New York’s Joy is a Leap into Assimilation

Stephanie DonaldWhile the crowds cheer and the pride parades coincide with the additional celebration of New York’s recent passage of its equality marriage law, if you take a step back into the history of gay rights then one must ask the question, “Is this an advance for gay rights or a step into assimilation of the LGBT culture by the heterosexual community?”

I understand that the homosexual community has fought for gay marriage for many years but the major issue is: Why?

One must wonder if we’re pondering true equality or whether marriage equality is actually a knee-jerk reaction from the mass subconscious that’s nothing more than internal homophobia.

All one has to do is to peruse the legal section of your local newspaper to understand that heterosexual marriage means absolutely nothing any longer. My local newspaper was four pages long of divorce filings in a county of less 400,000 people.

In states such as Massachusetts where they passed full marriage right for the LGB community it didn’t take the media companies more than two months to pick up on the state’s first lesbian divorce filing.

It seems that our community is no better than the heterosexual community is about the permanence of the institution of marriage these days so why would we actually care to participate other than to say it’s an option that we didn’t have before?

The Star Trek Borg come to mind when they broadcast the words: “Resistance is futile!”

The LGBT community, instead of paying attention to building on the history and sweat and blood of those people who came before them have chosen to cash in their own culture and give up their own heritage, their own culture and their own future, just so they mesh and disappear into the straight community and one day never be noticed from their straight neighbors.

As the Black Panthers preached equality during the 1960s they also cautioned about the dangers of the African-American community losing its distinctiveness and separate culture. I’m saying the same thing for the LGBT community. Perhaps it’s the piece of the puzzle left over from the old days of the East Coast Mattachine and Jack Nichols that needs to be heard again.

I recently began reading Jack’s last book, “The Tomcat Chronicles”, and even in his early days, Jack detested the internal dishonestyJack Nichols of people. Gay people in the 1950s and 1960s would treat sexual encounters like anonymous sex toys because of the verboten nature of gay sex.

Jack was looking for friendship and lovers who were honest about who and what they were. That built into his perceptions of the eternal pride of the gay community that even if equality should ever be achieved that we never forget who we are and maintain our individual identity based on the politics of our sexual identity and culture.

Don’t get me wrong! If LGBT marriage came to Florida (if donkeys could fly!) then I would marry my spouse Kathy without reservation.

The danger is that lets suppose that by some miracle DOMA was overturned and Congress amended the 1964 Civil Rights Act to include the LGBT community. The way things are going, within a very few years after that the LGBT people would feel no reason to celebrate Pride month and organizations such as the NGLTF and GLAAD would disappear because no one would support them anymore because they’d feel they were no longer needed.

In short; we’d lose our individual identity as a culture and our history would be lost in obscurity forever because no one would care anymore.

We’ve already begun losing our culture. History books about the White Knights of yesteryear written by people such as Dr. James T. Sears and Dr. Rodger Streitmatter and others are mostly available only through rare book sites on the web because they’re out of print. Newer books about history are only expected to sell to a small, select audience of students and intellectual hobbyists of LGBT history because the mass audience isn’t interested in history! All they want is hard and soft-core porn and easy-to-read romance and action books. The amount of history buffs and intellects are shrinking faster than an orange left in the summer sun.

We’re awash on the rocky shoals of cultural and intellectual obscurity because our moral and leadership compass is broken.

Our community is so fragmented on causes that the conservatives don’t fear us; they laugh at us because they know that it would be a cold day in hell before we could focus the entire resources of our community like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. did for the African-American community. We have no such leadership and aren’t likely to see such leadership in the near future because everyone has “the answer” and no one agrees on anything anymore.

So the next time you jump up and down for the passage of a state gay marriage or civil union law remember this dialectic and ask yourself whether you’re selling your soul to the devil.


By Stephanie Donald



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