Should Old Thanksgivings Be Forgot

Norman Rockwell-Thanksgiving DinnerNorman Rockwell's "Thanksgiving Dinner" I can remember when a family Thanksgiving was like this, but not for more than 40 years. Now the evangelical Christians use the event as a trap for non-Christians.Stephanie Donald—Publisher, LGBT-Today

I make no secret of the fact that I love to cook and if my friends and lover’s comments are any indication, I think I’m pretty good at it.

For Thanksgiving 2013, a neighbor we had become close to suggested that we put our resources together and invite the people in our development who had nowhere else to go, along with her friends and family.

Little did I realize that this was going to be a Christian trap.

I started cooking at 7 A.M. and my wife (in name only, unfortunately—however, the marriage issue is not the subject here) and I supplied a 20 lb. turkey, a 12 lb. ham and a lot of other food. I was cooking all day long, so by the time it was all finished, we took our food to her house about 5 P.M.

I spent the next hour serving food to her guests after carving turkey and ham. By the time I got to sit down, the only seat available in her small home was the couch. I wanted to eat my meal in peace but her daughter was deep inPrincess and turkeyThe only glad Thanksgiving wish is for the Pilgrim who shot this helpless Native American maiden. My fate was not much better. some fire and brimstone speech with the young woman next to me on the couch, which was frankly offending me. I looked at her during a pause in her loud and quite obnoxious rant, smiled, and said as nicely as possible, “Not all of us here are Christians, so could we please not discuss religion at this gathering of friends and family?”

Without batting an eye, this woman started screaming at me, “Why should I have my right to discuss my religion whenever I want to taken away just because it offends someone else?”

I still tried to stay convivial and answered, “Because it’s the polite thing to do! It used to be manners to not discuss politics or religion in mixed company, and besides; would you preach Christianity to a Rabbi’s face if you invited him to Thanksgiving dinner?”

“Damned right I would! So you just get over it!”

Now it was getting my ire up. “I’m guaranteed MY right of Freedom of religion by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and your attitude is taking away that freedom!” I was starting to get very angry (I also hadn’t had a bite to eat yet).

“What about my right to freedom of religion? You don’t want to talk about that, do you, you two-faced bitch!”

Just like a Christian to almost immediately dive for a blow below the belt and try to elicit a physical fight. I’ve seen this happen many times before. It’s a dastardly and calculated tactic that fundamentalist Christians now teach each other so that once a physical confrontation occurs they can claim they were attacked over their freedom of speech, and I was having none of it.

“All I wanted was to enjoy the food I prepared and you already consumed because I had served you, without having your dogmatic views on religion shoved up my ass!” I replied, hoping she would do the attacking this time.

“How about if I shove my foot up your ass, you demon-possessed bitch!”

Gee, now she was hurling threats of bodily harm at me. The problem was that I still hadn’t eaten one bite of my Thanksgiving dinner and this conversation was going nowhere. So I picked my bryanBryan Fischer, President and prime broadcaster of the American Family Association, preaches far and wide to provoke non-Christians whenever possible so that when they react--either verbally or physically--they can scream that their rights are being violated.plate up and despite the fact that it was fairly cold, even for Florida, I went out on the porch to escape the tirade of this rude and soulless bitch from hell.

Unfortunately, this only provoked her further.

“If she doesn’t like the Christian conversation here,” she yelled at her mother from the doorway to the porch, “then she should just fucking go home!” Modern Christians don’t have any qualms about using four-letter words.

I had just about enough of this. I supplied a lot of food for this feast that this woman ate. I tried to act as a good hostess in her mother’s house when I was under no obligation to do so. I loved her mother like she was my own sister. I was happy to do it, but I was getting no help from her mother in reinforcing the fact that her daughter had been just plain rude and impolite to me.

I took my plate and walked home. I told Kathy to go ahead and stay because she wasn’t involved in this so there was little reason for her to go with me. Besides, she had already eaten. I was the last person to get a plate, because of course, the cook always eats last.

When I got home to our empty house I had lost my appetite. I guess it was a combination between of cooking the food in a hot kitchen all day and the fight before I could eat. I simply looked at the food and found it completely unappealing.

A little later that evening after Kathy came home, I decided to try to call our friend whose house Thanksgiving was at, after everyone had gone home, with the intention of apologizing for the fracas, but also to let her know that I had no other intention but to stop the “preaching” so that I could enjoy my dinner (cold as it was by that time) without having to listen to religious viewpoints that were offensive to me. The reply I got was worse than the incident itself.

“Well, Stephanie, you’re just going to have to get it through your head that this is a Christian household and we’re going to continue to “preach” at you until you see the truth, but since you made that abundantly clear last night that you have no intent on listening, I never want to see you ever again.” And the woman I had come to trust and love as a sister, despite her opposing religious views, hung up the phone, having made her true intent clear to me.

Kathy wasn’t banned: Just me. Kathy goes over to her house every morning for coffee. She told me that she would go over the next morning and “straighten everything out”. I told her that there was nothing to straighten out. The woman had betrayed a trust with me that could never be restored and no apology would repair. I would forever have it in the back of my mind that she has an ulterior motive to “convert” me.

Now I wish to clarify, for those who don’t know me: I’ve been a legally ordained Wiccan High Priestess for 30 years. Trying to convert me over to Christianity and discussing it at Thanksgiving is akin to inviting a Rabbi to madison250James Madison, author of the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights, wrote, "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances." Does this give others the right to abolish my freedom of religion or yours?Thanksgiving and trying to get him to accept Jesus during dinner. It’s rude and completely thoughtless and only a complete idiot was even attempt such an outrageous action against a person of another faith. They had no problem aiming that Christian dogma right at me yesterday.

Kathy went to have her coffee with this lady this morning and when she returned, she told me, “It’s not a problem,” she said. “She forgives you, now.”

“She forgives me?” I retorted.

I sit here writing this editorial and wondering if either the rest of the world has lost its mind or whether it’s me?

I feel slighted, degraded, attacked, insulted and that my Constitutional Rights have been violated, yet everyone else seems to think I was mistaken in my judgment. I should take the blame for asking that I enjoy my feast in peace without being pounded by fundamentalist Christian dogma, physical threats and betrayals.

I hate writing negative editorials but I can find nothing positive about today’s evangelical Christians.

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