"Thank G-d, Nazi Phelps Is Dead"

S-4Bob Kunst; the man who took on hate-queen Anita Bryant in the 1970s and won.By Robert Kunst—Gay Pioneer, Exclusive to LGBT-Today

It's the first day of spring, 2014 and what a wonderful way to enter this new season.

Fred Phelps of Westboro Baptist Church is on his way to hell, at age 84.

This immoral Nazi miscreant, became famous for attacking gays and we thank him and his family for giving us so much publicity, so much attention and for being an anti-role model for everyone, while giving religion a bad name and of course our great pleasure to have protested against Phelps and his gang over a dozen times and more than anyone in the nation.

Yesterday, 3/20/14, on PBS Ch. 2 in Miami, was the second showing of "The Day It Snowed In Miami", which followed Dr. Alan Rockway and myself leading the opposition to Anita Bryant and Jerry Falwell's anti-gay 'witch-hunt' and why we are the "Holy land of Gay, Bisexual and Heterosexual Rights" as part of doing over 40,000 media in a lifetime of pioneering this struggle and liberation for the emotionally and sexually secure 6a00d83451b26169e201a3fcb1216b970bvs. the insecure like Phelps. PBS will be showing this film nationally during the summer.

It would take us 4 yrs., 1976-1980 and as many elections, to go from a minority to majority on the ballot discussing sexuality and freedom unlike any community in the world, ever.

In 1977, we got 92,212 votes (31%) and took over the media and did our world famous Orange Juice Boycott. Anita/Falwell got 208,504. She collected the signatures and we had to vote 'against' to keep the ordinance.

In 1978, we collected 18,000 signatures to force Round II and this time we got the 'for' vote and got 140,259 votes (42%) to Anita/Falwell's 193,973. Then the liberals tripled the number of signatures to get on the ballot the third time and we still collected over 40,000 signatures and then they did a 'voter purge' to make sure we wouldn't win on the ballot to stop this anti-gay and sexual 'witch-hunt'.

We then took a statewide "Privacy Rights Constitutional Amendment" which said: "All Natural persons have the right to be free and left alone from government intrusions into their private lives".. Anita/Falwell said this would legalize gay marriage, abortion, marijuana, everything and we agreed and with 600 murders in Miami, went around the state and asked folks if they wanted security for their families or have the police obsessed with everyone's sex lives and who was getting high.


We also exposed and opposed Jimmy Carter and his treachery with Anita and Falwell that stopped ERA in Fla., the pivotal state in the nation and we defeated him in Miami-Dade Presidential Primary before getting 300,000 more votes than he did in the general election in our victory over Anita/Falwell/Askew/Carter....we got 1,723,000 votes (60%) statewide to 1,123,000 votes for Anita/Falwell. In Miami-Dade we got 248,422 votes (62%) to 154,456. We had told the truth, trusted the public, never compromised and won.

We were the role-model for the country and planet on fighting back and doing it non-violently.

anita bryant 02We 'used' Anita, who claimed that gays were 'human garbage' and 'human rot' and who had sex 'with animals and dead people' and who 'would kill you as soon as look at you' and took all of this insanity before the local and global audiences and on the ballot no less. This is what we had to endure with Anita/Falwell and Phelps was the male version of this Nazi slime. To counter-protest Phelps a dozen times and all the media we got as a result, was our duty and pleasure.

Was it at the Democratic National Conventions in Denver and Boston, or at AIPAC in D.C., or when we were at Jerry Falwell's headquarters in Lynchburg, Va. or when the Phelps gang came down to Boca Raton and our 100+ had a field day with these hate mongers, who of course had a lst Amendment Right to their Nazi cruelty and stupidity and we had the right to oppose and expose them and did.

What kind of person would demonstrate at the funeral of Mathew Shepard, murdered for being gay? Only a Nazi would get off on tormenting the parents and families of those who have just lost a loved one. We did a memorial in Cocoa Beach for this tragedy of Shepard. That’s the difference between us.

What kind of person would scream that Aids is great that has cost 1 million American lives and 30 million around the world with 100 million infections? Only a Nazi would get off on this terrible loss of so much talent and loved ones for America and around the world, also resulting in a broken and bankrupt health care system affecting the whole nation


What kind of person would wish for more Americans to be killed for defending Phelps right to be a Nazi sleazebag, be they gay, bisexual or heterosexual? In 1979, Jimmy Carter tried to stop us from laying a wreath at the Tomb of The Unknown Soldier and we rallied at the Pentagon in 2000 bc44419323c0020b4f0f6a706700d36eFred Phelps, founder of Westboro Baptist Church and perhaps one of the most hated men in the world. What will his relatives do with his legacy?and now gays are in the military.

