Boy Scouts of America Act Proud of Decision to Lift Ban on Gay Youth but Send Message “You’re a Potential Pedophile”

George Peck—LGBT-Today Editorial

016Little Johnny can now be openly homosexual in the Boy Scouts if he chooses but the minute he turns 18 he must leave the BSA forever—the implication being that he’s an instant child molester as soon as he’s an adult.

I’m sure that the Boy Scout of America National Council considered the implications of a Little Johnny who might turn 18 but be romantically involved with another Scout who was still under the age of 18, but in most states, as long as his lover is above the age of 15 then there are no legal problems and consent applies.

I can be reasonably sure that was their logic in the decision and this past week’s debacle in Sebastian, Florida with Kate Hunt might actually be a legal as a logical reason to make the argument as long as you completely the fact Kate_Huntthat someone above the age of 13 can actually decide who they love for themselves.

Come on! Don’t tell me that even someone who is 65-years-old can’t remember back to when they first hit puberty and decided which gender they were attracted to, who they had a crush on (even if they could never actually be with that person) and what it felt like to have that burning desire inside them!

Now how old were most of you? 12? 13? 14? 15? For me it was 13-years-old and I had it bad. It took a year but I actually got to be with the object of my desire for two years—very quietly because it was the early 1970s and homosexual relationships between teens in the Bible-Belt just weren’t allowed.

When we both entered our senior year in high school he decided that we had just gone through a phase and it was time to put aside the foolish things of youth.

I never forgot him even to this day and wonder what happened to him. Is he gay or did he force himself to stay straight and swallow the feelings I knew were inside him?

In the case of Kate Hunt; a matter of a few months difference in her younger lover’s age and there would have been no huge international controversy over her parents forcing her to turn on the woman she loves.

The Boy Scouts are sending the same message to their youth and though they claim to mold young men into leaders, telling them to remain in the closet through their teen years if they wish to become adult leaders and hide the most important part of themselves: Their soul and their identity as human beings.

I join with the New York Times in saying shame on you, BSA! The Girls Scouts adjusted to homosexuality far ahead of the curve in America.

The BSA still wants homosexuals to suffer with Don’t Ask Don’t Tell when even the United States Military doesn’t do that anymore.

Shame, shame, shame.

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