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Jack Nichols in last publicity shot for GayToday in late 2003When Stephanie Donald first contacted me more than two years ago about her “bringing back the gang” to pick up on the legacy of Jack Nichol’s iconic Gay Today, I did not hesitate—like others from Frank Kameny to Roger Streitmatter—to agree.

Under Nichols’ editorship, Gay Today was sometimes impertinent, often acerbic, and always thoughtful. Donald, who had collaborated with Jack prior to his death and has a degree in journalism, seemed perfect for the new incarnation, aptly named LGBT-Today.



With two years under her belt, Stephanie has not only honored Jack’s legacy but, most importantly, integrated her unique voice and razor-sharp insights into the continued struggle for equality. Her trenchant StephanieDonald at Gary Bauer protest in Melbourne with Jack Nichols and Bob Kunst in 1998commentary today on how we should move forward on queer equality is a perfect example.

It was more than a decade ago when she and I first met, during a lecture I gave in Cocoa Beach. Jack introduced us. He later told me that her skills, experiences, and unique voice was precisely what was needed more of in LGBT journalism. And, just as I did when Jack was alive, we have had lively discussions on issues of tactics and strategy as well as future contours for LGBT-Today. Throughout it all, though, her unflinching commitment to full queer equality matched only by the many hours a day she devoted to this on-line news magazine has distinguished her among her journalism peers.

Readership now exceeds what one might have thought possible in two short years and more readers, especially international ones, are added every day. James T. Sears PhD.LGBT-Today is certainly one of the indispensible sources for anyone seeking insight into the news of the day.

Congratulations on your anniversary!

By Dr. James T. Sears

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