The Raving Lesbian

Stephanie Donald| Publisher Emeritus, LGBT-Today

After the events of this past weekend in Charlottesville, Virginia, there is little doubt that Americans need a long, cool drink of common sense and a bit of empathy for their fellow citizens.

A paralegal from Charlottesville, Heather Heyer, 32, was murdered when a white supremacist neo-Nazi rammed his car into several other cars while an anti-fascist rally was taking place over the subject of removing confederate memorials from the city. The neo-Nazis knew this event was taking place and they poured into Charlottesville carrying Nazi flags and torches—normally associated with the Ku Klux Klan—wearing body armor, carrying shields and clubs and proceeded to beat the hell out of anti-fascists as police stood by and did…nothing.

Two Virginia State Troopers were also killed during the car-ramming event.

This sort of violence and hatred are hardly rare within American society and history. Within my lifetime, I can remember seeing African Americans hanging from trees the night after a KKK rally here in Florida. That is a very traumatic event for a child to witness and I have had to carry those images and those events in my memory for a lifetime.

There are many groups, which suffer this sort of senseless violence, and it is only a matter of time until they get around to plowing cars into Pride events. Believe it because the animus is definitely there toward the LGBTQ community.

Where did all this hatred come from?

Most of this violence and hatred comes from people in this nation of ours being treated as little more than cash machines for big corporations or even small employers who regard the people, who give so much of their lives to make them richer, like little more than disposable trash to be pitched out periodically when they ask for pay raises.

After many generations of institutional slavery, the people will get violent and angry. The problem is that they tend to lash out at people who they consider “lesser human beings” than themselves. Adolph Hitler used pretty much the same playbook in Nazi Germany.

For those of you who never had the benefit of a decent education regarding World War II allow me to lend some enlightenment to the ramifications of the rise of neo-Nazis, White Supremacists and Trump supporters, although the latter may be common to all of them.

1+1=2 is the simplest equation of all. If one thing unites all the dangerous elements in our society, we must conclude that getting of the thing that unites them must lead to a suppression of all those elements.

After our grandfathers and great grandfathers fought against Japanese Imperialism, Italian fascism and Nazi Germany and their many allies (including many Muslims who backed the Nazis because of their common hatred of Jews), we now have a Neo-Nazi white supremacist who can’t tell the philosophical and political differences between George Washington and Robert E. Lee.

Therefore, we must conclude that the majority population that stands against Trump must call for his impeachment. We must stay on the phones to our Senators and Congressmen and press for an immediate draft of resolution for Articles of Impeachment for (if nothing else) gross incompetence.

Then we must ride out four years of Pence, but while Pence is anti-LGBTQ, he is better than a white supremacist in the Oval Office.

The real change must come in 2020 during the next Presidential election. We need to put a real progressive into the White House and many of the problems in our society will disappear when the pressure of basic needs of people and families gets eased and changed for all time. However, don’t underestimate the importance of the mid-term elections next year. We can send a clear message that we’re all sick of this crap and ready to get up in their faces with the same resolve to hurt people that the neo-Nazis, KKK and white supremacists who now push the violent and hateful fringe of this country.

For those of you reading this who regard the concept of a progressive as offensive, please remember that conservatives are trying to regress society while a progressives help the best elements of humanity to surface and violence and hatred subsides.

As Keith Olbermann is so found of closing his editorials: Peace. Resist.

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