Pride, Prejudice & Greed

American-Liar31By Stephanie Donald—Publisher

The 5th anniversary of passed without note or comment from me on November 15th of last month. I didn’t want to allow December to pass without comment.

From 2000-2008 those of us who have a more progressive bent thought that it couldn’t get much worse than George W. Bush. Boy; were we ever wrong!

Since earlier this year when the conservative trough filled up with painted clowns, liars and thieves we have seen a new form of conservatism not seen since the period of Reconstruction in the south immediately after the Civil War in the 19th century.

With the smoke now beginning to clear we’re left with three prominent candidates in the Republican Party: Ben Carson,16385336237 58c6e2330e b d Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.

Let’s take this one at a time so we’re clear about just who and what these people really are. We’ll take a look at Ben Carson first.

Carson was an infamous neurosurgeon who had his medical license revoked for basically being a mindless and hate-filled buffoon. In October the Medical Boards in all 50 states issued a joint statement as follows: “We have been increasingly concerned about the gibberish emanating from Mr. Carson's cerebrum. We cite by way of example his belief that the holocaust could have been prevented by armed German citizens, that straight people go into prison and come out gay, and that Obamacare is the worst thing to happen to the country since slavery. We are therefore suspending his medical license in any state where he is qualified to practice. And should he choose to come out of retirement and re-apply for credentials, we will not allow him to operate on people's cerebrums, or indeed cerebellums, limbic systems and brain stems, until he can demonstrate that his own are in fully working order."

Carson’s other issue is that he’s facing than a half-dozen pending malpractice insurance cases in court. He has been accused of not looking at all the tests (like MRI’s, blood and X-rays) prior to performing rare and risky neurosurgery. This would make Carson’s claims in six different books he’s written that he had a “smooth and uneventful” career a complete lie.

But what else is new? Republicans can’t function in the light of truth because if they did then all the people they’ve brainwashed would find out all the dirty little secrets they’ve been lied to about and probably either string the conservative politicians up lynch-mob style or with the more extremist ones; they’d probably launch a series of militant attacks on the government. Now let’s take a look at an even more controversial candidate—actually he couldn’t function unless he was saying something at about the chimpanzee level—the man who people call “The Donald” Trump.

trump-bankrupt-americaMinor Republican candidate Carly Fiorina was right to call Trump out in the debate for his four bankruptcies. He had amassed mountains of debt in just about everything he’s ever done and ran over the tipping point four times and needed to file a Chapter 11 reorganization for all his businesses including the Plaza Hotel in New York City and the Trump Plaza Hotel/Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey. In the case of the latter; he filed bankruptcy one year after the Trump Plaza was built and opened with a bill of more than $3 billion in debt for the business and over $900 million personal debt according to Forbes and Politifact reporting stories. As a result; he lost 49% control of those businesses to the banks he was indebted to and can no longer control those businesses.

King Trump has been married three times; once to Ivana Zelníčková (who took Trump to the cleaners during their divorce), once to Marla Maples (who also doused Trump with a cold shower of assets and alimony) and is now married to Melania Knauss-Trump and the couple have one child. During the 1990s the GOP held a banner of holding the President (mostly because he was a Democratic outsider to Washington) to the “highest standards” and quite stupidly appointed their guidon-bearer to be Newt Gingrich and man with absolutely no morals whatsoever. Now the supporters of the GOP now want Trump; a man who has cheated on at least two previous wives? I would basically call Trump a man with at least three strikes and no balls except that Trump is nothing but balls.

Trump also has a habit of letting his mouth write a check his butt can’t cash by verbally lashing out at minorities; both racial and religious, in complete defiance of the U.S. Constitution and amendments that make such behavior strictly illegal. His latest verbal faux pas of stating that he wants to ban Muslims from entering the country and expel those who live here caused Mayor Michael Nutter of Philadelphia to call Trump an “asshole.”


If you had a lick of common sense and any brains at all, Trump would be a good candidate for the Ringling Brothers, Barnum & Bailey Clown College in Tampa, Florida but that’s about it. If Hitler had a comb-over he would be Donald Trump.

Now let’s examine my absolute favorite member of the GOP clown car; Ted Cruz.

