Now people are advocating changing the Civil Rights Act?

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Stephanie Donald—Publisher,

Jack Mirkinson, an excellent writer for, recently wrote a piece entitled The bizarre martyrdom of Kim Davis: Why Kentucky’s anti-gay folk hero is fighting for a lost cause.

It is an excellent article, but something about what he recommends be done to stop the flood of “fringe” religious people, like Kim Davis, bothers me a great deal—not because I disagree with him—but because I wrote the same recommendation in Salon 15 years ago! After the article was published, I received comments like; “You’re a lunatic who wants too much for our community,” or “You’re being unrealistic because full equality won’t happen for at least 50 years and the marriage laws are vulnerable,” and my ever favorite; “You will never see full equality in our lifetime!” I have echoed his newly usurped opinion of mine for every year since 2000 when I wrote it.

The comment in Jack Mirkinson’s fine essay was:

“We should amend the Civil Rights Act so that the full force of its protections are extended to LGBT people. There should be no legal ambiguities whatsoever for lunatics like Kim Davis to latch onto.”

I don’t mind as much that he echoes an opinion I’ve held for all my life, but that my own community jeered me for making the suggestion that we needed to pass full equality before we pursued individual rights without protection over backlash from “fringe” religious bigots like Kim Davis.

A friend of mine, an author of some note, told me I was being unrealistic about 3 years ago. I not only wrote articles in this blog emphasizing the necessity of gaining full equality, but I wrote the same opinion in GayToday (now pretty much defunct because of the owner’s refusal to either sell the domain or pay writers and an editor to run it).

kamenynicholsJack Nichols (left) and Frank Kameny (right) in one of the most famous photos of this dynamic duo for gay rights.I knew Jack Nichols and Dr. Frank Kameny very well before they died. Those two gay pioneers were responsible for more gay rights over the years than most of the other gay pioneers put together.

Nichols held the first gathering of religious leaders from around the country in 1963 and it became an annual event. He chaired the Mattachine Society of Washington's Committee on Religious Concerns, which developed the first working relationships between gay rights activists and the religious community, so Jack’s opinion about the drive for marriage equality was a high influence on the opinions I have now about the necessity of full equality being in place before we “whack the beehive,” and bring down the wrath of the extremist religious fanatics who are still using the same tired old lies today that they were under Anita Bryant and the “Save Our Children” campaign in 1978 to slaughter equal rights ordinances in cities across America.

There’s another issue at stake here in the bantering that the anti-gay bigots, who flippantly and casually use the term “religious liberty” have failed to have pointed out to them: What about the liberties of LGBT Americans that they seek to continue to oppress and discriminate about? How can religious liberties trump (no pun intended) individual liberties in the nation that holds dear the separation of church and state?

A very long time ago during the Reagan Administration, the self-righteous right-wing politicians and evangelical, charismatic, fundamentalist Christians were, one-by-one, being exposed as hypocrites.

It was the age of Jim and Tammy Faye Baker, and them being exposed for embezzling from their non-profit organization andjim tammy bakkerJim & Tammy Faye Baker at the height of their televangelist popularity. Jim Baker was exposed for cheating with his secretary (now he pushes survival products for Christians that’s supposed to be for them to live on when the “apocalypse” happens. Gee, I thought at the moment of rapture, all Christians were supposed to join God in heaven? This is a huge scam, just like everything Baker has been involved with!).

Jimmy Swaggert, the smug and self-righteous cousin of rock-n-roller Jerry Lee Lewis, was making a public announcement that he “cheated” on his wife—not only with other women, but men, too—while showing Americans the fake tears running down his cheeks. These are only two of the many instances of hypocrisy being offered up like a tithing plate, in hopes of stemming the tide of growing suspicion about these freaks of Christianity at that time.

It worked, too! People felt sorry for these men and their “sins” and lapses in judgement, yet the one thing that all Americans seemed to agree with was the outright lie that AIDS was ONLY a homosexual disease, so the government refused to claim a national emergency and invest treasury dollars in finding a cure, because after all; Everyone knew homosexuals deserved to die for their sins. Millions of Americans, both straight and gay, died in one of the worst government sanctioned holocaust since Nazi Germany killed Jews and other “enemies of the state,” such as LGBT people. Now younger LGBT people seem to think AIDS is a lie, it doesn’t somehow apply to the, even though some medical advancements have happened since that time, AIDS still stands as the number one killer of young gay and transgender people. Remember that Adolph Hitler took power as a evanglistic Christian, even though he later denounced it.

I predicted that eventually people would see the rash of hypocrites and their support would fall away. It appears with the situation of Kim Davis and few anti-constitutional nutballs, the American public has finally woke-up from their long Rip Van Winkle coma and can somehow see the truth. It was mostly our community that changed the opinions of straight people by means of just their growing visibility within their circle of friends, family and co-workers.

People in our community (about 38 years late!) finally answered the call of the late Harvey Milk to “Burst down those closet doors once and for all, and stand up and start to fight.”


The Harvey Milk "Hope" speech from The Life & Times of Harvey Milk

I don’t think the majority of our younger community is aware of what came before them, or if they do, they’ve discarded it as “useless” history, because they only want to live in the here and now and, as Henry David Thoreau said, “I went to the woods because I wanted to live deliberately, I wanted to live deep and suck out all the marrow of life, To put to rout f58e6d0283bb9ef8e923a4c413ffaf37all that was not life and not when I had come to die Discover that I had not lived.” Because of the age of instant gratification, they’re actually “living in the woods,” without any thought or concern except themselves.

I love sucking the marrow out of life. I’ve lived to the fullest in my 60 years, including sharing and caring about others. But sucking the marrow of life does not mean choking on the bone!

Now that LGBT Americans are finally enjoying the support of the majority in this nation, it becomes even more important to find our voice, our culture, our art, our literature, and mostly to embrace who we are now and how we got here, to this point.

In four short years since he passed away, the majority of young people under 45, express the response “Frank who?” to the question of what they know about Dr. Frank Kameny and his lifelong struggle to secure a good deal of the rights they enjoy today.

They know the name “Stonewall” but lack any vital information about what Stonewall was and how it tipped the scales of homosexuals and transgender rights, who until that time were sheep and refused to stand-up for themselves and took policeStonewall RebellionThe Stonewall Riots, June 28-31, 1969 bigotry and harassment on the chin without comment. All they associate with the name “Stonewall” is a gay party they can get drunk and laid at, in the one day or days a year where they outnumber the other straight majorities on the street.

We have had some of America’s best writers, film makers, artists, and gay political activists this nation has ever known. If you disagree with what I’m saying here, I defy anyone under the age of 25 to name (without using Google or any search engine or book) who those people are or were! I would be delighted to be proven wrong in my assumption, but no cheating! If you don’t know, off the top-of-your-head, the answers don’t count, and I can tell if you used internet references or books just to try to make me look foolish. I’ve read practically every snippet of information ever printed on the subject and will be able to tell.

Write me at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and if you’re correct at naming at least one person for each category, I would love to print your email and make a public apology! But if (as I suspect) I get only a few emails then I’ll not retract my claim, but I will still print the emails I do receive! Get a campaign together! Deluge me with emails! You have my permission—but no one over the age of 25, and no searched or looked-up answers!

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