Just Enough LGBT Rights Delivered So Shut Up and Vote For Me!

Stephanie DonaldOperating backwards is nothing new for the United States government. Perhaps it was an intentional thing to get gays and lesbians to fight for this nation in Afghanistan and any other conflicts the President and Congress wishes to embroil us in. As it stands now they can’t seem to get straight people who want to go over there and get their butts shot off in this senseless war so why not take what the majority of Americans regard as the most useless segment of the population and use them as cannon fodder? No sweat off anyone’s brow who truly gives a care.

To the gay and lesbian community it seemed like a huge victory overcoming centuries of roadblocks in serving this nation’s military as equals and perhaps it would have been if it had come at the end of the civil rights battle instead of the beginning.

But with the many issues that the LGBT community hasn’t even scratched the surface of, such as issues of workplace equality, marriage equality, tax equality, estate equality, hate crimes, and religious slander that haven’t been addressed by our government, then why should members of our community feel obligated to wrap themselves in the trappings of patriotic duty for a nation that feels no obligation to address these issues through judicial remedy?

Several months ago, before the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, I wrote an essay saying these same things and no one listened. Don’t Ask Don’t Tell got repealed (or rather is getting kicked around and might get repealed sometime in the next year-or maybe not if the new Republican Congress can delay it as long as possible) and the gays and lesbians cheered and celebrated. Of course no one said hardly two words about gender variant people who are still getting thrown under the bus and being treated worse than ever. The homosexual community didn’t lift a finger (one more time) to assist them to serve in this nation’s armed forces but rather helped themselves at the expense of transgender people yet again.

Who picks these issues for us to fight for as a community? Why did we choose to fight for rights to be “out” in the military when we should have been fighting for the repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act first? I can’t shake the spooky feeling that some right-wing demagogue is choosing our battles for us knowing full well that they can’t shut us up so they pick-and-choose the least damaging or advantageous situation to their cause and not ours.

Shortly after the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Vice President Joe Biden made a promising remark to the press; he said that LGBT marriage equality was “inevitable”. When I saw this smeared all over the internet it caused me to do a double-take considering that President Obama had, until that time, stated that he didn’t believe in homosexual marriages; only “civil unions”. He believed that the institution of marriage was only to be between a man and a woman.

I found this sudden endorsement from Joe Biden promising and for a split second I honestly thought that perhaps President Obama went up a notch in my book. Maybe now we could hunker down and get to work on the serious issues of tackling LGBT equality by removing DOMA and perhaps writing an amendment to the Civil Rights Act of 1964 that could include the entire LGBT community.

Then White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs fielded this question from a rather persistent member of the LGBT press and in my head all hell broke loose:


In no uncertain terms, Robert Gibbs was telling the fag to take the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, shut up and tell the LGBT community to vote for the President, because that was all they were going to get! Gibbs wasn’t even being nice about it!

The previous week Gibbs had expressed “hope” that the President could get the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act repealed in 2011.

Excuse me but I’m from the south and I know when someone is pissing on my boots and telling me it’s a rainstorm!

We’ve got a new Speaker of the House of Representatives, John Boehner, who has said that the Republican Party’s motto isn’t just “No” but “Hell No!” They’ve also swore that absolutely no LGBT issues will pass through the floor of Congress.

So who are Gibbs and Obama fooling here?

Boehner was warned by the Senate that if they attempted to repeal President Obama’s health care bill that any Republican led bill that came from Congress would be “Dead on Arrival” in the Senate.

Did Boehner and Congress care? They did it anyway. Even after Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was shot over the nonsensical and idiotic vitriol dripping from the fangs of the right-wing pundits and their media whores and burned onto the brain of a mentally unstable hound from hell like Jared Loughner, they still are going to keep the volume turned way up until some other madman pulls the trigger again and again and they can be prepared this time to spin it and blame it on the horrible liberal left like Bill O’Reilly tried to do to Giffords just a week after her shooting. This time they’ll hire more public relations people on the wording until they manage to get more people to believe it this time, I’d wager.

The fact of the matter is, dear friends, that we’re being duped, lied to and snow-jobbed. President Obama is using the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell as an olive-branch to the LGBT community after the pasting the Democratic Party took last November when, just before the election, Obama stood before members of our outraged community who felt betrayed at the promises he had made to us and had delivered nothing, zip, zilch, nada.

Don’t Ask Don’t Tell was a way for him and the military to kill (literally) two birds with one stone: He could appease the members of the LGBT by standing there with that big grin and those “taxi-cab going down the street with the doors open” ears of his and say, “Lookit what I brought you here!” Just like Lyndon Johnson did when he moved the Manned Spacecraft Center to Houston in 1965 and to offer up the lives of fags and dykes to wander down the roads in Afghanistan with their fingers in their ears stomping on the road so we can have a whole new generation's revival of the joke, "How do faggot's detect land mines in Afghanistan?"

The repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell was the altar boy exposing himself to the pedophile priest. We are giving the lives of our best, our bravest and those young people we need right here back in the United States fighting on the front lines of a war truly worth fighting and not some idiotic battle over the Unocal Pipeline and some idealistic battle over who has the better God, which is never what this war was truly about but, hey, if we can ever turn the Christian God against the heathen God, then you know we’ll always pull that dollar bill out of our pockets and shove it under the noses of anyone who isn’t a Christian and be sure to scream in their faces, “See? It says; ‘In God We Trust’ right here on our money!”, because theocracy equals capitalism and a fast nickel beats a slow dime every time!

When it comes to which one of “our boys” gets killed first then of course let’s push the faggot up to the front of the line and let him get blown-up by the roadside bomb before my God-fearing straight son gets it! It was an idea whose time had come and how do we actually know which fag to kill unless they come out of the closet?

Of course Obama can stand up proudly on Election Day, after he fails to get DOMA repealed. Hell, it isn’t his fault we were all stupid enough to vote Boehner and his “Hell No” Republicans into office, was it? After all; Obama and his lame-duck Democrats did give us the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, just like we asked for and Obama can turn to those “Hell No” Republicans with a clear conscience and tell them that he did, after all, give the military lots of new willing cannon fodder more than willing to die for an ungrateful nation and not have to give us one damned thing more.

And then they’ll all sit down together in the spirit of bi-partisanship, toast the brilliance of Obama’s appeasement of the LGBT minority while we still eat fecal matter on all other civil rights issues and Boehner will back-slap the President in the spirit of his having sold all of us down the river while we cheered him on.

Then come Election Day, 2012 the LGBT community will go to the polls and re-elect Obama again thinking he did more for us than any sitting President in history.

By Stephanie Donald

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