Remembrances of San Francisco History

Market St. and CastroIn the sixties, south of Market was called the miracle mile.


It was a place where leather men staked their claim.


They were rough looking men, creative vibrant exchanging quiche recipes at the bar.


The leather men were some of the smartest people I ever met in my life.


"A woman making love to a woman is the most feminine thing a woman can do. Conversely, a man making love to a man is the most masculine." The quote told to me by my millionaire leather friend.


The bars all had butch names, The Anvil, The Tool Box, and Febe's. Febe's opened in 1966 as did The Stud.Original Febe's statue of the


When I was fourteen a copy of Life magazine appeared in my house with a photo of a butch daddy on a motorcycle. The caption read “This rough looking man is a osexual." The photo was taken in front of The Toolbox.


There were many artists associated with the south of Market scene. Mike Caffee was the artist who created a statue for Febe's which became iconic and can be seen around the world.


Based on Michelangelo's David, the statue sports a black leather cap, bare chest, leather jacket, and fills up his Levi's rather nicely.


Dr. Bill Warner left me his iconic Febe's stud-ly plaster statue when he died.


Jon Sugar on left on the streets of San FranciscoThe Gay Artist Writers Kollective is a loosely connected social group for people involved in the arts, staging free events in San Francisco since 1986. Our next event is a live music party on Halloween at the Tikka Massala. We charge no dues or fees, and to raise money for occasional expenses, we'd like to sell the Febe's statue to raise $350. It’s a chunk of queer history and a fine piece of art. Contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


By Jon Sugar, San Francisco, California


Jon Sugar(Born Jon Zuckman August 5th 1949  in Miami) a musicologist,he started DJing  parties/orgies in Berkeley , known today as one of the best djs in San Francisco he worked as a session harmonica player & singer, produced and performed countless benefits (Battered Womens shelters,AIDS,PAWS,civil rights issues), as well as the Castro Street fair,Haight Street fair, Folsum Street fair. He managed the Mini Adult Theater ,on Golden Gate and Jones,a down low  sex pig pen in San Francisco1981,He and his band rehearsing after 2am Mini Adult  closing time .

He was arrested at the Mini Adult Theater by the San Francisco Vice squad and charged with " running a house of prostitution Performed  withTUBBY BOOTS, a Miami gay comedy icon,before coming to Berkeley, working with an accapella group,formed the Jon Sugar Band and performed to thousands, contributing  sound equipment for the first East Bay LBGT day. He recorded "Gay Type Thang"with "Pray for rain",an indie  band who recorded music for film director Alex Cox ("Repo man","The Sid and Nancy story","Straight to hell',) and was first signed to Fusion Records, then Sutra Records.finally released by his porn star boyfriend, The engineer was Matt Wallace,who moved to LA and became a millionaire superstar producer(Search Matt Wallace/Maroon 5) The song  received college airplay around the US(to hear it search "Gay Type Thang  Jon Sugar) A popular KPFA "Fruit Punch"radio personality from1984-1986.,he was the First to play the Smiths, Bronski Beat.,Divine,Sylvester interviewing Doris Fish,sex workers,and eventually  banned by KPFA because of pressure from the FCC John Canali's short film"Diary of a gay flesh pounder" staring Jon Sugar screened in film festivals around the country.

Time magazine wrote about an attack on  Jon Sugar (he actually dislodged his assailants eye, sustaining a broken wrist )search "Jon Sugar Time March 1988." As singer for the White Trash Debutantes ,an all star band featuring 2 musicians from Faith No More., he opened for Divine. His play"The life and times of the young Jon Sugar taken from his book, "Everything is a bitchy way of saying something", was produced and performed at the Pegasus theater in Russian River March 2009 and  seen by hundreds of people. Hes written everything from first person think pieces for the Examiner,to straight porn in The Purveyor. He worked as a stand up a gay boy strip club and everywhere else. Hes the feature in a documentary (The  more visible we are see a clip on youtube, search "Jon Sugar")
He heads the Gay Artist and Writers Kollective; a group for actors, musicians, playwrights providing entertainment, sound, security, bands, djs and mc's for progressive causes since 1986. Daniel Curzon wrote a story about Jon Sugar in his book "Dropping Names" (ISBN # 0-930-650-17-4). His essay is right between Quentin Crisp and Joyce Carol 0ates celebrate Halloween at Tikka Masala 1668 Haight Wednesday 0ctober 31st  at 7pm.Twenty five years of free shows featuring new artists, and publishing  through GLB(Gay,Lesbian Bisexual Publishing company).

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