With Pride Season Upon Us the Same Old Questions Abound

Stephanie DonaldLike it or not—Telling it Like it is

By Stephanie Donald




Ah yes, the flowers begin to bloom and the air smells fresh as spring works it’s magic so that means that overall madness and mayhem abounds in the many Pride committees across the country.

But with the U.S. Supreme Court considering both California’s Proposition 8 and DOMA, it becomes even more urgent to consider what and why we celebrate Pride each year.

Over the past several years the question of whether we need to celebrate Pride at all because of what it has degenerated into which is little more than one huge drunken exhibition that is little more than a huge bar scene that affords the cruisers a larger smorgasbord to choose from.

gayprideparadeYesterday I met with the organizer of one the Pride events here in Florida to offer my assistance and see if I could help set the event into perspective by giving a short speech about the history and background of one the area’s own late gay pioneers.

“That will just bore everyone to death”, he responded. “After five minutes their eyes will just glaze over and they’ll just get bored.”

My mind was awash with the fact that anyone could attend a Pride event and not give one care about the history and culture of LGBT community, but then it wasn’t that hard to imagine as I looked back on the slightly more than two year history of LGBT-Today itself.

After two years of publication, it wasn’t until I began publishing news from Media Partners that I would say a good deal of the stories were less than intelligent news, like two lesbians winning a $100,000 dream wedding, that I’m now, miraculously and wondrously being read around the world!

No one cared about the fact that I had a staff of the most intelligent and knowledgeable academics and historians of any publication in the world. The only thing that mattered to the readers is that the new news stories were simple enough that they could get the gist of the entire event in the first 140 characters.

When I post a story on Facebook and sit there and watch and someone hits “Like” within 10 seconds after I post it, then I know they didn’t read it!

My friend from the Pride committee was absolutely correct. The average education level of our community and their attention to self-improvement about our history and culture basically has rendered the original concept of Pride a moot point.

Since most local LGBTQI community groups yell and scream each year that Pride costs so much to organize and they get so little help from other people in pulling it off, together with the lost meaning of Pride, leads me as an editor and a publisher to recommend that most community groups discontinue holding Pride and save thepride_or_fabulous money for the purpose of putting it into community libraries at their centers so that perhaps at least some of the community might take the time to at least learn what it was that we wanted to be proud of before we stopped holding them.

If someone wants to get so drunk they fall down, or find an excuse to hook-up with a one night stand then let them do it on their own time and their own nickel and save the hard work and sweat of these people who do know what it means to be Proud of our history and culture.

Having pride in our community doesn’t mean throwing up on a police officer’s shoes and waking up in a jail cell on drunk and disorderly charges.

All that means is that you have no pride in yourself let alone the LGBTQI community and you don’t need the rest of our community to validate that behavior.

You can get drunk and laid on your own dime.

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