Anti-Gay Children’s Book Teaches Kids to Pray for Destruction of Same-Sex Families

god-made-dad-and-momDebra Winch—LGBT-Today Staff Report

A new children’s book by author Amber Dee Parker and illustrator Hannah Sequra takes gay bashing to a whole new level seldom seen by any Christians, save the Westboro Baptist Church by adding a warm fuzzy feeling to teaching very young children to hate homosexuals and their families.

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Fischer: The Boy Scouts Are Now the 'Boy Sodomizers of America'


Kyle Mantyla—Right Wing Watch

cnn_bryan_fischerOn his radio program today, Bryan Fischer weighed in on the decision by the Boy Scouts of America to drop its ban on gay scouts last night.

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Orthodox Church Sends Thousands to Attack Gay Pride Gathering in Capital of Tbilisi


George Peck-LGBT-Today Staff Report

georgia-gay-pride-march-ends-in-fisTBILISI, Georgia—Thousands of anti-gay protestors from the Orthodox Church met head-on with LGBT activists on the main street of the capital city of Tbilisi as their annual Gay Pride Parade was about to begin. Some of the anti-gay organizers carried thistle branches with the intent of inflicting as much bodily harm on the LGBT community as possible.

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French High Court: Marriage Equality Constitutional


Stephanie Donald-LGBT-Today Staff Report

Eiffel_Tower-Rainbow_LightsParis, France—Today the French High Court squashed ultra-conservatives hopes by declaring that the marriage equality bill passed by Parliament last month. Left-Wing President Francois Hollande says he will immediately sign the bill into law so that LGBT couples will be able to begin getting married by the end of the month.

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European Union Launches “You Are Not Alone” Worldwide LGBT Campaign


Bernice Kepler—LGBT-Today Staff Report

Flag_of_Europe.svgEuropean Union—One of the largest issues facing the LGBT population of the world is homophobia generated by misunderstanding, religious prejudice and general fear that cause hate crimes and murder, but the European Union has just circulated the latest survey and message to let them know, “You are not alone”.

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