Bob Kunst Gives the Final Word on Rabbi Yehuda Levin: The Schmuck Who Blamed the Earthquake on Gay Marriage in New York

Rabbi Yehuda Levin;


Bob KunstI hardly know where to begin to respond to your very stupid statement, that the recent earthquake in D.C. and the Northeast, West and South was caused by the legalization of gay marriage in New York.

A woman on ABC Radio, Joe Crummy Show, 8/30/11, even threw in Hurricane/Tropical Storm 'Irene' for measure... to the earthquake on how God must be so angry with everyone, for both these disasters and all due to 'gay marriage'.

Of course some New Yorkers, who are 'inconvenienced', think that is a disaster, regardless of what God thinks.  You know how government over-reacted to 38 dead, 5 million without electricity, thousands of homes and businesses destroyed and at least $7billions in damage.

The question, Yehuda Levin, is why you have kept your mouth shut on all of the above and I could write a book about and instead keep pouring out 'L shun Ha Ra' with your 'gay marriage' crap to divert attention from your own emotional and sexual hang-ups.

Those who scream the loudest about others sexuality are hiding the truths about themselves.



Obviously, you want to be the new and latest version of Anita Bryant, who Dr. Alan Rockaway and I led the opposition to from 1976 to 1980 and 'used' her and Jerry Falwell to make 'gay' a household word. WE won the 'cultural war' way back then.

Anita and I were the key players and on the hot seat. We threw her out of Florida after getting the world media to focus on our “affectional” and “sexual preference” Dade County Ordinance we began in 1976 and in the 1977 election with her getting a 'for vote' by collecting signatures to repeal it, we got over 50,000 news clippings alone, became world famous 'role models', brought millions out of the closet permanently, mobilized thousands of organizations still around and got 92,000 + votes in just this round.

In Round II, we continued with our media, this time we collected 18,000+ signatures and got the 'for vote' and we up from 92,000 to 142,000 votes and only on a $5000 budget and still had the most open debate on human sexuality of any community in the world and the media still gave us coverage.

In Round III, every attempt to stop us was made including tripling the number of signatures to get on the ballot and by no less than the liberal Ruth Shack, whose husband was Anita's publicity agent. After collecting over 42,000 signatures (1978 we collected 18,000) there was a 'voter purge' no one told us about, only showing the fear from the ruthless politicians from the left and right, that the public would move in our direction, so much for sexual hang-ups on both sides.

So we took a statewide issue on the ballot in Fla., the 'Privacy Rights Constitutional Amendment', that said: “All natural persons are free to be left alone from government intrusions into their private lives."

Anita and gang went 'nuts' again and said this would 'legalize' gay marriage, marijuana, incest etc. and we didn't argue but urged the public to understand that with limited police and resources in 1980 and with 600 murders in Dade County alone, they had a choice:

Have the police go after pot smokers and those having sex in the bushes or protect their own homes and businesses.

Statewide, we got 60% or 1, 723,000 votes and in Dade County, 62% or 242,000 votes overcoming the same issues and hysteria being presented by the Yehuda Levin's of the world.

That we're 35 yrs. ahead of the rest of the nation, is our legacy and the truth we trusted the public with and they responded beautifully.

None of this was easy including some anti-Semitism from the homophile community against Rockaway and me.

Yes, we have had an openly nude beach on Miami Beach for years. Yes, no candidate can win doing anti-gay politics. Yes, I have been blessed with doing over 36,000 news interviews in a lifetime of activism. Thank God for the strength to be a pioneer and a Maccabee.

That we won the 'cultural war' then doesn't mean that political whores haven't used us to raise $millions they pocketed to avoid the reality we understood in 1976 regarding 'gay marriage', which Anita and Falwell also used against us.  Don't forget that Falwell said that Jews wouldn't get to heaven without Jesus', while at the same time doing what you are doing which is to divide every family for these politics.

You call yourself a 'rabbi', but that too is so phony.

This month during Yom Kipper in the afternoon Mussaf service, we read about the "10 Martyrs". Like Haman, Hitler, etc., this monster wants to destroy the 10 key jewels of the Jewish faith and summons them where he asks them: "What is the penalty for selling your brother into slavery?"  They answer: "Death".

He then says that they have to pay with their lives for when Joseph's brother sold him into slavery in Egypt, centuries earlier.

The Rabbis urge one of their own to rise to heaven and see if this is God's will? He does and even the angels are pleading with God to save the Jews.

But God says, if you really' believe', you will make the sacrifice and if you complain any longer I will destroy all of it.

