Have You Heard About the New Facebook Game Where Orthodox Priests Try to Kill Gay Activists?

Call_of_TaburtekaStephanie Donald—LGBT-Today Staff Report

Just about everyone who keeps up on the news has heard by now about the near deadly and totally un-Christian-like riot in the Georgian capital city of Tbilisi last month where Orthodox priests and monks attacked gay activists who were attempting to conduct a gay pride march. What you didn’t hear is that some marvelously morbid individual(s) have turned the event into a Facebook game where you get to play one of the Orthodox priests and bash as many gay and lesbian activists as you want!

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LGBT-Today’s Horse’s Ass of the Week Award goes to Hillbuzz’s Kevin DuJan

Horses-Ass-Award-Kevin-DuJan_copyLGBT-Today Staff

Seldom in the annals of LGBT history is there a bigger Horse’s Ass than Hillbuzz founder Kevin DuJan, who this week accused President Obama of being briefed on the attack at the embassy in Benghazi and then running off to snort cocaine and getting head from a rent boy.

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California Once Again Shows Common Sense as Bill Seeks to Remove Non-Profit Status of BSA

boy-scoutsStephanie Donald—LGBT-Today Staff Report

Sacramento, California—When things need to be done right, it’s always California that lights the way as State Senator Ricardo Lara (D-Bell Gardens) introduced SB323 which passed the Senate by the necessary two-thirds majority vote of 27-9 and seeks to strip the Boy Scouts organization in California of its non-profit status.

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Nigeria Sets New Low for the Sub-Sahara as They Criminalize Being Gay

Stephanie Donald—LGBT-Today Staff Report

Goodluck_JonathanAbuja, Nigeria—Proving that politicians in the Sub-Sahara all need blow-jobs more than any counter-parts in the world, Nigeria’s House of Representatives passed a sweeping anti-gay bill that not only outlaws marriage equality but also bans membership in homosexual organizations and participation in any amorous way in a homosexual relationship under penalty of up to 14 years in prison.

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Gay Whacko Kevin DuJan Makes Accusation that Obama was Snorting Cocaine and getting his dick sucked during the Benghazi Incident

Stephanie Donald—LGBT-Today

KevinDuJan-1The gay founder of Hillbuzz, Kevin DuJan made the accusation today that President Obama was snorting cocaine and having gay sex when the attack occurred on the embassy in Benghazi and he can prove it.

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