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caitlyn-jenner-715696 w650Caitlyn Jenner anouncing her new show, I am Cait.Stephanie Donald, publisher, LGBT-Today.com

An amazing amount of controversy has arisen in the trans community about whether Caitlyn Jenner is doing more bad than good for the trans community.

On her show, I am Cait, this week, she raised many hackles in the trans community when she said, “[Can’t they] make more not working, with social programs, than they actually can with an entry-level job?” Jenner asked, referring to the 98% of the transgender community that can't get jobs that pay more than $20,000 a year. The comment reflected a right-wing and harsh assessment of just how hard things are for the majority of transgender people in the world.

This isn’t hard to understand why trans activists would be upset by this, given the fact that proven statistics have shown that 98% of the transgender community have jobs that pay less than $20,000 per year when some of them made middle-class to upper middle-class incomes before transitioning. It’s also a proven statistic that 8 out of 10 transgender people attempt suicide at some point during their initial transition years. An income like that places the majority of trans people in the position of never being able to afford gender reassignment surgery.

In 2014, President Obama declared that Medicare/Medicaid will now cover all aspects of transgender transition healthcare, but not one of the few surgeons in the United States who perform these surgeries will accept Medicare/Medicaid. Their “fees” for performing the surgery are higher than any other nation in the world, where their single-payer health insurance guarantees they can get the surgery if they wish to. An average gender reassignment surgery costs in excess of $30,000 in the United States, which places it far, far out of the reach of the majority of transgender patients.

Jenner reflects a horrendous right-wing attitude about other transgender people that they “sponge” off the national debt as it is. Transgender activist JennyJennifer BoylanTransgender activist Jennifer Boylan: “Now I’m worried. Caitlyn has every right to be just as conservative as she chooses, but many transgender men and women need social programs to survive, and that’s nothing to be ashamed of.” Boylan, who was part of the onscreen conversation, addressed the camera directly and said, “Now I’m worried. Caitlyn has every right to be just as conservative as she chooses, but many transgender men and women need social programs to survive, and that’s nothing to be ashamed of.”

Transgender activist and former news helicopter pilot, Zoey Tur of “He Said, She Said” on Los Angeles station KFI, said, “Caitlyn Jenner will never understand the real cost of being transgender because she will never have to bear the cost.”


The new crop of media transgender advocates are like listening to a CPAC convention for years without a break; you really can get angry that TV, radio, and publications—both in print and the internet—seem to always find a transgender person that is one of the few advantaged personalities to offer up to public view when a true activist, such as Meghan Stabler. Present zoey-tur-threatens-ben-shapiro-500x200-500x199Trans woman, Zoey Tur of KFI in Los Angeles to Othodox Jew, Ben Shapiro: “You cut that out now or you’ll go home in an ambulance."head of PFLAG National, is a transgender man, Diego Sanchez, I have personally had to deal with him while he was aid to Frank, and I can tell you that his modus operandi is “My way or the highway,” as he personally threatened me for writing a story about Barney Frank’s treasonous (at least from the trans view, anyway) decision to throw all transgender people under the bus during the ENDA debacle of 2007 when he and the HRC (without asking any of their transgender board members, resulting in all their resignations from the board and extremely stinging comments about the parentage of Barney Frank and then HRC Director, Joe Solomnese. The dispute caused a 54% drop in HRC membership) decided to pull transgender exclusions from the bill.

I haven’t been shy to attack what I call “Gay, Inc.” over their one-sided business approach to activism and activists, which is like saying the phrase “military intelligence.” The two are mutually conflicting oxymorons. Business and activism are mutually exclusive from each because if advertisers say “Jump!” businesses ask how high and how far.

That’s one major reason why I maintain LGBT-Today.com as an ad-free forum for writers to express the true face of concerned activists. Anything else is nothing more than an advertising crony to expand their businesses. I wouldn’t rule out running ads if I was promised they would not interfere with editorial content, but after nearly 6 years of pursuing advertisers who agree with this policy, absolutely no advertisers would promise non-interference.

Caitlyn Jenner is, to me and apparently loads of fellow advocates, nothing more than a Barbie Doll or “China doll” and is doing this strictly for money, power, and bruce-jenner-kim-kardashian-nd-kris-jenner-10-15-12Bruce Jenner, Kim Kardashian, and Kris Jenner in October, 2013fame. If someone didn’t pay her to do this, she would have been an Andy Warhol 15-minute footnote in Olympic history. Prior to The Kardashians, most people didn’t know who she was, what she did or even care why.

It’s my hope (and a lot of other people, too) that I Am Cait winds up in the network “File 13” (also known as your garbage pail). Of course, the more controversial Jenner gets, the higher the ratings, and if she continues with her scorched earth conservative views, she will turn out to be the Blue Ribbon winner for the conservatives who are trying to pass heinous bathroom laws and generally bash the transgender community using her commentary.

Keep that in mind before you tune in her show. Ratings companies for networks no longer call to ask you what shows you watch. They get the information directly from your cable or satellite receiver, so even if you hate Jenner and you watch it to see what outrageous statements she makes, her ratings shoot up with a few key-presses of your remote.

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