The poem continues with how each Rabbi is slain.  Tears are shed but if you 'believe' you make the supreme sacrifice for God and also the issue is about selling your brothers into 'slavery.'

Yehuda Levin, the game you are playing is so dangerous and is tantamount to murder. God resides in Jerusalem. What won't you defend God? Or Jerusalem? Being anti-gay does neither.

You have previously stated that a 'spiritual holocaust' is worse than the Physical Holocaust.

To trivialize the Holocaust and 6-7 million Jewish deaths is so heinous a crime on your part and is selling your brothers and sisters to mass murder, let alone to slavery.

You are the same kind of monster who would push those gay Jewish children into those gas chambers first.

In Lodz, Poland, the Nazis demanded from the Jewish leadership, 10,000 Jewish children and elderly.  The 'leadership' thought they would save the rest if they gave in to this demand. Imagine 'trusting' the Nazis?  Imagine trusting today, the Islamic Nazis?

So after giving them the 10,000, the Nazis went after everyone. The 'leadership' committed suicide after their treachery and realization.

You are feeding your own Jewish children, who are gay and your fellow Jews, to the very anti-Semites and Nazis who want all Jews dead, including yourself.

Don't you understand that once you open that dangerous door, with your insane politics, that you make the rest of the Jews vulnerable as these anti-gay marriage' Nazis will take your gay Jews first and come for the rest of the Jews second.

This isn't a left vs. right issue but one of emotional and sexually security versus insecurity.

How can you tell God that his creating gays in his image are wrong?

Who are you to judge anyone, but yourself and God judges you?


You added that the tragic slaying of that 8 yr. old Brooklyn boy, Leiby Kloresky, who was kidnapped, killed and dismembered, also by an Orthodox Jew, Levi Aron, divorced from his wife with two previous children, was also due to 'gay marriage'. Have you lost your mind, let alone any sense of justice besides your disgusting politics?

On the day you were wallowing with your 'gay marriage' evils, 8/26/11, The New York Times and other media was revealing how Rabbi R. Menachem Youlus, stole $1.2 million making lies about salvaging Torahs from the Holocaust to do his grand theft. He too is Orthodox.

You scream about the 'Homosexualization of the Holy land'.  What have you done to protect keeping Jerusalem united, protecting Judea and Samaria, which God gave us?  What have you done to stop Bibi from giving anything away that reflects our Covenant with God, our history, our identity, our sacrifices, our commitments, our contributions to the world, in spite of their attacks upon us?

I, as a gay Jew and activist, keep protesting daily on these issues that concern me as a Jew first.  You see gays as far worse than giving what God gave the Jews, back to the Arabs committed to killing all Jews. How do you live with yourself or are you just stuck on stupid?

Have you lost your mind? Now in San Francisco they want to vote out circumcision and you are silent.  My Covenant with God is my circumcision. God judges me, not you.

You are your own worst enemy and victim of a 'spiritual holocaust' and the blood is on your contemptible hands and equally tyrannical mind.  You destroy your fellow gay Jews and call this 'spirituality'? 'Morality'?

If God didn't love Gays, he wouldn't have made so many and to be happy in spite of all the crazies out there like you.

John Fowles once said, "There are only 2 races in this planet-the intelligent and the stupid."

Likewise, Albert Einstein, a fellow Jew, said, "Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity and I'm not sure about the former."

Levin, you are 'tref', have the 'evil eye', are the Devil's advocate and an open Nazi insecure within yourself and taking it out on everybody else and then calling yourself a rabbi, no less. A real Jew gives. You just take. You give us all a bad name. You don't speak for God any more than Anita Bryant did. Why do you embrace such corruption? Oy!

I have had a great run and am 69 and cured of prostate cancer and I'm still an activist to my last breath. God keeps me going and is with me all the time, even when I slip.

Plenty of gays have children. Believe it or not, a same-sex relationship also means no abortions, no vasectomies. It's God's way of showing love with those who are built and conditioned like you.

Jonathan loved him as his own soul.

A Covenant was made between them. Was this a Gay Marriage?

In those days many wives were possible in marriages altogether. Pressures not to describe David and Jonathan's relationship were the norms of those days but not today's.

Gays have been around since the beginning and will always be here if anyone is left to talk about it.

We must refocus our attention to the real threats out there.

We Gay Jews are your children. We Gays are your children. We are your children. Stop abusing us and yourselves.

Yehuda, repent and atone for your sins before it is too late.

Bob Kunst

Pres., Shalom International




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