Pat Robertson does it again and again and again…

The Fringe Lesbian Bitch Rides Again


Stephanie Donald—Publisher,

You know, there was a time when Pat Robertson would insult our community like this and get called down by GLAAD and dogged by reporters for his bigoted attitude about my community. He would then apologize and claim he wouldn't do it again, then at least a month later he would in fact do it again. But at least he was shamed into an apology!



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Since SCOTUS passed marriage equality through the DOMA meat grinder in June, the evangelicals have double-downed on slamming us with the worst lies since Anita Bryant had "Save Our Children!" They no longer care how badly they act, and with the monstrous drop in their church members, I guess they feel that worked a long time ago will work again, but it's only making their stand look weaker and alienating what remaining "believers" still support them. Of course they have a core of believers that have been chewing on this hate crap who never will change, but for the most part, evangelicals evidently aren't looking at the dropping poll numbers.

The odd thing about this whole mess is that while evangelical straight people are losing their "flock" at an alarming rate because they simply aren't dealing with this whole thing very realistically, the number of LGBT people that believe in Christianity is exploding. It's obvious that hetero evangelicals are on their way to losing all credibility while pro-gay churches are experiencing a surge of those who decided that there really sick and tired of hearing nothing but hate out of the Southern Baptist Conference is rapidly imploding along with those religious institutions that are independent evangelicals and right-wing Catholics and Jews.

I run my own blog and I used to write a searing criticism of every instance of being "trash talked" by the fundamentalists. Now I refuse to give them any further publicity and I am abandoning critiquing any of their outlandish claims.

I hold a Th.D. (a Doctorate in Theology) and the absolute stupidity of these evangelicals and their lack of knowledge regarding their own bibles just shows that they're nothing more than a bunch of little Nazis who feel bullying my community is the only road to success. It actually did work up until a few years ago when the constant verbal gay-bashing resulted in humongous fund raising and participation of "believers." But there is a saturation point where it becomes ineffective. Even stupid people get tired of the same pedantic message day-in and day-out.

As a theology student, I study all forms of religion, even if I'm not Christian, and found some interesting facts through my studies.

First, all references and claims of homosexuality being sin NEVER existed in any version of the bible before 1946, when theMeltons-768x1024 Southern Baptist Conference wrote it in and it now seems that a bigoted opinion by one religion spilled over into all the other versions of the bible. I understand there is an effort to publish a "restored" version that removes the Southern Baptist claims that it was "inspired by God" and not inspired by the fact that at the time they were added, the men who proposed the change felt "inspired" by Adolph Hitler that convincing people that a certain group or groups were to be hated in order to rally and bring people to the Nazi cause was the best road to success.

Yet, people like Bryan Fischer today call the LGBT community "Pink Nazis" (a ridiculous claim started by Scott Lively and propagated by the rest of the community of evangelicals).

I also feel the need to point out that the evangelical community reacted the exact same way over the Civil Rights Act of 1964. I grew up in Florida, where Jim Crow was the law of the land until I was 9-years-old in 1964. Did evangelicals and rednecks treat African Americans any better after 1964?

Absolutely not. In 1965 the number of hangings and burning of black people actually surged to a level that hadn't been seen since before the end of the Civil War.

And the Southern Baptist and independent evangelical ministers were almost always the catalyst for a new round of murders, "In the name of God!" One need only note that the KKK and The John Birch Society both make claims of being evangelicals. They already hated black, so let the pastor rip and blast them in a sermon and sure enough, the following Saturday, there would be a new rash of black murders every week! I never understood why so many African American people hitcKKK rallyx-2hed their wagons to the white man's religion, and I also don't understand why my own community is doing the same thing. At one time, not that long ago, Christianity was hardly mentioned in a polite conversation between LGBT people, except when someone was telling the story of some new heinous criticism or act of murder against LGBT people.

It wasn't until after Loving vs. The Commonwealth of Virginia was decided by SCOTUS (the last bastion of racial bigots were laws against bi-racial marriages and Loving was the keystone decision by our Supreme Court that took that law off the books.) in 1967 that the Southern Baptists apologized for 400 years of slavery and prejudice in1967 loving v virginia 1968. The Southern Baptist Convention stated that their "interpretation" of the bible had been incorrect. The Mormons didn't change their views until 1977, 10 years later.

The point being that if the Baptists (who are the backbone of the evangelical community) can misinterpret their bibles on racism, then can they even entertain the concept that they might be wrong now about the LGBT community now? I mean even Pope Francis has lightened the mood of the Catholic Church by saying that God created LGBT people, so who is he to second guess his God?

Even if they claim later they misinterpreted the bible yet again, the idea of not even opening their minds to that possibility now is the most heinous and hubristic concept of all time. I'm quite sure God never said, "Go forth and hate in the name of your God" as one of the commandments!

Quite simply put; anger and hate are the bastion of the weak-minded and fools. God made everyone according to them, but he made a mistake with gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people? To second-guess their God is challenging him to destroy them. That destruction seems to be now in high gear. I believe that's why the class I took for my doctorate spent an entire term on just on the subject of "free will," when the basis of all logic says “We exist, therefore, nature and God don’t make mistakes.”

Rabbi-Yehuda-LevinThe whole argument defies common sense on the part of evangelicals and Orthodox Jews, who should know better because most faithful Orthodox Jews are studying constantly as part of their faith. At least they shouldn’t defy their Talmud, bible and other documents of “G-d” (Jewish people are not allowed to write the name of their god, but it becomes a little hard to write about him without mentioning him, therefore they have developed the “G-d” as a way around that) when discussing someone made by their God was a mistake! It becomes doubly heinous that they judge LGBT people in the exact same way they were once judged, and executed, by Nazis.

I'm sure God doesn't go through the entire population of this planet and say, "Like him, hate him!" If they truly believed in their God, they would see that diversity abounds across this planet and should never be tied to judging people based on who they love, their color, their beliefs, and whether or not they live in internal conflict because society perceives them to be one gender when their brains are telling them, in no uncertain terms, that they're actually the other.

God is supposed to be about love, tolerance, and understanding, or they’re flagrant disregard of Jesus Christ’s teachings will assuredly spawn a backlash upon them.

Of course, they do have a chance in their hieratical behavior, to mend fences with their Lord, but it seems these ministers are the ones doomed to Pat Robertson’s claim of “perdition” if they don’t in fact change.

Although I am not Christian or Jewish, I leave you with this thought from the Christian bible, Matthew 7:1:

"Judge not, that ye be not judged."

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