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1920The Raving Lesbian

Stephanie Donald| Publisher, LGBT-Today

In San Jose, California on June 2, 2016, another in a long-line of travesties occurred between two men, one a Trump supporter and another who supported Bernie Sanders for the nomination by the Democratic Party when they would hold their national convention toward the end of July, clashed—all over Mr. Steven Tong, the Trump supporter—and Mr. Anthony McBride and Trump campaign sign Mr. Tong was holding.

The incident caused Anthony McBride to spend a week in jail and sent Mr. Tong into a tailspin of revelation regarding the state of American politics.

Both men lived with their parents, a much more humbling experience for Mr. Tong since he was 46. Both men aspired to become product designers, but in the Greater0602-2016-TrumpProtestSJSan Francisco Bay area, if you aren’t working as an IT, programmer, or hardware and software designer, your chances are basically two choices: Slim and none and Slim left town.

The younger of the two men, Mr. McBride (21), was an ardent Bernie Sanders supporter and believed that socialism (not communism—and I underline this point because it’s important) was the answer to all of American problems and issues. It’s a fair assessment of today’s world given the “under the thumb” approach of modern oligarchy.

Mr. Tong was born in Vietnam and when he was 3 his family, who had done contract work for the United States military, were evacuated as Saigon fell the Ho Chi Minh communist party. It’s reasonable, albeit a mistaken impression, that communism and socialism are one in the same.

As Mr. Tong was holding Trump sign, Mr. McBride tried to grab the sign and rip it up to show distrust for Trump divisive, misogynistic, racial, religious and xenophobic adjy had already polarized people, both foreign and domestic, of differing political and social opinions to the point of public violence and aggression toward each other.

Anti-Trump protestors and how they’ve been treated when giving their opinions in from of Pro-Trump audiences—including a baby.

So the question of what happened is very clear, but the reason for the aggression remains a major issue for both sides of this conflicting and potentially devastating civil war that is brewing in America.

There have been polls taken recently that point out that Trump supporters are, in fact, much less educated and reasonable than their counterparts in this campaign of scorched earth that is consuming out nation.

ronald reaganRonald Reagan in his acting days--aside from "playing" President.Is all this a surprise to me? Not at all, but who cares what I think, right? After all, I’ve been stating these facts since 1979 and hardly anyone hears my voice ringing out in the night cautioning that we have, ever since the election of Ronald Reagan as President, been moving steadily toward a supply-side economic system where the ordinary working man matters little or nothing in the grand scheme of our society.

Bernie Sanders definitely influenced this election drastically and I supported his campaign in the hopes of bringing a diametrically opposed attitude among Americans to a swift and peaceful conclusion.

Here’s the bottom-line as I see it: We have to give up these acts of cruelty, violence and intolerance or within 20 years there will be no United States left. Just like the former Society Union, we will be a continent of smaller nation states, just like the break-up of the Soviet Union—and all over the same issue: Afghanistan and the Middle East.

Now there’s the lead for this editorial, so let me give you the answer to the question it poses: Why is there so much anger in America and why are we so polarized across the issues?

The answer lies very simply with the bent that the (probably now to be defunct) neo-conservative movement placed on us beginning in the Richard Nixon Presidency.

For those of you who remember those years, allow me to digress so that we educate Gen-Xers and Millennials regarding what precisely happened during Richard Nixon’s White House reign. I won’t touch on the subject of Watergate, because I’ve already explained that in several editorials recently.

Once upon a time a man named Lyndon Baines Johnson inherited the mantle of President when John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas on November 22, 1963. Johnson was hardly an innocent bystander in politics, but he knew how to satisfy as many Americans as possible. As a matter of fact; all the presidents previous to Nixon wanted to serve the will of the people as mandated in ourMTE1ODA0OTcxNjc2NDM1OTgxPresident Lyndon Baines Johnson, the man who fought a war on poverty, passed the Civil Rights Act and got us up to our eyebrows in Vietnam. constitution.

Johnson passed several controversial bills through the House and Senate, including Medicare, which would become the battle cry for the rich Wall Street investors who were making a fortune on health insurance through the employment right granted under the policies of another President, Franklin Roosevelt, the man who brought this nation relief from a devastating recession that involved millions of average, middle-income workers who suddenly found themselves homeless and penniless in the aftermath of the stock market crash in October, 1928. That Great Depression was brought upon us by the seriously flawed efforts of President Herbert Hoover, a staunch conservative who, like Reagan, both Bush father and son, and Donald Trump. Hoover decided to throw the relief money into supply-side economics, which is what got us into that mess to begin with.

I digress. Most of you younger people don’t realize that all services provided by our government were controlled by civil servants—not outsourced nations who pay pennies on the dollar in salaries compared to the United States. I’ll come back to the damages that outsourcing can eventually cause in a moment.

Nixon, being a staunch oligarchist, believed that private industry could do things cheaper than paying the wage and benefits of civil workers. It was heralded by everyone who sought to compete for new contracts, but the civil servants didn’t fare well with this transition. It almost instantly put tenured government workers out on their ears. This probably began the long-slide—in addition to the end of the Vietnam War in 1973—to causing one of the worst recessions since xhoover.jpg.pagespeed.ic.juF1QR3pZGPresident Herbert Hoover, the man who caused the Great Depression of 19281928, all caused by the additional unemployment load of both Defense Department and aerospace civilian contractors added into the new out-of-work civil service population.