First of all; beyond Crux being so outlandish in all his statements about immigrants to the United States and he isn’t even qualified to hold his Senate seat because heted-cruz-birthTed Cruz's Canadian birth certificate showing he was born a Canadian to a Cuban born Canadian father and an American born Canadian nationalized mother. There can be no doubt that he's unqualified to hold his Senate seat let alone be elected to the Presidency. isn’t a legal citizen of the United States! Cruz was admitted for residency three years ago but still holds a Canadian citizenship standing! He claims that his mother has dual citizenship so that qualifies him for the same but the truth of the matter is that Cruz’s mother signed a statement resigning her American citizenship in 1972 and Cruz was born in Canada with only a Canadian citizenship standing. This means he isn’t even qualified to run for dog catcher much less President of the United States.

Cruz has been a constant opponent to climate change scientists who have proven beyond all reasonable doubt that this planet is headed for catastrophe within the next 100 years. Every year the thermometer gains a few degrees average everywhere in the world and every year Cruz gets more adamant that climate change is “junk science.”

Cruz has been called down publicly by NASA Administrator and former astronaut Charles Bolden. To see Cruz’s true ignorance all one does is have to watch the YouTube video of the Senate hearings involving the NASA budget which Cruz, an ineligible non-citizen of the United States, now controls.


When I look at Ted Cruz all I can think of is some huge international conspiracy to decimate the United States with frivolous and dangerous commentary in order to see the planet Earth destroyed or to mold the apathetic citizens of this nation into accepting a plan to bankrupt and remove America from the status of a major world power. I can’t believe that all these candidates could actually be this stupid but find the fact that citizens are actually buying into this drivel.

I can say, however, that the number of Americans who call themselves conservative are now seeing the true light of ultra-conservative philosophy and the possibility that these people will end 239 years of freedom and sovereignty this nation has enjoyed since its founding.

Pew Research Poll of registerd votersPew Research Poll of registerd voters showing the GOP and militant off-shoots of the conservative parties are about to get their ass kicked in 2016.--Courtesy of Pew Research PollsWhile the GOP polls dip and surge for each of these three candidates one must keep in mind that no one of them commands more than 20% majority support of their party. The number of Republican registered voters can’t even agree with the current field of candidates being their only hope so many are planning to vote for either Hillary Clinton or even Bernie Sanders in the hopes that they will stop the deterioration of American freedoms, education, housing, poverty, jobs, and medical treatment.

Most European and Scandinavians are literally laughing at the stupidity of Americans in not understanding that the first rule of any nation should be to care for its citizens. We have become the rudest and dumbest population in the world and even what little we command of our former greatness is rapidly evaporating.

I have a neighbor (who will remain unnamed for obvious reason I’ll make apparent) who served in the U.S. Army motor pool for three years and years later, after leading a life as a drug dealer (something he continues to do in order to supplement his income) where he claims pride in having been shot by rival drug dealers, arrested more times for possession and sale of controlled substances than should be allowed any citizen. He also claims to now be part of the Nazi skinhead movement as he bilks the Veterans Administration for the deterioration of his body that was caused by drinking too much, taking too many drugs and being shot numerous times in the commission of felonies.

That was the best part of him. The worst part is that he claims to be part of a Nazi militia with cells all over the United States and are ready to strike at African Americans, Hispanics, Asians, gay, lesbian, or transgender people and kill as many as they can before they get caught. He has one room of his home filled with automatic weapons he bought at gun shows and illegal rocket launchers, grenades and assorted military equipment and ammunition.

One of his claimed targets will be me and my wife, Kathy.

While I’m not afraid to die, especially while I stand in support of who and what I am, but I naturally am very concerned for my wife. We also have numerous Hispanic and black people living in this development that will be his targets.

He claims that the cells will be activated if Hillary or Bernie wins the election, so for those of the LGBTQIQ community who are members of the Log Cabin Republicans; the candidates you support will wreck the nation completely and irrevocably while electing Democrats will essentially mean the beginning of a civil war.

tumblr lwpyuuhMEn1r0f8s0o1 500I’m seriously considering a way to move my wife and I to Marseilles, France and to hell with this apathetic, fascist nation who won’t stand up for their rights as they have the carpet pulled from under them!

Our gains in the LGBT community over the past few years have been considerable but we still have a price to pay for those rights and quite frankly; our community is not up to the task of being targeted by fanatical fascists and politicians and the Democrats, as a whole, are no better than the conservatives they claim to oppose.

Happy Holidays y’all.

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