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Stephanie Donald—Publisher,

I’ve spent the last 24 hours trying to make sense out of the mass murder that occurred basically at my backdoor in Orlando, Florida.

The mix of emotions washing over me is one of terror, heartfelt sadness for the victims, their friends and families and anger. There’s also quite a bit of “I told you so” mixed in this situation, too. I will explain.

Since 1998 when I first began writing for Gay Today online, my articles urged all LGBT people to abandon this idiotic drive for marriage rights when the wise and logical move was always and will always be to pursue full equality. Anything else opens us all up to the kind of senseless murder that happened on Saturday, June 12, 2016—during “Pride” month.

No one listened to me then and they’re still not listening to what I’ve said since. Without full equality protections under federal law we continue to sustain verbal attacks from the Christian quarters of this nation, just as African Americans drew white, fundamentalist, Christian beliefs that the bible makes the institution of slavery completely legal and even after they were granted freedom from slavery, they endured another 100 years of Jim Crow laws.

Yesterday, while the news was hot off the presses about the mass murder in Orlando, the Lt. Governor of Texas, Dan Patrick, tweeted a biblical verse from Galatians 6:7, “Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows.” After a firestorm of criticism over Patrick’s insensitive and inflammatory comment, the Tweet was removed. Some LGBT rights organizations are calling for him to apologize. Personally, I think he should be jailed and impeached from his elected position. This is a man that sits second-seat in the second largest state in our nation and he basically sided with the perpetrator of this heinous mass-murder. His use of the biblical verse was so wide-open in his private interpretation that his casual use of this verse basically tells us that all Christian conservatives want to see us shot, stabbed, punched, kicked and dead in one way or another. This attitude was the primary motivation behind Saturday night’s mass murder.

Texas Lt. Governor Tweet--Reap what you sow

Make no mistake about the shooter at the Orlando, Florida nightclub, Pulse. He might have had some inclinations regarding radical Muslim beliefs. He was not sent la-na-orlando-nightclub-shooter-20160612-snapOrlando Shooter, Omar Mateen (Facebook)out by ISIS, nor was this shooting motivated in any way by any given religious beliefs. An interview with his father, who also seems to have leanings toward the Afghani Taliban, said that his son’s actions had nothing to do with religion, but instead were due to the fact that he got very upset when he saw two men kissing in public in Miami. The perpetrator, Omar Mateen, 29, of Port St. Lucie, Florida (and I lived there for several years, too) was not performing this act of domestic terrorism for ISIS; he was doing it because of homophobia.

For all you readers who believe there’s someone wearing a turban and carrying a suicide bomb under their beds; I really don’t care of you think my opinion is valid or not. It’s the truth as reported by multiple news agencies covering the event.

I’m in the process of wrangling people I know who were friends and family of those killed Saturday night and will post interviews with these people very soon, but the fact of this discussion is that the primary motivation behind this attack was homophobic hatred that has been fueled by American hate-speech.

Let’s stop and look at this situation logically for one moment. If almost half of the population of the United States hates LGBT people, then why would this affect Americans in some radical Islamic way?

I have no proof, but I have the generalized feeling, after hearing what Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick and GOP presumptive nominee Donald Trump, that this whole ordeal was a set-up to disgrace President Obama and harm him in some tangible manner that might help to affect the presidential election this year. What was Trump doing up at 3 A.M. this morning when he’s on the campaign trail 16 hours a day, every day, until the election happens? Was he sitting there waiting to hear the first news of a plan he set into motion, possibly with the assistance of sympathetic elements in our government, or was it mere coincidence that his first Tweets on the subject occurred just minutes after the issue first hit the news media? Someone might have woke him up for the event, but he seemed very GOP presidential and his statements were carefully worded to cattle-prod Americans into thinking that his policy of banning all Muslims from the United States was a good idea.

wtc.2.ttdd2.ssLGBT-Today, in conjunction with Dr. Robert Minor, have published several stories regarding the “I’m your father and you will listen to me, or else” style of the GOP politics in this country. Arranging this little massacre might have been nothing more than an attempt to provoke more anti-LGBT and anti-Muslim hostility and it succeeded in that goal, no matter who set this little plan in motion. This wouldn’t be the first time that the CIA or military has hired people to impersonate ISIS personnel and carry-out mass murder to prod the public into anger. As a matter of fact, the entire 9/11 terror attack might have actually been carried out by the CIA in order to get America involved in a perpetual war that would never end. Did anyone with common sense think that the twin towers, after being struck by airliners, would collapse one floor at a time with an explosion preceding each collapsing floor?

Meanwhile, in Santa Monica, California, police detained a 20 year-old Indiana man who was in possession of a cache of weapons and bomb-making materials who wanted to, “to harm Gay Pride event.” It’s still unknown if the two suspects were connected in some way or organized by someone else.

It makes sense that if the GOP wanted to make the LGBT community a centerpiece issue, they would try to kill as many of us as possible and then ban all LGBT protection laws to “protect us from harm.” It’s just the sort of twisted logic that the GOP, fundamentalist Christians, CIA and the military would use to target laws preventing us from attaining equality.

Now more than ever, we need to come together and Tweet, Facebook, email our legislators and demand that we be given full equality under Title IX of the Civil Rights Act and ban hate-speech and terrorist attacks on our community once and for all.

I will be interviewing some of the victim’s family and friends and perhaps someone who survived the ordeal, assuming they pull through their recovery. Please keep your eye on this blog for that article.

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