It was a disaster from the get-go. The quality of services dropped by more than 80% and began polarizing a new faction of people who went in diametrically opposed directions, looking for answers to problems in a down-economy where, here in the area I’m from (around the Kennedy Space Center and Cape Canaveral), aerospace engineers, astrophysicists and other skilled workers suddenly found themselves without work or the possibility of work within Florida because Nixon had first trimmed down the Apollo Moon landing program from more than 100 landings to just 6. Had Nixon left the program alone and let it stayed budgeted, we would have had a permanent base on the moon and likely be looking at manned exploration of Mars by now.

In response, Nixon did something to stem inflation in a way never done before and it put some bitch-slap into the stang with it. He froze prices and wages—something only done in communist nations until that time. No one would pay one extra penny for goods and services, but at the same time,, no one could a raise at their jobs. This was like throwing everyone into a coffin while they were still alive and you could hear the dirt being shoveled onto your grave from inside the box.

After Nixon resigned in disgrace over Watergate (before they impeached him), his un-nominated Vice President, former Senator Gerald R. Ford, pardoned Nixon (which cost him the election in 1976 and made him the only President U.S. President to have never been elected to office), and maintained the price and wage lock until Jimmy Carter gave him a good thrashing in the bicentennial year of 1976.

Carter began an employment program that relieved most of these issues, along with rescinding the wage and price freeze. It wascarter postcardPresident Jimmy Carter during his presidency. called C.E.T.A., or the Comprehensive Employment and Training Act. That program subsidized partial salaries of workers who were apprenticing into either new careers or retraining for a new job and the program worked wonders on America. We began to climb out of a historic slump, but the plan had one added disadvantage; inflation went rampant and the people began to look at the moderate road that Carter was taking them down and expected all their problems to be solved in one swift blow.

The American people voted enthusiastically for Ronald Reagan, making Carter a one-hit wonder. I still believe that Jimmy Carter was the best and more stand-up guy as President that we’ve had—until Barack Obama—who took on the issue of LGBTQ rights with a vengeance and took away much of the power to discriminate against us—although he didn’t go far enough with it. We are still subject to “Pink Crow” laws in a majority of Southern and Breadbasket states—better known as “Religious Freedom Laws,” which are identical to the discriminatory powers granted citizens under the Southern Reclamation Act following the Civil War. Those were called “Jim crow Laws,” because their entire intent was to make all black people disadvantaged when viewed alongside the white, Anglo-Saxon, Protestant majority in America. We’re still suffering from the aftermath of those laws along racial laws 52 years after the Civil Rights Act was passed removing those restrictions upon black people in America (and Latinos, Hispanics, Asian and all minority races).

In other words; bigotry is alive and well and if you don’t believe me, either pick-up the racial tension stories from the news over the past year, like Ferguson, Missouri, New York, San Diego and many others. We are once again a nation seized by every possible negative characteristic of the human race and to make matters worse; it’s turning us into the world’s biggest joke as the dominant nation on this planet.

Our population is less educated than any others, placing Americans at the bottom of the list somewhere behind Romania. We’re also in turmoil between those of us who feel that diversity in our culture is a very good thing and those who are seized with fear of the unknown.

Yes, for those of you who think I’m ignoring the obvious; I do acknowledge that America is under seize from the Islamic State, but we actually have more people killed in this nation by domestic terrorism and those who get wrapped around a hopeless attitude toward which was our society is going. Some feel they have nothing to live for and they want to take a bunch of us with them while they depart this plain of reality.

best-mahatma-gandhi-quotes-6-e1442507487590Reality; now there’s a subject worth discussion, but not this time. For now, I’ll leave with a few quotes on living peacefully and with love from Mahatma Gandhi:

1. Lead A Simple Life.

Gandhi felt that we shouldn’t be tempted by glamorous lifestyles and that the most meaningful lives are simple and purposeful. He believed that when life was minimal, we can effectively focus on self-improvement. This is one of the hardest things for Americans to remember since everyone seeks to be the next contestant on “The Apprentice.”

2. Be Selfless

Gandhi believed that we should focus more on positive impact and kindness, instead of personal achievement and personal gain. He believed everyone can do small things to improve the life of their neighbors.

3. Always Be Yourself

Gandhi led by example and refused to dress any other way than what he thought was right for him and his mission. He enlarge other people to do the same thing. be who you are at all costs.

4. Lead By Example

Before we can change the world, we must change ourselves. Gandhi believed that before we even consider changing the world, we commit ourselves to personal improvement. Only then, we will know, understand and appreciate what it takes to make meaningful change.

5. The Mind Will Always Be Stronger Than Your Body

Gandhi believed that the person with the stingiest mind wins. the person who can control their emotions, there fear, their desire for revenge and violence, will win every single time. Gandhi challenged ALL people to develop their courage and compassion during times of battle.

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