The War on Polite Correctness

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Political-correctnessThe Radical Lesbian

Stephanie Donald—Publisher,

Happy New Year everyone!

I’ve been spending the better part of the last year thinking about the subject of political correctness and what exactly it means.

In the mainstream media we’re constantly hearing or reading rants against the supposed tyranny of political correctness. You can usually hear the largest rants against PC from right-wing and fundamentalist religious talking heads.

Last night, someone who operates the Twitter account for the Times Square Ball (yes; you read that correctly if it’s possible for lighted ball to type) made a furious debate pop-up when they tweeted a recipe for making your own food replica of the famous Times Square New Year’s ball.

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It wasn’t the recipe that got people upset but the hashtag that was attached to the recipe and follow-up tweet: #BallLivesMatter.

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That hashtag managed to cause quite a ruckus because it was making fun of the real hashtag that African Americans have coined; #BlackLivesMatter that came about as a result of the Emanuel Baptist Church shootings by Dylann Roof in Charleston, South Carolina. That was definitely not a laughing matter and to make fun of the #BlackLivesMatter movement was akin to telling one of those ancient, “A Rabbi, Priest and a colored boy went into this bar…” jokes. I don’t find feminine, racial, gay, or religious jokes to be anything more than dalliances of ignorant minds.

So what is the beef against being politically correct anyway? Are they defending their ignorance, their prejudices, or just that people want to tell off-color jokes and make threats against minorities?

I don’t think of the issue in terms of anything to do with slamming a minority to be nothing more than defending being impolite—not political.

Those of us who have lived more than 50 years remember when “polite” people didn’t engage in insulting others for their amusement, but we now have a society that’s built around making others feel worse than they do or using minorities as objects of insulting jokes.

The gay, lesbian and bisexual community’s are no exception to the war on being polite when more and more pundits for our community have been attacking the most vulnerable of all sexual minorities: transgender people.

I found an excellent article written by Dr. Jillian T. Weiss written in 2009 on the Bilerico Project website called Transphobia In the Gay Community that discusses the building animosity of the gay and lesbian community toward transgender people. It’s no joke when one minority that has suffered horrible and discriminatory practices by the straight community decides to take out their frustrations on another sexual minority.

It’s become so prevalent for homosexuals (yes, I use that word for a reason to prove the point because transphobia is not about the LGBT community; it’s about the discrimination of homosexuals against transsexuals and that makes a mockery of the synonym “LGBT”) to be transphobic publicly that it almost seems as if we seek to make transgender people feel worse for being themselves than we were made to feel for decades of discrimination and that’s just not right or humane.

I have heard some in our community be just as vicious and impolite as my Nazi neighbor who stores guns in his house (I’m talking automatic machine guns, assault rifles like the Bushman AR-15 and a variety of handguns and sawed-off shotguns) so he can blow every “n*gger, queer (he uses the vulgar “c*cksucker which really peeves me), dykes, spics and chinks. He has beat his chest at me and pronounced; “I’m a proud white man and I don’t give a shit about being politically correct so get over it!”

Is this really how some of you want to be thought of in the same category as this heinous excuse for a human being? Do you feel that our society is somehow unworthy of common courtesy and polite manners? Do you folks really wish to make a point that bad manners are your right? Maybe it is but it's equally my right to think you're a bottom-feeding piece of shit, too.

So when we evaluate what I’m saying; what does it mean to you? Do you seem to get delight from your inborn prejudices and bigotry or does the thought of using the suffering of others to be sickening and heinous?

For this New Year I would ask that we change the term “Political Correctness” to more important meaning: “Polite Correctness.”


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