Pro-LGBT Rights Congresswoman Gabriella Gifford (D-AZ) In Critical Condition and the Future of Progressive Politics In Question


EditorA sunny day and Congresswoman Gabriella Gifford was doing what she does best; meeting her constituents in front of a south-side Tucson, Arizona Safeway supermarket and discussing the issues that concern them the most; health care, Medicare, the economy and the harsh Arizona immigration law that sticks to the backs of any Hispanic-looking person who resides in the state like fly-paper as the racial profiling continues.

As she smiled and answered questions a young man, Jared Jason Loughner, walked up, took out a Gluck 9mm pistol, shot the Congresswoman in the head and proceeded to lay waste to the senior citizens she was speaking to, U.S. District Court Judge John Roll who was coming out of the Safeway and said a simple “hi”, and 9 year-old Christina Green, the daughter of a Dodger’s baseball scout.

As of the writing of this essay, Loughner’s YouTube site was still up and running and was filled with vitriol and senseless writing about currency conspiracy and mind control. In one video he had marked as a favoriteJared Loughner video by another YouTube user called “Starhitshnaz”, a young man wearing a hoody and a garbage bag for a “dress” and wearing a “happy face” mask skulks into the visage of an American flag stuck into a desert scene, all the while the heavy-metal song “Bodies” by Drowning Pool plays through the first half of the video, then the video goes quiet as the figure approaches the flag and sets it on fire. The flag burns completely and the caption under the video says; “If there's no flag in the constitution then the flag in the film is unknown. There's no flag in the constitution. Therefore, the flag in the film is unknown.”

Gifford has spoken out against the continued right-wing hammering on all these issues and spear-headed the Republican’s attempt to bury the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell in the Senate by helping Senator JoeLieberman and fellow Congressman Barney Frank quickly re-draft the repeal into a civil rights bill and rush it through the lame-duck Congress prior to Christmas.

Congresswoman Gabrielle GiffordGifford was a good friend to the LGBT community and progressive politics in general and her attempted assassination calls into question the future of candidates to the causes that run contrary to the up-and-coming Tea-Party conservatives who are strongly backed by corporate sponsors and the right-wing media such as Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News.

During the re-election campaign, Tea-Party “Prima Doña” Sarah Palin and United States Senator John McCain both appeared for her opponent, Republican contender Jim Kolbe, and at one function, sporting M-16 rifles, both shot at targets bearing Gifford’s likeness which, despite their present condemnation of yesterday’s shooting, begs the question of incitement to commit murder.

Many experts are now questioning whether progressive candidates will even dare to enter the political arena after yesterday’s shooting since any political campaign must involve a certain amount of personal contact with the constituents that would necessarily vote for any given potential candidate in an election and without proper security, which would add to the cost of running for political office, a progressive candidate, which notoriously have under-funded campaigns, would automatically be ignored in any honest election because they would be too afraid to appear in public.

Although the surgeon who operated on Gifford at the University Hospital in Tucson is optimistic that Gifford will survive, the degree of damage to her physically, mentally and emotionally is unknown and whether she will be able to resume her duties in Congress remains in question along with the question that if she does resume her duties; will she also resume her community outreach as she has done in the past?

For the sake of the LGBT political future and to thwart those who would take this nation down a dark path toward a monolithic policy of right-wing politics, we can certainly hope and wish that Congresswoman Gabrielle Gifford makes a full recovery and wish the best to her family.

We also wish to give our condolences to the families who lost loves ones in the senseless shooting in Tucson, particularly 9 year-old Christina Green, whose senseless killing will haunt all of us for a very long time.alg_christina_taylor_green

Also we wish to send the regrets to the family of U.S, District Court John Roll, who condemned Arizona’s Draconian and racially profiling immigration law. His death was incidental but U.S. District Court Judge John Rollpoignant in this senseless shooting.

There were so many senseless deaths of senior citizens who came to ask innocent questions about their future and now they have no future.

Is this a directed action like the Oklahoma City bombing or is this the action of one or two disturbed individuals spurred on by the rhetoric of thoughtless politicians who are backed by senseless gun lobby who thinks that every American should own a gun to shoot those who disagree with them, especially the illegal immigrants, faggots and those politicians and judges who pass laws and defend the rights of all minorities?

What will the minorities do about this travesty and how will the LGBT community respond if it’s found that we, among others, were found to be the target, through Congresswoman Gifford, of this attack?

I would hope and think that the LGBT community should immediately hold a candlelight vigil for those who died and to express our hopes for the Gifford family.
By Stephanie Donald

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