Bradley Manning: Martyr, Hero and Republican Wedge for the Presidential Elections, 2012

Bradley Manning rally August 2010With the Iowa Republican primaries mere days away, the timing of Bradley Manning’s trial seems to be timed to attack the weakest flank in President Obama’s support of the LGBT community.

While the United States Attorney General’s Office is arguing in favor of ruling that the Defense of Marriage Act is un-Constitutional in San Francisco the one thing that always gets thrown under the bus in protections is the transgender community and the Christian conservatives know it and they will once again force Obama and the LGBT leadership of this nation to do it one more time while they hold up “he-she’s” as the scourge of this nation and warn that if they’re allowed to exist they will betray this nation, prey on our children from public restrooms and spread insanity.

After all, all you have to do is look at the case of Bradley Manning and all will be made clear to anyone who listens to Fox News and Newt Gingrich.

For years in every fight for equality in each town, city, county and state, and even the federal government (DOMA) the gays and lesbians have gone in initially demanding coverage for themselves and transgender people as well but walked out with their own rights covered and the transgender rights…whoops! Sorry about that! We had to give you up to the lions but we promise we’ll fight for you later (guffaw!).

Bradley Manning is going to be the virtual disembodied head on the pike that the conservatives will use to warn society about the dangerous “he-she’s” and how they want to tear this nation apart.

The problem for the LGB community is that this plan will work. We forget so easily our heritage and who we need to thank for the rights we enjoy today. The conservative plan will throw doubt and suspicion across every facet of the gay and lesbian culture and because of rampant apathy the majority won’t realize what’s going on until it’s too late.

Ever hear of Stonewall? Most people would say they have “heard” of it but if you asked them for details, they would have no idea of who started what.Sylvia Rivera

A transgender woman named Sylvia Rivera was sitting in a bar called the Stonewall Inn in the summer of 1969 when the police rushed in to bust the bar (it was illegal at that time to serve alcohol to homosexuals or
gather for the purpose of conducting “perverse” conduct).

An icon to the drag queen community had just died; Judy Garland. It was also an extremely hot and sticky summer and tempers were frayed.

When the police tried to bust the bar, the late Sylvia Rivera started banging her beer mug on the bar and yelling, “Fuck this!” It didn’t take long before everyone in the bar was yelling it at Stephanie Donaldthe three police officers. They weren’t used to “sissies” defying them and when they tried to put the handcuffs on Sylvia the rest of the transgender and drag queens in the bar jumped the police and drove them out. They locked the doors, fought them off for days, made national news and the laws against homosexuals in New York State and New York City were forever changed.

So when the Republicans are vilifying Bradley Manning for being transgender, remember Sylvia Rivera and The Stonewall Inn and how you wouldn’t be going to your local bar now without looking over your shoulder if it wasn’t for transgender people.

By Stephanie Donald


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