The Blue and the Red

Stephanie DonaldI have been busily packing my home and business to move to California. That’s the main reason why nothing new has been posted lately on LGBT-Today but the past month has piqued my intellectual juices about which direction our nation is going mainly because my decision to move to California is tied to my own disability.

Living here in Florida I have watched Governor Rick Scott, a man who came a hair’s breadth from going to jail as CEO of HCA/Columbia Health Care, where his company was judged guilty of Medicare fraud and fined $1.7 billion. He has absolutely no political experience and somehow the Tea-baggers of Florida seemed to think he was worthy to be Governor of Florida.

Governor Scott, while CEO of HCA/Columbia claimed he had no knowledge of the Medicare fraud and somehow the authorities bought this line of garbage so he walked free while all his underlings went off to federal prison. He’s a politician worthy of George W. Bush.

In his few short months of political life he signed away the bargaining rights of teachers, firefighters, police and all public servants and used the cover of Wisconsin Governor Rick Walker (ever notice that all the reallyRick Scott Shamelessly uses children to kill their future big asshole Governors these days are named “Rick”?) to do it with less press coverage. The picture to right shows he even shamelessly and forcefully used students from a charter school for a photo-op to do it but please also take note that none of them are smiling (except one dim-witted kid who probably doesn’t realize what’s going on) because they realize what a huge asshole Scott really is.

I’m moving out of Florida, the state of my birth where I spent the majority of my life, because Rick Scott and the Florida Legislature want to convert the state Medicaid program into a private HMO. This won’t save the taxpayers one red cent. They will still get the same amount of federal funding they always got and still have to pay the same amount of money in property taxes to pay for the program. It just means that Rick Scott’s buddies in the private insurance companies (Probably HCA/Columbia Healthcare) will get all that money from now on and no one on Medicaid will get the health care they need.

They tried a Medicaid HMO pilot program in South Florida and the mortality rate among those on the program rose by 92%. Does Rick Scott care? Hell no!

Rick Scott signed an “executive order” cutting disability care programs in Florida by 15% and closing most facilities that care for those with mental problems, autism, retardation and other physical impairments such as paraplegia and quadriplegia and stopped the programs that pay family members who stay home to care for bed-ridden family members who don’t have the money to be in nursing homes.

What will become of these people? They will be turned out into the streets and become members of the elite homeless; wandering around talking to imaginary people.

In the cases of those who need intense medical care and can no longer get it, the message is clear: Please die as quickly as possible so you’re no longer a drag on our economy.

I was reading a letter to the editor in my local newspaper, Florida Today. The sender made the simple but true observation that Rick Scott and the Tea-baggers just want the poor and middle-class to move out of their state as quickly as possible. I wonder who will serve their hamburgers and mow their lawns when we’re all gone?

The threatened shut-down of the federal government was solidly along the same old tired political rhetoric of closing down Planned Parenthood clinics, defund Public Broadcasting and privatize Medicare and Social Security and of course a costly and ridiculous hearing about the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. The shut-down was avoided and they came up with a temporary plan for five months.

But the scary part of all this was the numbers involved in the public opinion polls regarding who would have been the public’s blame if they had shut the government down.

37% would have blamed the Republicans for a government shut-down and 37% would have blamed the Democrats.

The last time this nation was as partisan-divided as it right now was the time it elected Abraham Lincoln President after more than 10 years of heated debate regarding taxation of the southern states, trade rights and slavery.

The main threat from certain states at the time became secession.

Through the last 30 years the conservatives hatched a heinous plan. They hacked away at the funding of the education of our young people because without comprehensive education in the arts, philosophy, literature, music and writing then there can be no left-wing opposition. Conservatives come from stupid people and the conservatives know this. Back in the 1980s they even called “liberals” (and let me clear one thing up; in the rest of the world a liberal is a “moderate” and only in America is a liberal a left-wing person so that sort of tells you what a fascist tendency nation we really are) “intellectual elitists” which should tell you right there that conservatives resent the fact that left-leaning people are intelligent.

Left-wing people spring from the depths of teaching philosophy, literature and having teachers who care enough to inspire their students. Those teachers must have manageable class sizes and be able to spend enough time with their students to ignite that spark inside them to think.

By aiming at such things as abortion and birth control the conservatives exploded the class sizes to unmanageable limits then cut the funding for everything except basic education. Now students only learn fundamental reading and writing (and do that poorly), mathematics, science and of course athletics. Heaven help western civilization if we should ever cut football from our school curriculums!

The teachers are pressed and pushed to make their students pass standardized tests like F.C.A.T. and now, thanks to the Tea-baggers, if their students don’t pass then they will be fired no matter how long they’ve served faithfully as teachers. Their unions can no longer help them file appeals or say even a word over their dismissal.

These children are so stupid that Oxford Dictionary was recently forced to have to add “LOL”, “OMFG” and other such texting shorthand’s to its dictionary. I know several teachers who have told me that several years ago they used to mark-off for such shorthand uses but the school administrator’s forced them to accept any and all writing that could be “understood” no matter what form it was submitted in.

I read recently in the New York Times that a new essay question was added to the S.A.T. The student is asked to write an essay on reality TV. Reality TV? What possible bearing does reality TV have on anyone’s college education? I’ve heard it said and I agree that a person who has a bachelor’s degree today wouldn’t qualify to graduate the 6th grade in 1969. They’ve left every child behind!

World Comparison ChartAnother New York Times article recently placed the United States at near the bottom of developed nations on Earth in education scores, the highest nation on Earth for percentage of population in prison, 4th from last in developed nations in life expectancy, and second from last in percentage of unemployed people.

America has become a Third-World nation and its people don’t even realize it. The reason why they don’t realize it is because if you’re under the age of 35 then chances are that you’ve been purposely dumbed-down by the government so you don’t know the difference.

When I talk to people between the ages of 18 and 35 about politics I can’t remember the last time someone has responded with something other than “I don’t care about politics!” Hopeless, absolutely, carelessly, purposely dumbed-down to the point where if I didn’t know better I would swear I was living in a society of people with an I.Q. of 20.

The numbers are there and the people are moving around. The lines are being drawn: Blue and Red. According to the polls we’re a nation divided and I’ve talked to teachers, police officers, doctors, lawyers, health care givers and fire fighters here in Florida who are all packing up to move to other Blue states such as Massachusetts, New York, Washington State and other Blue states. They simply can’t take it anymore and neither can I.

It may or may not be President Obama who is faced with the challenges to come but sooner or later this nation will be faced with another civil war with brother against brother, father against son, mother against daughter. I’m not sure Barack Obama is a strong enough leader to face such a challenge.

This time it will be even bloodier than the last because I’m not sure which side our government in Washington is going to come down on but I can hope it will be the Blue.

As for me; I’m moving to a clear-Blue state of California.

Give me Governor Jerry Brown or give me death!

By Stephanie Donald

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