Primary sponsors of the bill are Representatives Darren Jackson, Graig Meyer, Susi Hamilton, and Grier Martin.
The Raving Lesbian

Stephanie Donald—Publisher;

There’s good news on the wind in the Tar Heel State. Not long ago this morning, Democrats have introduced a bill to repeal what many are calling Hate Bill 2.

Hundreds turned out at the Old State Capitol Building to protest the law, which has nothing in this world to do with child and women’s safety and has everything to do with homophobia and transphobia.

Obviously, North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory wasn’t paying attention last year when Indiana Governor Mike Pence faced the wrath of corporations and the public over a similar bill. HB2 has resulted in a black-eye and a loss of state revenue and jobs well over $500 billion.

Great Britain, after a speech from President Barack Obama, issued a travel warning to all citizens of the Crown regarding North Carolina and Mississippi, who passed a similar bill within days of North Carolina.

While the protests in North Carolina resulted in African American ministers turning out in force, it’s highly doubtful that they stood for the same things that the majority of
Cg5LljtWMAANBLc.jpg_largethe HB2 protestors wanted.

HB2 is not only a slap in the face to the LGBT community, but also may be used to revive Jim Crow rule of law in North Carolina. That is no doubt the reason for the heavy turn-out of heterosexual, African Americans at the protest rallies being held today.

The chances of the repeal actually being passed are unknown at this point as LGBT-Today has received information that the North Carolina GOP is presently polling statewide regarding not only support for HB2, but the overall approval of the Republican Party.

The early statistics show that fewer than 20% of those polled approve of HB2 and the support for the state GOP
Cg5VwDeU8AMLVrChas dropped by more than 50% and has registered Republicans now supporting Democratic candidates in the upcoming election this November.

If the GOP had a lick of sense, they would spearhead an effort to pass a full equality bill for the LGBT community that the U.S. Senate shelved late last year. The collateral damage to the GOP nationwide will no doubt result in a drastic shift toward the Democratic tickets at all levels.

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