Where Was Mark Segal When the Chicken Fat Hit the Fan?


Jesus is a cuntIt’s amazingly easy for Mark Segal to sit back weeks after the Chick-Fil-A debacle and prostelyze about who did what wrong and what they should and shouldn’t do and when they should have done it.

In American vernacular that’s commonly called, “armchair quarterbacking”.

I’m not disagreeing with his assessment of last week’s “Kiss-in” but at least it was a reaction against Dan Cathy’s heinous action of using his corporation as a lever to further hate issues against the LGBT community.

There are a virtual plethora of actions that could have been taken that could have been much more effective than sucking face while rednecks munched on waffle fries inside as the air conditioners hummed and they peered out the windows and cringed.

That much Segal got correct: You can bet that two men kissing in front of a chicken joint will be on Republican posters for Mitt Romney before the election is over. Flash mobs or boycotts of the suppliers for Chick-Fil-ARepublican Poster might have greater impact. I’m not sure whether they sell Pepsi or Coke but either company supports LGBT civil rights so how far would Dan Cathy’s sales go if they had no soda to sell? He might be more in line with his redneck clientele if he gave away a free RC cola and a Moon Pie with every chicken sandwich, wouldn’t he? I believe that counts as a Southern first date from the Mason-Dixon Line down, doesn’t it?

The point is that for the past two weeks, Mark Segal has sat there on his Philly butt and not said one word about Chick-Fil-A, Dan Cathy or what our community should do to counter this trumpet blowing, ball-less hack who claims to run his business from the bible yet cuts his hair, sideburns and serves meat through his chain on Fridays. Someone call God and order up a burning bush!

So where were you when we really needed your award winning ass, Mark? I haven’t won anything and at least I published something about Chick-Fil-A and Dan Cathy while the debacle was unfolding. I find that humor works wonders especially when very few people are reading you anyway. I don’t try to make any allusion to the fact that I have near the readership of Philadelphia Gay News but then again; I’ve only been publishing for 21 months vs. 36 years for PGN. If you haven’t built up a major market after nearly four decades then you’re definitely doing it wrong and I take nothing away from Mark’s team. They’re a cracker-jack marketing squad of suits, running around like a collection of Mark Zuckerberg clones. I’m sure they would eat their own and probably have already.

I have no great love for GLAAD, the HRC or the NGLTF either. As a dear friend of mine, Lee Mentley, former good friend of Harvey Milk and head of Cultural Affairs for San Francisco during Milk’s short but memorable tenure as City Supervisor, would call those three organizations, they’re “Gayeouisie”. It’s a good word, derived from combining Princess Lee Mentley“Gay” and the word, “bourgeoisie”. If you wanted a synonym for the previously used expression, “eat your own”, then you may choose from one of those three organizations. I find it unconscionable that any organization would feed the fires of inner homophobia in the LGBT community by telling us all that “total equality will never be seen in our lifetimes”, just so they can maintain levels of close to $60 million apiece in donations per year from our community and brainwashed everyone into believing that marriage equality is the end-all, be-all of goals and somehow everyone has swallowed the blue pill of blissful ignorance without ever thinking that perhaps not everyone wants to get married.

Sorry folks. I swallowed the red pill a very long time ago and there’s no going back now. Stop being a Duracell and wake up!Editor Stephanie Donald

Meanwhile, what Mark Segal calls “controversial” I call “hindsight” and as the old saying goes: It’s always 20/20 but Mark's editorial is still fuzzy to me.

I have heard that Dan Cathy has recently been deep in consultation with Sister Taffy of Landover Baptist Church. Sister Taffy says that Dan can blow her horn anytime he likes.

By Stephanie Donald
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