The Elections Are Over—Gays and Lesbians Win the Wrong Fight, Transgender People Thrown Under the Bus—Pretty Much Normal, So Why Celebrate?

A heterosexual hug is still a heterosexual hugSo amidst the cheers of the gays and lesbians, the pretty-much normal low-hanging heads of transgender people who got thrown under the bus one more time, and the jeers and threats of civil war by the right-wing fundamentalist Christians who got spanked so badly that you would think they were all in kindergarten, we see that once again, the wrong battles were fought, and promises won’t be kept by the President who hooked us once before.

Some people might think they’re being optimistic when they back a President who, just four years ago, told all of us that marriage was an institution between men and women only, and then when he realized that without the help of the LGBT community, he flips on a dime and promises to repeal DOMA. Nothing more—just repeal it!

“Marty! We’ve got to go back! Back to the future!”

As the stainless steel wedge of the DeLorean flies to 88 MPH, did anyone stop to think that merely repealing DOMA would do nothing except send us hurtling back to the laws governing marriage in 1996 when DOMA was passed?




That doesn’t guarantee you that marriage equality will be federally legal and President Obama never promised to pass a federal law making it legal, did he?

He will more than likely get it repealed and once that’s accomplished, do you really see him getting a federal marriage equality law passed by John Boehner and his Tea-Party bulldogs? He can sit back in theHorse laugh is on us! Oval Office, smile and tell all of us that he did what he promised to do and now the rest is up to us.

Then the HRC and the NGLTF will be there with their hands out, asking you for even more money so you can get married. Millions of dollars so that they can fight a battle that, at best, will only represent 25% of the LGBT population of America.

Tens of millions of young gay men don’t want to get married. They’re too busy sexually exploring their youth, as they should be doing! As long as they show some common sense and use protections, I share my mentor, Jack Nichols’ opinion that sexual exploration is a good thing and not just for men.

Bryan Fisher is a Christian just like some of the LGBT communityThe resurgence of Judeo-Christian ethics and morality is not confined to just the Republicans and the fundamentalist anti-gay Christians.

It’s surely a sign of rising inner-homophobia that the number of Christian LGBT people has rapidly increased. There’s no other explanation except that many of our brothers and sisters hate themselves so much that they’d actually want to turn to a religion that preaches hate toward their very existence.

As a matter of fact; the number of straight fundamentalist Christians has dropped by more than half since 2008 but has risen by more than 30% in the LGBT community since during the same time.

Meanwhile, we’ve also had a drastic rise in the number of LGBT people who support the right-wing or say they’re Libertarian has increased.

As George Takai would say, “Oh my!”

So while you’re contemplating what you regard as “victories”, consider that what we really had was a dog and pony show that merely showed all of us that we’ve got a long way to goStephanie Donald-Editor/Publisher/CEO-LGBT-Today before we can call our people equal.

By Stephanie Donald


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