Pam Bondi: Ditz of the Decade

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The seemingly impossible has happened; Florida just became the 36th state to allow marriage equality—no thanks to the incredible stupidity of Pam Bondi, Florida’s Attorney General and the Florida Court Clerks and Comptrollers Association inability to understand one word: Unconstitutional.

The Tampa Bay Times declared Bondi “Loser of the Year” because of her futile effort to defend “traditional” marriage in the now Bondi bio photo cropFlorida Attorney General Pam Bondi in her "I'm a big girl" suit, after 3 marriages and her unwillingness to allow equal civil rights to LGBT people--all the while the Tampa Bay Times & Tribune and the New York Times are investigating her for corruption.cloudier Sunshine State. The other LGBTQ publications decided to parrot the Times’ declaration. LGBT-Today is going one step further.

Since everyone from Governor Rick Scott all the way down to the local police thugs are Tea-Party sycophants, January 6, 2015 is sticking in all their craws. Rick Scott and Pam Bondi hate to lose, particularly to a “liberal” judge like Robert Lewis Hinkle, a Clinton appointee and not even a “High Court” judge, but the man who nonetheless broke the back of Florida’s Amendment 2.

After Hinkle ruled that Amendment 2 was unconstitutional (U.S. unconstitutional, not Florida’s) in August of 2014, all higher courts refused to hear Pam Bondi’s furtive and urgent pleas for relief which then morphed into absolute stupidity and desperation when, between Christmas and New Years of 2014, she played a hand one might expect from a total airhead by throwing in with the extremist Christian radical Liberty Council and the Tea-Party run Florida Court Clerks & Comptrollers Association who asked for a “clarification” on the ruling of what Judge Hinkle meant by “unconstitutional.”

According to the Liberty Council, the FCCCA, Pam Bondi, and the Washington County Clerk of Courts (where the original lawsuit was filed in Florida’s panhandle), they interpreted Judge Hinkle’s order to mean only the gay couple originally named in the lawsuit.

Judge-HinkleJudge Robert Lewis Hinkle of the United States District Court for the Northern District of Florida, appointed by President Clinton on July 26, 1996 (Source: Wikipedia)Hinkle, a Harvard Law School graduate peer of Al Gore’s, decided to give Pam Bondi a New Year’s Day present in the form of a 4 page clarification that could best be titled in editorial form as “Which Part of the Word ‘Unconstitutional’ Don’t You Understand?”

After a quiet but stern scolding over Bondi’s obvious ploy to avoid his order to allow Marriage Equality to proceed as of 12:01 A.M. on January 6, 2015, Judge Hinkle includes the warning:



History records no shortage of instances when state officials defied federal

court orders on issues of federal constitutional law. Happily, there are many more

instances when responsible officials followed the law, like it or not. Reasonable

people can debate whether the ruling in this case was correct and who it binds.

There should be no debate, however, on the question whether a clerk of court may

follow the ruling, even for marriage-license applicants who are not parties to this

case. And a clerk who chooses not to follow the ruling should take note: the

governing statutes and rules of procedure allow individuals to intervene as

Plaintiffs in pending actions, allow certification of plaintiff and defendant classes,

allow issuance of successive preliminary injunctions, and allow successful

plaintiffs to recover costs and attorney’s fees.

There is little doubt that since marriages began even before the stay order expired in Miami, when a Miami District Court Judge decided there was no reasonable argument why marriages couldn’t begin on January 5th, which the Florida House and Senate, both ruled by the Draconian Tea-Party, already placed modifications to Title XLIV Civil Rights Section 761.02 on July 29, 2014 at 3:30 A.M. (knowing that their chances of prevailing over the issue of marriage rights was nil) that give Florida merchants and ministers the right to slam the door in the faces of millions of Florida’s LGBT community and no doubt joining a large number of lawsuits over this new age of Jim “Pink” Crow Laws that will undoubtedly be the next major court issues to climb up the appellate courts.

The silence of the African-American Civil Rights groups, such as the NAACP, on behalf of the LGBT community, in order to draw analogous and supportive legal assistance based on their own history and experience with Jim Crow Laws is, to say the least, both deafening and conceited of them. Not to mention that by allowing these sorts of laws to appear on the books again, along with the current difficulties with a militarized and seemingly impervious police nationwide and a less than civil rights sympathetic Republican majority entering the U.S. Senate which has already sworn to eradicate the Civil Rights Act as “outdated” and “unnecessary,” could allow these Jim “Pink” Crow laws to become a barrier in their lives once again.Pam-BondiPam Bondi at 17 with an alcoholic drink in one hand and wearing a dental floss bikini while standing next to some muscled fluffer. Now do you believe she's for "Family Values" or just another blonde slut?

Meanwhile, even though the credit for finally getting Amendment 2 struck down rested solely with Florida’s chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union, Nadine Smith of Florida Equality made sure she got her usual “insinuations” that the green = had at least something to do with it. If egos were gasoline then Nadine could drive to Mars.

But in all this malaise no stupidity shines more clearly than Florida’s Attorney General, Pam Bondi. If she wasn’t such a bitch, she’d make a hot date for Sarah Bernhardt. So in my purveyance as publisher of LGBT-Today, I hereby name Pam Bondi: “Ditz of The Decade” and I intend to one day etch that into a stone monument right next to “Lady Gaga tells us we’re ‘Born This Way!’”

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