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Being_in_loveAs a courtesy to our readers and media partners, and staff, LGBT-Today would like to post a change in editorial policy regarding the use of “same-sex marriage” and “gay marriage” in news stories and editorials.

Those phrases will no longer be used in any stories as a descriptive unless it appears as a quote.

In the future we encourage our media partners and staff to use the following substitutes: “Marriage equality” and “marriage rights”.

The “Pink Media” is far too quick to segregate our own community during this time of extreme change in acceptance by a majority of Americans and Europeans and with the current environment of states that are passing extended rights that include protections for our community as well as marriage equality, it’s become way past the time to begin the acceptance by our own community of the fact that we’re finally being accepted into the society of heterosexuals for who and what we are.

We aren’t homosexuals when we walk around the grocery stores or when we’re doing our jobs or driving on the freeway. We’re just human beings like everyone else and 8 out of 10 Americans can now say they know a member of the LGBT community and accept them as friends and family.

If they can accept us then the “Pink Media” can learn to accept the fact that we’ve earned a place of respect among a majority of the populace and using phrases such as “same-sex marriage” and “gay marriage” in our own articles and editorial essays only adds negative wording to a very tender and loving civil right that we have fought and won.

Stephanie Donald


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