"Penetration" with LGBT-Today, Round II

Congrats to Stephanie for her first year of LGBT-Today.

What does it take to put up with all that abuse of folks who haven't a clue, but still offer commentary when they haven't been on the hot seat themselves?

How do you deal with those who are so insular and ghettoized that the wider audience, even as a choice, is as remote as Pluto?

Putting a publication together is a huge achievement, especially in these 'politically correct', high tech days, where privacy is non-existent and 'tweeting' blather is pushing the agenda.

J.Nichols-1972-onTV_with_Lige__Geraldo_RiveraStephanie has picked up where Jack Nichols left off and in his honor, to be on the edge and to value the experiences of those who made a difference and present those commentaries, that is still taken for granted to their own demise.

I see today's 'so-called' movement as mediocre, inane and lacking the sexuality of the past or even the interest.

The 'freedom' to be just like everyone else has produced extreme boredom.

Spontaneity and excitement can't squeeze through the 'p.c.' crowd of fascists waiting to pounce on everyone they can't control.

I assure you, when we led and beat Anita Bryant and Jerry Falwell; we weren't there to support the rights of homosexual Nazis.

We never supported Nazis, homosexual or heterosexual or bisexual.

Hitler's S.A. was made up of a number of homosexual Nazis.

A homosexual man called Heinrich was one of the original architects of the Holocaust and murder of millions of Jews. He was eventually murdered but he killed so many thousands before he was finally taken out.Bob Kunst 2002

How do we maintain silence when gays are attacked in Uganda, Moscow, Serbia, Iran, Saudi Arabia etc.?

Today they call it 'bullying', but gay-bashing is the issue based on the emotional and sexual hang-ups of this society, not addressed by these 'occupiers' of space with no relevance.

Every effort to 'come out' is a victory, for it forces everyone to deal with reality, instead of denial.

But what is the model and the vision?

LGBT-Today is one vital vehicle to tackle these and other issues that are ignored.

How can the community ask for social “acceptance” .....when it doesn't accept itself?

What is our own unique experience that perhaps puts us light years ahead of this homophobic society with all their fears, guilt and violence?

If one out of three women is subject to sexual assault and this is acceptable behavior that includes blaming the victim, how does this reflect on the 'gay life' that isn't part of this madness?

The above aberrant behavior between men and women has NEVER been a part of my lifestyle. I have never been in a situation that if I felt uncomfortable, I couldn't walk away from.

I have never wanted to impose myself if others weren't interested and vice versa. The violence isn't coming from our community.

In our time, in spite of all the laws, police raids etc., we got our 'orgasm', while the homophobes just talked about it, or abused themselves with their violence.

In my very many experiences, oh so many wonderful experiences, I have never been in a situation that I couldn't get out of if I was uncomfortable.

Why isn't this a 'role model' of the kind of interaction within our 'gayness' that puts us separate and better than the society's efforts to denigrate our relationships, when they are aweful amongst themselves?

In other words, why do any homosexuals adopt the 'straight' and 'normal' model as being anything but an accepted ruse and calamity between those who are built different, shaped different and think different?

In a same sex relationship, you don't need IUDs, Abortions, Vasectomies, etc. It is nature’s way of not reproducing. It is also nature's way of communicating without the competition between the sexes.

If one already has the freedom, why adopt the jealousies, possessiveness and abuse inundating the heterosexist community?

Why should we be guilty of having a good time with as many folks as are willing to give us the time of day and night and at the same time be responsible not to pass on any diseases?

Bob KunstIn these stressful times, having orgasms is therapeutic, not just fun. The need to let out the tension is critical. Why the guilt?

So, we have to redefine our experiences and the multiple choices we have always had and not fall into the trap of being just 'like them' who have so little to offer but their violence, chaos etc. as the majority.

I wish Stephanie much luck for the next year of informing the masses of all the information possible to move this 'movement' beyond its timidity and regression and appeasement.

Yours Faithfully,
Bob Kunst




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