I remember when Phelps daughters brought their kids and their Nazi nastiness to the AIPAC convention in D.C. and we counter-protested them and how I mentioned to one of the kids how he looked "Jewish" and was he really part of this aberrant family? Neither the kid nor the daughters were amused, but it worked from their usual themes, songs and tirades to abuse everyone they opposed. This by you is 'religion'? Adolf Hitler and Al Qaeda would be proud.

What kind of persons like Anita Bryant, Jerry Falwell and Phelps exploit G-d for politics and greed?

After beating them in 1980 "Privacy Rights" Constitutional Amendment in Fla., we formed the 'Oral Majority', started at Falwell's headquarters of the "Moral Majority"(Immoral minority) and went to 23 states and did 1000 more media to share with everyone how we beat the bigots in the ballot box with the 'truth'. How we got millions out of their closets. How we got thousands of groups formed to oppose the Bryant’s/Falwell's/Phelps’ and their sexual hang-ups. How we broke the yoke of this tyrannical and fanatical 'spiritualism', who had always controlled the debate, misrepresented who we are and how we love and then demanded that we pick up the tab for their sadistic politics, which we rejected and won this 'cultural war' way back in 1976 and ever since.

Phelps was so off the wall that he even picketed Falwell, when he died in 2007.

Phelps was pure evil and we're sure G-d already has him in hell with the others who have continually played these games and scams.

Reuben AskewReuben Askew, former governor of the State of Florida and past ally of Jerry Falwell, Anita Bryant, Pat Robertson and Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker.Last week, former Gov. of Fla. Reuben Askew, died at 85. He was Anita Bryant's #1 supporter in asking folks in Miami-Dade County to vote against their own gay children. Askew said he wouldn't allow anyone gay on his staff or a gay teacher for his kids or for gays to be allowed to live in anyone's property.

He lost the moment he ignored our U.S. Constitutional Rights to be oneself and 'taxation with representation', for we certainly didn't ask for or need his permission to be consenting adults and to love as we wish, which was none of his or Anita's, or Falwell's or Phelps’ business, always sticking their noses where it don't belong while dividing the nation in this criminal behavior, while swearing oaths to support the Constitution. "Holier than thou?” Not!

I had the pleasure of testifying against Askew before the U.S. Senate Finance Committee when Askew was being nominated for U.S. Trade Commission and then we did everything legal to expose this fraud to make sure his bid for President would fail and we succeeded here as well. We protested him at his news conference in N.H., did our campaign to the grassroots and Askew came in 9th out of 9.

This only proves that emotional and sexual security isn't a liberal vs. conservative issue, as both Askew and Phelps had so much hatred in their hearts and to live this long with this dis-ease within them, is one reason why America suffers so.

Secure folks aren't obsessed with anyone else’s' sexuality and relationships and those ranting the loudest are hiding what's in themselves. Of course, who would want to make love with Phelps at any age, with so much negativity in his heart and between his ears?

So good riddance to these Nazis, who caused so much pain and became the Ugly Americans we had to resist and we did and was our victories for all Americans who believe in liberty and freedom and what so many gay, bisexual and heterosexuals gave life and limb to defend and protect.

Yes, we even took our campaign to Topeka, Kansas in 1977/78 and again in 1981. Jonathan Susskind, my lover and I had this giant banner we took S-42Bob Kunst and his lover Doug.to the State Capitol and met with the media. It said: "Taste Florida's Tropical Topical, Be a Part of the Oral Majority, Naturally."

It's has been one victory after another ever since we decided to take our Transperience to the rest of the nation and world.

We thank G-d for every opportunity we got to take on Phelps and his freaky family. As 'Friends of Dorothy', we aren't in Kansas anymore, though I did visit the Garden of Eden there, but it's not the beautiful 'Garden of Eden', Doug, my lover for 27 yrs. and I enjoy here on Miami Beach. Happy Spring everyone, we've been having all year round in this party capitol of the world and we threw Anita, Falwell, Askew and Phelps out of.

Yours in Shalom,

Bob Kunst

Pres., Shalom International


www.defendjerusalem.net that has done 811 rallies/events since 1989 and 3500 media to "Keep Jerusalem and Israel United"; to "Fight Nazism and Terrorism"; "To Protect and Defend America and Israel" among our many successes.

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