The Vatican’s Dirty Little Gay Secret

Pope_Francis_in_March_2013Stephanie Donald—LGBT-Today Publisher

Pope Francis I didn’t want to say it out loud but just like his predecessor, Pope Benedict IX, leaked information has now confirmed that pressure is being applied against the Pope’s will to reform the Church of Rome to accept the LGBT community and their civil rights as well as their spiritual rights.

But just like his predecessor, Pope Francis, who as Archbishop of Argentina fought marriage equality and gay civil rights—and lost—has discovered that there is in fact a gay prelate within the Vatican and just because he’s the Pope doesn’t mean he can brush these people away like pesky mosquitoes. They’re at the very heart of the staff that runs the Vatican and it appears these people are working in secret, making it impossible for the Pope and his police department, the Swiss Guard, almost impossible to identify.

It should be time for the Pope to wake up and smell the Super-Glide. Human love is something that is as much a part of his God’s many gifts to humanity and with the many wonders that NASA is showing us with the Mars Curiosity Rover, the Hubble orbital space telescope and the Chandra X-Ray orbital telescope, such as planets orbiting far away stars where life may exist, black holes that generate enough power that if we could tap into them, we would never have to worry about supplying our world with energy again.

For a supreme being who supposedly created so many wonders, is it really such a stretch that he would create a diverse plethora of humanity?

The job of any Pope is to supervise the ministry of God’s word to man—not to make up those words or judge mankind.

The last Pope who tried to take absolute rule of the human race was Pope Innocent VIII (1455–58), who was responsible for such life-ending events such as the Malleus Maleficarum (The Witches Hammer), which ended theBurning_a_Witch_during_the_time_of_Pope_Innocent_IV lives of perhaps a million or more free-thinking women and the Spanish Inquisition, where Innocent (a very ironic name indeed for this Pope) appointed Tomás de Torquemada, the most sadistic figure in all of the church’s history through the time of Charlemagne.

So with three Popes (possibly more have been aware of it and done nothing) having knowledge of countless Priests who have heinously used their position of trust to commit pedophilia against millions of innocent children and while Pope Innocent, as both an Archbishop and Cardinal, did take a hard-line against those Priests who were guilty of child abuse, the behavior of these supposed holy men is by far more noxious than the thought of two people of the same gender being in love with each other and sharing a happy life together. Even in the most doubtful moments of my younger years, I could find no fault—ever—with the thought of love, tenderness and affection shared between two people regardless of whom they are.

Only the dumbest minds must use a person crotch, their ability to reproduce (surely Pope Francis must be aware that even Catholics are sometimes afflicted with defects in their ability to reproduce, so what are they supposed to do—is the deficient member of the marriage supposed be dumped by the “normal” one who is granted an annulment by Papal decree and the barren person forever banned from ever getting another Catholic wedding and ex-communicated?) or those who decide when is the right time in their lives to have a child—not just when God says it should happen. After all, with the insane cost of living, shouldn’t quality of life be an issue a couple decides for their children, which includes how many children are enough according to their income?

But the last two Popes, Benedict and Francis, believe that timing the conception of children and limiting the number of children is wrong—even when it means terminating a pregnancy in order to save a woman’s life or after she has been raped.

So let’s raise a glass to the Secret Gay Vatican Council who is working to change the Church of Rome!

Pro beneficium of totus clementia!

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