Will the movie about Anita tell the truth or glorify another Hitler?

Bob Kunst—LGBT-Today Columnist

uma_thurman_anita_bryant_split_h_2013Having led the opposition to Anita Bryant along with Dr. Alan Rockway, news of her movie with Uma Thurman is most disturbing as it took us 'using' her and Jerry Falwell to take over the media, make 'gay' a household word, get millions out of their closets, help form thousands of organizations and 3 elections to go from a minority to majority vote and all of it ignored by the so-called 'movement' that puts it all in drag queens in NYC at Stonewall as being the key breakthrough we engineered and made everyone's issue still raging today.

I have not been even been consulted about, nor who is playing my and our roles in this. Will Hollywood trivialize this #1 key event in the Gay/Bi/Homosexual and 'affectional and sexual' revolution we did, as they so often do onBob_Kunst_1970s other historical issue or will they finally get to the truth and who made this possible?

How did we handle the 'gay marriage' issue before the U.S. Supreme Ct. for this June and its role in our 3 elections? The issue isn't 'gay marriage' but 'taxation with representation' and if we're 'second class' then don't ask us to pick up the tab. It's just that simple and we have NEVER GROVELED and why we succeeded.

We weren't doing apologies of being 'just like them' or 'born this way' but as 'role models' of the alternative and how the right wing used and exploited gays to stop 'ERA' among a host of issues needing to be addressed. Is Hollywood able to tell the truth or more exploitation? This is a story way before the movie.

 I am writing my book on this after 50,000 news clippings just on the first election in 1977, when the vote was manipulated by who collected the signatures.

We got 92,000 votes and in Round II we had to collect 18,000 signatures to get 10,000 good ones and the 'for' vote which gave us 142,000 votes or 42% and then when the 'liberals' tripled the number of signatures to get on the ballot the third time, led by Ruth Shack, whose husband died last year and was Anita's publicist, we did get over 40,000 signatures and then a mysterious 'voter purge' to knock us off the ballot and we still won with a statewide "Privacy Rights Constitutional Amendment",  the most radical in the nation and all the same issues screaming at the voters with Anita and gang obsessed with having to go through all of this over and over and over again until we threw her out of Florida, which was our goal.

We passed "Privacy" in 1980 with 1,723,000, 60% in Fla. and 246,000 in Dade or 62% and all of this talking about sex as Anita did in equating gays with animals and dead people, while we talked about emotional and sexual security and that 'Gay Liberation' really meant 'Straight Liberation', since the violence isn't coming from our community as a body-politic, but because of the strength of our relationships.

Anita_chariI have done over 40,000 media in a lifetime of pioneering activism.

Will Hollywood, reading the Miami Herald news clippings, disclose that the Herald opposed us each time as well as the San Francisco Examiner while smaller papers were with us and the key being that emotional and sexual liberation isn't a liberal versus conservative issue, which the 'movement' has yet to learn?

I have 200 cartons and 14 cabinets filled with our positive and non-violent revolution from all over America and the world on this turning point in history and no one producing "Anita" has even bothered to call me. Amazing!

This is a major rip-off of me and Dr. Rockway who died of Aids in 1989. We co-authored this revolution on the ballot that treated the whole world as if it were on the couch. This is a rip-off of Dade County voters who allowed this as well as Florida voters and the world community and how we went through all of this and the human sexuality debate that rages still to this day and did this non-violently.

The above is the tip of the iceberg on what happened and we accomplished and the revisionists want to ignore.

I urge you to address this way before this movie comes out based on Miami Herald news clippings, which would shortchange everyone.

The editor of the Herald, Mr. McMullan who sided with Anita on 3 elections, at that time lost 2 daughters to suicide and still is anti-gay.

Will Hollywood finally 'tell the truth' that it was we gays/bisexuals/heterosexuals who took on and 'used' Anita and Falwell, the Catholic Church and all the religious institutions, the White House and State Legislatures and every household and institution in America and the planet to finally get all of this out in the open and make it everyone's issue.

'Stonewall' is an internal issue and hyped to accommodate NY politics, which didn't get 'gay rights' till the 1990's or 20 yrs. after our efforts with Anita, who we had to teach in making her statements.

Our community deserves major recognition for all of this that everyone has benefited from including Hollywood and been ignored by the 'so-called movement'.

Yours in Shalom,

Bob Kunst

Pres., Shalom International



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