McCain Says “troops would quit in droves” if DADT is Repealed

Stephanie DonaldIn the most obvious stall tactic used to date, Senator John McCain announced that if Don’t Ask Don’t Tell is repealed, “troops would quit in droves”.

Trevor Thomas of the Servicemembers Legal Defense Network (SLDN) estimates that the United States military is made up of approximately 60,000 gay and lesbian service members at this time.  

I can’t speak for those troops, Senator McCain, but I can speak to them and I hope these words reach them across the internet.



Here is my declaration to all you gay and lesbian troops and I sincerely hope this goes viral to every homosexual member of the United States military serving in combat or non-combat.

Should Senator McCain succeed in getting DADT stripped from the Defense Spending Bill and thrown in the waste basket, should he take your right to serve openly and proudly for this country that shows it cares nothing for you; resign from the military. If they refuse to allow you then march into your commander’s office and announce that you’re an active homosexual and if that commander is of the same gender plant a huge, wet kiss on their lips just for good measure.

You should not shed one tear for your “career” in a military for a nation that treats you as sub-human. Why should you risk your life day-in and day-out to protect the freedoms of a people who won’t give you the basic right to marry the person you love or hold hands in public? In many states we have no protection for our jobs, housing, medical treatments, insurance, or even the right to hang a simple Rainbow Flag in front of our homes without the local fundamentalist church picketed us, harassing our neighbors and petitioning City Hall for our removal as home owners on the vague accusation that because we are homosexuals we certainly have to be “child molesters”.

Remember that the Reverend Fred Phelps and his followers of the Westboro Baptist Church are picketing every funeral of every fallen comrade of yours and using you as the reason to blame for their death. Reverend Phelps hates you and every homosexual in the world and claims that the “In God We Trust” printed on every dollar bill doesn’t apply to us. If it were left up to Phelps he would round all of us up, place us into a concentration camp “for the greater good of humanity” and then exterminate us, one-by-one. He’s fighting for his First Amendment rights to picket the funerals of your fallen comrades using LGBT hatred as his theme in front of the United States Supreme Court in the near future. He will probably win.

Serving your nation is about patriotism. It’s about preserving the country of your birth because you believe in what it stands for and what it has accomplished.

At some point, no matter how young you are, no matter how much your father and mother have told you to believe in this country because of its “history”, you have to look at what it stands for right now at this very moment and ask yourself some very defining questions about whether you want to uphold the legacy of bigotry or whether you want to be a true hero, like you set out to do when you joined the military, and make a stand on a battlefield that will truly be remembered and change this nation once and for all!

This battle doesn’t require bullets, guns, tanks, planes or even Predator drone aircraft. It requires you to make it clear to your superiors that if DADT is not repealed that you will come out of the closet and force them to discharge you.

It’s that simple.

Right now there is a freeze on DADT discharges so now is the time to act. Admiral Mullins circulated a questionnaire regarding DADT and McCain said that was “insufficient”. The only thing that will be sufficient will be to rally around your Commander-in-Chief and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and stick it right up McCain’s ass like the Senate hearings were one giant White Party. No Super-Glide necessary.

Let Admiral Mullins walk in there and report to the Republicans that unless they repeal DADT that there will be a sudden 60,000 + drop in troop strength that there is no way he can stop and watch the smile on his face as McCain eats crow and they vote to pass the current Defense Spending Bill as-is.

Admiral Mullins has already told Senator McCain that the straight troops have no choice but to accept the gay and lesbian troops. They have to follow the orders of their superiors. McCain, as a former member of the military, knows full well that they have no way to just “quit”. They’re obligated to fulfill their duties under their current enlistments and McCain is just using the same tired scare tactics and the same old conservative song-and-dance that the LGBT community has heard for decades and decades.

On the other hand; the gay and lesbian troops hold a real trump card! If they keep DADT then the military would be obligated to discharge everyone who came forward and outed themselves to their commanding officer. Where would that leave troop strength?

The decision is ultimately up to the lesbian and gay members of the armed forces but if they’re as brave as they want to be and as brave as Lt. Dan Choi is then I think there are going to be a lot of commanding officers wiping the wet kisses off their mouths within the next week.

By Stephanie Donald

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