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Louisville, Kentucky—Apostolic Christian and Rowen County Clerk of Courts, Kim Davis, openly defied U.S. District Court 
la-na-kim-davis-wre0030575071 Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis
Judge David Bunning in court after Bunning offered her a proposed resolution to the situation of her refusal to obey Constitutional law and the court orders to issue all marriage licenses in her office.

The proposal, already approved by the plaintiffs, was for her to continue to refuse to personally issue all marriage licenses and leave it to deputy clerks who had no such convictions. Davis went into the courtroom vowing to media that she was prepared to go to jail over her convictions. She refused the proposal “as a matter of conscience,” and she was escorted from the court by bailiff’s to be remanded to the custody of the U.S. Marshall’s Office to remain in jail until she agreed.

Bunning, who heard the motion of the plaintiff’s for contempt, decided what to do after hearing from the injured parties, who insisted that Davis be fined and not sent to prison. Bunning noted that he believed a fine would do nothing, as Davis’ supporters would undoubtedly pay her fines for her. The plaintiff’s ACLU attorney noted that, “we don’t want her to become a martyr,” so Bunning decided the issue for himself with no culpability on the LGBT community.

Gay-Marriage-Kentucky 43Scene in front of Carl D. Perkins Federal Couthouse in Louisville where Davis was sentenced to jail for contempt of courtBunning, son of famed Hall of Fame pitcher and former U.S, Senator from Kentucky, Jim Bunning, was appointed to his lifetime position as U.S. District Court Judge by President George W. Bush, but Bunning has so far proven he’s no supporter of right-wing judicial activism, when he ruled, on a three judge panel, to revoke Michigan’s ban on partial birth abortions. His latest ruling against Davis was widely supported by a majority of Americans, who believe that the only reason Davis is making her stand is to assure she will get a better paying situation on the lecture circuit for evangelical and inflexible Christians and bolster their false claims that the LGBT community is trying to jail and outlaw all Christians. A majority of Christian faiths, including Pope Francis, now support the LGBT community and believe they deserve the same treatment heterosexual people receive.

Fringe evangelicals, such as The Southern Baptist Conference, the American Family Network, and the embroiled American Family Council, and the National Organization for Marriage, are the few remaining resisting associations that still oppose gains made by the LGBT community.

On September 2, LGBT activist and radio host Dan Savage, of the Savage Loveshow, told MSNBC host Rachel Maddow that he believes Davis is trying to make herself a martyr and it’s “the last gasp” of the evangelical movement to fight Constitutional law as decided by the Supreme Court in June, 2015.

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Judge Bunning has all the deputy clerks summoned to his court at the same time Kim Davis was and gave the choice to460xSenate Whip Mitch McConnell (left) talks to Judge David Bunning (right) either comply with his order or go to federal prison with their boss. The court was to be reconvened at 1:45 P.M. (EDT) to give their answers.

When court was reconvened, all 5 Deputy Clerks agreed to follow Constitutional law, in defiance of Davis’ message through lawyer Matt Staver, of the Liberty Council, told them not to do so. It’s apparent that Davis is a martinet who rules her office from fear, not from leadership qualities.

All 5 Deputy Clerks have agreed to begin issuing marriage licenses when the Rowan County Clerk’s office in the morning, Friday, September 4.

Rowan County Attorney, Cecil Watkins, said that he told Davis that “he will not and cannot support” Davis’ position and also commented that he’s learned the Deputy Clerks are willing to issue marriage licenses to all qualified couples, but the clerks are afraid of Davis.

Even the devoted anti-gay organization, The Heritage Foundation, founded by televangelist Pat Robertson, called Davis “nuts” for defying Constitutional law. Davis support is continually eroding, although there is little doubt that what supporters she has would pay any fines, resulting in Bunning’s making an example of her by holding in her contempt and sentencing her to jail.

So far, Governor Steve Beshear has had no comment or decision on what to do about Davis, but insiders say he will call for a special session to immediately impeach Davis.

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