Bullied Part III


EditorJerry Falwell is long dead but Pat Robertson is still alive and through the years when they broadcast their television programs to millions of viewers they would take vicious aim at the LGBT community and when organizations like GLAAD and the NGLTF would take exception to their comments they would apologize and tell the LGBT community that we “misunderstood” the comment and they would never do it again. A week later they’d take a broad swipe at us again with a huge grin on their face.

And the LGBT community isn’t the only target the televangelists would aim at. The broad and nebulous term “liberal” became demonized term even though traditionally and historically speaking the left-leaning political influence in this nation has always stood for those who were less economically advantaged.

In the biggest bullying campaign in all of human history next to Adolph Hitler and the rise of the Nazi regime, the televangelists started turning poor Americans against their own protectorate within the elected government. The reasons why they did this aren’t the point of this essay but the fact that they did is.

Despite warnings from the Founding Fathers of the United States about separation of church and state, the televangelists began a foray and even a downright invasion into the operation, laws and morality of the people and elected officials from the local dog catcher all the way up Pat Robertson’s “God told me to do it” attempt to run for President of the United States.

The most insidious plot launched by Religious right was called the “stealth candidate”. They would get a “born again” Christian candidate to run for a political office, usually a local school board, but the candidate would not mention anything about their ties to religious right. In many areas of the nation it was not even necessary to declare your political party affiliations when running for offices below state level.

Once they were elected, mostly because the voters don’t pay attention to who they’re voting for anyway, then they would unveil this insidious plan to ban books, introduce prayer to the public schools and remove sex education. All mention of homosexuality was removed from the schools so Gay-Straight Alliances would be banned and any students wearing tee shirts with pink triangles representing gay pride would be immediately expelled from school. In many cases they forced students to wear uniforms.

Because of these actions the number of teen pregnancies soared and gay bashings were in abundance. Since the school board hated the LGBT community then the straight teens accepted that beating them to a bloody pulp must be acceptable, too.

Obviously, sexual abstinence doesn’t work but you can’t convince the Christians of that.

During the years between 1985 until the present, pro-life proponents have used pure bullying tactics to drive Planned Parenthood Clinics out of communities. When one sets up in a rented building the pro-life people send bomb and death threats to the landlord until he capitulates and terminates their lease. Often times the Planned Parenthood Clinics are unable to raise enough capital in smaller communities to buy their own building and are driven out.

In South Dakota right now there is a bill before the State Legislation that would reduce the murder of an abortion doctor or worker to “justifiable homicide”.

The pro-life movement grew out of the televangelist movement’s call to halt abortion. The power of television was ignored and made fun of by comics for many years. Even back in the 1970s the more intelligent cross-section of America knew that televangelist’s were only trying to line their own pockets with the money of the less intelligent members of society but somewhere along the line people Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell found out that their numbers could grow by inciting fear and hatred and they stuck to it like when a television series like Jerry Seinfeld finds that a comedy bit like the “soup Nazi” works. It’s a matter of ratings and most of all: Money.

The solution to our problem is that we must institute federal laws to depolarize every aspect of our lives.

There is a big difference between free speech and incitement to hate. That line has been so blurred that if it was a chalk line drawn on concrete that it would now look as if it had gone through dozens of rain storms while once it was crystal-clear.

It isn’t free speech when you refuse to allow the same freedoms to any minority that is enjoyed by the majority. The United States Supreme Court ruled on that issue in Brown v. The Board of Education in 1953 with a unanimous decision with Justice Thurgood Marshall leading the banner.

It isn’t free speech when a televangelist calls homosexuals “evil” and condemns Disney World and Central Florida for holding “Gay Days” and says “God will punish you”, which incites his followers to set fires all over the area which burns down more than 1 million acres of land including more than 1,000 homes and businesses.

This actually happened in 1999 and millions of Central Floridians (me included) choked in smoke and were threatened with evacuating their homes for two weeks. The State Attorney (what some people call a “District Attorney” in other states) called for Pat Robertson to be indicted on charges of “incitement to arson” when the 28 men caught who confessed to setting the fires said they did it because they were answering Robertson’s “call to arms” to punish faggots and Central Florida for accepting Disney Gay Days. President Clinton asked politely that the men only be prosecuted and not Mr. Robertson. Of course Clinton would lose his spine over the situation after the cigar and the blue dress, wouldn’t he? Robertson apologized with the proviso that he was only exercising his right to “free speech”.

It isn’t free speech when 50 kids start attacking one kid on Facebook, Twitter and at school and everywhere that kid goes with taunts and telling him/her that they’re worthless and deserve to die. It happens every day somewhere in the United States. Sometimes they don’t even have a reason for doing it. They just pick out the weakest person in their school and attack them.

It isn’t free speech when a college dorm roommate places a webcam in the room to record the sexual encounter, gay or straight, of their roommate and then posts it on YouTube. Someone’s sex life is their personal and private business and not subject to public scrutiny. Common courtesy has always guided people’s actions in regard to this but simple manners no longer exist because we’re a nation of bullies now. Whether or not it’s a homosexual tryst or not doesn’t matter. Would most people enjoy having their sexual encounter broadcast on YouTube?

A child who has a weight problem or one who has a physical birth defect such as “wine spots” on their faces or neural fiber mitosis, such as my wife, Kathy, where you have big cysts on your face and body that not only cause you great pain and headaches but also cause the other kids to make fun of you, will also be mercilessly picked on and harassed by children and made to feel that it’s their fault for being different. This sort of bullying isn’t new but the lengths that bullies nowadays will go to in harassing children have sunk to new depths.

Legislation needs to be passed that is decisive and cuts with the precision of a surgeon’s knife at the heart of these issues: If you use inflammatory language or methods to harass an individual or group of individuals because of their race, sex, sexual identity, sexual orientation, religion, political beliefs, physical characteristics, violate their personal privacy through the transmission of sexual acts over any broadcast medium such as the internet, television, radio or other means, then you are guilty of incitement to commit hate crimes.

If the party responsible is the head of or associated in any manner with a church or other non-profit corporation then that organization immediately loses their non-profit status and 501c3 filing status.

If the party responsible is a politician, such as the South Dakota Legislators who are backing the "kill an abortion doctor" bill, then it makes no difference; they're guilty under the law as well. Legislative condoned murder is still incitement to commit violence against another. They're just as guilty as anyone else. They will be removed from office immediately and tried under the law.

If the adult responsible is convicted then they will be considered guilty of a first degree felony but they will be sentenced to a special facility where they will be subjected to being bullied themselves by specially trained guards for a period of not less than 5 years and not longer than 10 years. They will not be physically tortured, deprived of meals or any other normal needs. They will be treated by the guards and others at the facility in a manner that reflects the same treatment they gave others before conviction.

Minors convicted of bullying offenses will serve 6 months to 1 year (depending on the severity of their crime or if they caused another youth to commit suicide they will receive life in bully prison) in a special boot-camp where they will also be subjected to being bullied but not physically mistreated or deprived of any needs. They will be taught respect of others through being treated as they have treated others.

The parents of convicted minors will also be sentenced to serve a minimum of 1 year in a “bullying” institution, as it will be assumed that the parents either taught through example their child’s disrespect to others or failed to properly supervise their child’s actions and are responsible for their child’s actions in either case. If their child caused the suicide of another youth then they, too, will be sentenced to life in “bully” prison for allowing their child to become out-of-control that they lost respect for life and caused the death of another.

I welcome discussion about this suggestion about whether this is a good idea to eradicate the nationwide problem of bullying.

Stephanie Donald

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