Tried and True or Blue Skying Homophobia Away?

Stephanie DonaldAmusement comes to mind when I think of my recent conflict on a social site on the internet but I have to take the viewpoint of these people seriously. I can’t name-names but I can talk about the situation anyway and it really is hilarious…if your I.Q. is over 100 and you aren’t chasing the almighty dollar around at the expense of the real gay rights movement.

I tend to think of it as “blue skying” when someone thinks they can walk up to a person like Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptist Church and say, “Hi! I’m gay and I want to get to know you so you won’t be afraid of me anymore!” Then they expect the lifelong homophobes to smile and say, “I’m so sorry that we had you all wrong! Now that we actually know a gay person this makes things all different and we don’t hate gay people any longer!”

The person I locked horns with not only believes this, they wrote a book telling people that they should go out into the world like Gandhi and spread this word of peace and harmony among a homophobic world!

Now normally the thought of stupid people being life educated by Christian fundamentalists yelling bible passages at them amuses me to no end but I draw the line at the thought of these naïve people approaching the bottom-of-the-barrel people and being hit with baseball bats or shot. I wish physical harm on no one and what this person is espousing through their book and Facebook group is no less than an invitation to hate crimes en masse and he’s selling these books all over the place through

Of course it’s a vanity printing because no legitimate gay publisher in their right mind would publish his life story (boring!) and his philosophy of making friends with homophobes. It might work once or twice but sooner or later someone is going to get hurt.

This incident has made me understand, however, that people are disorganized and wanting some other way to achieve equality. It shows they’re frustrated with the present leadership of the LGBT. Of course I can’t seem to find any leadership! Maybe that’s the problem?

When the LGBT community goes charging off in a direction for something like repealing Don’t Ask don’t Tell; who exactly sets that as a goal for our entire community? Was there one leader or one organization that chose that goal?

It seems like a shotgun approach to gay rights to me. The problem with a shotgun blast is that while it hits the target for some it also wounds others in the process.

In my opinion, going after the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell was the dumbest thing we could have done. Like Huey Newton pointed out for the Black Panthers back in the 1960s when the subject of blacks in the military was brought up, he felt that blacks should be exempt from military service because they were considered second class citizens. Why can’t homosexuals see the same thing for our community? Even if DADT achieves full repeal (which is still in limbo); what about transgender people? Do we cut them lose again like we always seem to? We just grab our rights and kick them under the bus?

Now we attack DOMA but again; who decided that?

Recently, in side emails I brought up to Paul Cain and Billy Glover (both respected writers in the LGBT activist community) and I brought up that we should press for a full amendment to the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

Paul Cain noted that it was a unique and very worthy idea and one that he never thought of before.

So where are the leaders on this issue and why has no one brought up this idea or are they afraid to or do they even exist?

Stephanie Donald

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