Hypocrisy Knows No “Grounds” to Reverend Scott Lively


Stephanie DonaldThe Reverend Scott Lively is no stranger to bigoted comments about the LGBT community. He’s been attacking us constantly since the days of President Bill Clinton and accusing us of heinous and untrue crimes with such out-dated ditties as “every homosexual is a pedophile”, which dates back to the Anita Bryant ‘Save Our Children’ campaign of the 1970s.

He’s like that polyester leisure suit hanging in your grandfather’s closet; you just can’t talk him into throwing it out.

But when Lively recently opened the “Holy Grounds Coffee Shop” in Springfield, Massachusetts the twist and spin went out of control.

Holy Grounds was supposed to serve free coffee and tea to high school students, being set up right across the street from the local school. The shop manager, Michael Frediani, looked either like an outdated hippie orMichael_Frediani an overweight Jesus himself. Either way; he was Lively’s hand-picked representative of God.

The problem is that Frediani was a convicted sex offender in New York State and failed to register with local authorities and was still under probation so he wasn’t supposed to hang out with underage minors either. It seems that Frediani raped an 10 year-old girl.

The police came charging in during the heavy after-school rush and took Frediani out of there in handcuffs.

Was Lively even shocked? This is what Reverend Scott Lively had to say about his hand-picked youth minister:

“Having been a pastor a long time, and having known many people with a rough past, it doesn’t surprise me he has a rough past. That he has a criminal record. A lot of Christians are former criminals. That’s the beauty of the salivation of Christ.”

Let’s unspin that and translate for the non-Christians out there: Lively knew this many for a long time, wasn’t aware he was a pedophile (although a background check might have saved a lot of embarrassment and publicity) and that all is forgiven because Christ forgives him. It’s like a “Get Out of Jail Free” card in Monopoly, except homosexuals don’t qualify for one in Lively’s book.

No, Scott Lively has no room in his heart for the homosexual or gender variant people at all. He thinks we’re completely evil as he pointed out in this snappy little quote:

"The gay movement is an evil institution that’s goal is to defeat the marriage-based society and replace it with a culture of sexual promiscuity in which there’s no restrictions on sexual conduct except the principle of mutual choice."

Gee, sexual promiscuity between consenting adults isn’t okay but raping 10 year-old little children is perfectly okay as long as you get down on your knees and pray to God first? I know plenty of gay men who get down on their knees every day, although they aren’t exactly praying, but whose business is that, anyway?

Ugandan Prime MinisterIt would be grand if we could get Scott Lively on the hot-seat and interview him and ask him why he can’t seem to produce a genuine homosexual pedophile to hold up and flog for the general public but when presented with an honest to GOD, heterosexual pedophile working in his own employ, presenting coffee, tea or me to high school students while the boss is off to Uganda trying to convince government officials over there why it would be a good thing to bring back beheadings for homosexuals and gender variant people for the simpletons in a jerk-water nation in Africa that actually believes someone like Lively.

One has to wonder if someone like Scott Lively even knows the difference anymore between “spin” and his own spiritual beliefs? For many years, religious pundits have used hot-buttons issues like homosexuality to raise funds to moronic followers who have nothing better to do or believe in than some lesbian will knock on their door one day and say, “We’ve come for your daughter, Chuck!”

Anita Bryant framed this ridiculous mind-set back in the late 1970s with the “Save Our Children” campaign when she went after repeal of the Miami Gay Rights Ordinance and then, framing the portrait of future of politicians like John Briggs of California and televangelists like Pat Robertson and others, she took her weird hairdo on the road and started campaigning to stomp-out homosexuals all over the country; only to set in motion her own demise.

She became an international joke for all the comedians to take a shot at. There was hardly a night that went by that late-night King Johnny Carson didn’t let fly an Anita Bryant zinger toAnita Bryant Pie October 14, 1977 the delight of the crowds. Even Bryant’s long-time friend and colleague, Bob Hope, turned on her and began telling “Anita Bryant” jokes at every appearance. It didn’t take long before those jokes turned back to Bryant’s association as the spokeswoman for the Florida Citrus Council. The association of “anti-gay” and “joke” became so strong that it caused one Florida Citrus Council member to remark off-the-record that he wished Anita Bryant would “just go away”.

Bob Kunst, one of the writers here at LGBT-Today, organized huge protests and boycotts of Florida Orange Juice and citrus products and after a year of hammering and Kunst and his friends following Anita Bryant around (one of Kunst’s friends even hit Bryant in the face with a pie on national television!), the Florida Citrus Council divested itself from all Rev. Scott Lively: The Face of Evilassociation with Bryant and ran for cover, although it took until 2003 before Dade County, Florida finally passed that same LGBT Civil Rights Bill, with transgender inclusion, for good this time.

Scott Lively is part of a dangerous and wicked bunch of hucksters who are hypocritical to the extreme. If you want to see an example of a group of people who prey on your young people then look closely at the eyes of the real enemy, folks! This is the man who would put a pedophile next to your children and recruit your kids to do his bidding. If that isn’t the definition of pure evil then please, someone, let me know what is?

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