Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Dies on the Senate Floor 57-40

s-DONT-ASK-DONT-TELL-REPEAL-SENATE-VOTE-largeDecember 9, 2010 is likely to go down in history as the day that President Obama and the Senate Democrats, narrowly hanging on to the Senate majority, failed to wrestle one of the most bigoted policies ever devised in the history of the United States.

Senator John McCain (R-Arizona), after making a complete fool of himself in the past week of Senate hearings, still managed to prove that prejudice and bigotry reign supreme in the United States by narrowly killing all hopes that Don’t Ask Don’t Tell will ever be repealed in the near future. He obviously considers the matter dead. However, he has failed to make any statements about last night’s vote.

The final vote was completely down party lines with all 40 Republicans in attendance voting against repeal (one did not vote) and 53 Democrats voting for repeal and 3 voting against repeal. The Senate required 60 votes for cloture on the matter and missed by a mere 3 votes.

Independent Senator Joseph Lieberman (I-Connecticut) motioned to move Don’t Ask Don’t Tell into a separate bill to be voted on later which would move it back to committee in the House of Representatives after the first of the year once the Republicans take control of the House where the matter is sure to die once and for all.

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