLGBT-Today Staff Report

San Luis Obispo, California--Question: How do you shut up a crazy fundamentalist Christian woman who is bent on trying to convert a bunch of party-hearty college students from California Poly Technical Institute who really don’t want to hear the bullshit?

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New Mexico Attorney General: Please Sue New Mexico Over Marriage Equality

New-MexicoStephanie Donald—LGBT-Today Staff Report

Santa Fe, New Mexico—It’s truly a rarity when a State Attorney General invites LGBT rights organizations to file legal suits against the state but Gary King of New Mexico has done just that.


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Army MSgt. Turns to Chik-fil-a to Make a Statement about His Promotion

LGBT-Today Staff Report

chick-fil-a-hates-fagsAn unidentified Army MSgt. decided to celebrate his promotion and kill two birds with one stone by having his friends meet at Chik-a-fil in order to support DOMA.

Now he wonders why the Army is telling him, “he isn’t a team player”, anymore.

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