The Old Man Had It and Lost It If He Ever Had It At All


Editorial by Stephanie Donald, Editor of

Once again, Mark Segal is bragging in our faces about his latest exploits at the Democratic National Convention, but if he “still has it”, as he claims, then he wouldn’t be hugging Michelle Obama as tightly as he claims to have.

Mr. Segal has made the claim to me in personal emails for a very long time now that he was “close friends” with my mentor and friend, Jack Nichols, yet he keeps pushing the “popular agenda” of the Human Rights Campaign and the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force of defeating Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), which was the pinnacle LGBT plank of the Democratic Party at the DNC.

I knew Jack Nichols very well. I’ve lived and breathed Jack Nichols since I met him in 1997 and while he didn’t mind gay marriage for those who wanted it, that particular issue was the farthest thing from his mind in the 45 years of his gay civil rights career.

Jack believed that total equality was the only goal for our community. He actually loathed the idea of the day when gay marriage would be a reality. It meant that the LGBT would begin to lose their individual culture and lean toward the evil thing he feared worse than the Christian fundamentalists: Assimilation.

Now Mark Segal is hugging Michele Obama and thanking her for her husband’s assistance in helping to destroy our culture. The he brags about breaking the security and meeting Bill Clinton, the man who signed DOMA and DADT into law? For what possible Earthly reason would you want to talk to the enemy, Mark? Jack Nichols didn’t just hate Bill Clinton, he loathed the man, yet you write about him as if he were some personal hero of yours!

Some “radical gay activist”, huh?

If Jack were still alive and running GayToday, he would draw his sights on Mark and it wouldn’t be a pretty sight. Since Jack is no longer around, I hardly consider myself worthy to fill Jack’s shoes but I’m all that’s available.

Okay, Mark; here it is. I’ve poked some fun at you in a previous editorial over Chick-fil-a. I’ve made some points in exchanged emails with some of the existing gay pioneers that you never answer my questions. You dearly love shoving “the nation’s most-award-winning commentator in LGBT media” up everyone’s ass, yet all I see is the biggest sell-out in LGBT media!

You know as well I do that gay marriage is a red herring to keep the HRC and the NGLTF in business. If you don’t then somewhere along the line you’ve lost brain cells. You might want to get checked out for dementia or Alzheimer’s. It happens to a lot of people as we get older.

Let’s assume you’re a sell-out. If that’s the case then everything you’re doing with the Philadelphia Gay News is designed for one grand purpose: To make money. Well, many people might find that an admirable quality and while I wouldn’t mind making LGBT-Today self-sustaining, if it means becoming a complete sell-out then I’d rather be poor.

The point to all this is that our community needs to return to sanity. We’re no different than the heterosexual people are. We’ve been sold a bill of goods and told what to do by greedy people and you of all people should know the difference!

I did a thorough search of your old articles and found that at one time, prior to 1996, you once wrote of total equality, just as Dr. Frank Kameny, Jack Nichols and all the gay pioneers did, and then as the politics of the supposed gay leadership organizations changed, so did you.

You might claim you “grew up”, but then in almost every other editorial you want to boast of your “radical” days. Do you miss them that much? If so, then be a radical again and stop pushing the HRC/NGLTF line of marriage equality!

How does marriage equality help the 27 states where you can be fired from a job, evicted from your home, denied the right to adopt children, be discriminated against on a mortgage or harassed by police, churches or local elected officials legally for being LGBT? ENDA won’t cure all that, either. It will end the job discrimination but not the other problems.

So in the process of pumping hands at the DNC, did any of this crap enter your mind or was any of this discussed among the 486 homosexual delegates, with 13 of those being transgender delegates? I don’t know where you learned to count, Mark, but how much were you drinking while you were there? You said 555, so I guess that bottle of Chivas must have been right next to your keyboard when you wrote your editorial?

Marriage equality is like trying to stop the Titanic from sinking with a wad of chewed bubble gum, and Mark, you’re the one who is chewing the wad here.

If you were a true radical you would be sounding the red alert that we’re heading in the wrong direction. Why aren’t you using all those awards to bring our community back on track for total equality instead of singing the praises of the current inadequate platform that will lead us into assimilation, unless that’s what you intended to do in the first place?

Is that where you stand, Mark? Are you trying to turn us all into heterosexuals? Married couples with children, a house with a white picket-fence and a dog? Mike the lawyer, married to Steve the doctor, out washing their Mercedes with their daughter and squirting each other with the hose?

What about the members of the LGBT community who don’t want that, Mark? What about the gay men who still want casual sex with strangers at the bar rendezvous? Or how about the lesbians who might want to stay together but are also feminists and have no desire to emulate the heterosexist institution of marriage? Moving toward assimilation would definitely piss-off a lot of owners and patrons of the many existing gay bath-houses, wouldn’t it? I can see the “new” homosexual moralists preaching the evils of casual gay sex! We already have a gay Christian movement that sometimes makes me wince with embarrassment over the hypocrisy.

“Oh, those pesky anti-gay passages in the bible don’t apply to us because we say so! Look! It also says we shouldn’t eat shellfish but everyone does it anyway!”

All that means is that some people in our community are approaching the gross hypocrisy of the Christian fundamentalists.

Speaking of hypocrisy, let’s talk about how getting rid of DOMA helps transgender people. Not even the dissolution of DOMA covers whether or not a transgender person can be regarded as either a man or woman after transition in many states regarding the institution of marriage.
Stephanie Donald
The current Democratic platform that you so heartily embrace as readily as you hug Michele Obama just throws about 70% of our community under the bus and gives them no voice.

Shame on you, Mark Segal! You, sir, are no radical.

By Stephanie Donald
© LGBT-Today


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