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Stephanie Donald—Publisher

       The reign of free love and a constricted morality has come about as the result of the indictment of Jeffrey Hurant, the former CEO of on racketeering and prostitution charges in Federal Court this week.

      It has become abundantly clear that indicting people like Hurant will not curb the public’s appetite for pure sex for the prosperity of one’s ability to perform therent-feat-400x250Jeffrey Hurant, former CEO and recently indicted of act. If they stamp-out all that will happen is someone else will figure out a way around the existing laws.

     Didn't anyone learn when Sweden legalized pornography in the 1960s? A year after they said "boner's ho!" the amount of people buying porn or using prostitutes dropped by 90%.

   I don’t have to agree with prostitution to be in favor of someone’s ability to buy or sell their bodies. What they do with their lives is nobody’s business but their own and they should have the ability to be successful or royally fuck-up their lives without government interference.

     On a different front; Log Cabin Republicans are definitely eating shit and barking at the moon right now.

    LCR recently endorsed presidential candidate Donald Trump for his being “a friend to the LGBT community.”

     According to; “He is one of the best, if not the best, pro-gay Republican candidates to ever run for the presidency,” said Gregory T. Angelo, president of the Log Cabin Republicans.

    HardballGregory T. Angelo, Preisdent of the Log Cabin Republicans making a complete ass of himself on Hardball with Chris Matthews (Courtesy of Today, Metro Weekly published Donald Trump’s desire to repeal same-gender marriage.

     The transparency of the GOP front-runner to court the evangelical and fascist Christians voters also comes after “who would you vote for today if the elections were held” polls that show Trump jumping off the precipice of the chances of winning the presidency.

     According to a CNN poll, published that Sanders was thoroughly trouncing Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire by 27% at 60% of the vote versus Clinton’s 33%. Trump might be able to beat Clinton, but there is no way in hell that if the Democrats pick Sanders as their candidates that Trump will win the presidency.

     It will be the classic story of a battle of good and evil and this time the good (Sanders) will win the day and bring about the fourth “transformative” Presidency in the history of the United States.

     According to, and the—along with about 496 other publications like DemocraticUnderground (would you like me to hyperlink them all because I will if you’re willing to see how many hits I got by searching!) all agree that a Sanders’ presidency will be transformative even if he’s a mediocre President. It will mark the beginning of the end of the GOP as we’ve known it for 35 years. The last transformative President was Ronald Reagan, who got us into this mess to begin with, and Franklin Delano Roosevelt before him with the New Deal era that brought America out of the Great Depression.

    Hey, who am I to say whether or not someone pays to get laid and not acknowledge the freedom of the LCR to constantly shoot themselves in the foot and yell, “I like it!” Even if you win you lose LCR, because it would mean a monstrous step in the wrong direction. If Trumpo wins; we all lose. We'll not only have an anti-gay President but he'll also be the biggest asshole in Washington, D.C. instead of just New York City. If Trump wins then the implosion of our nation will happen sometime within his first term and we will bankrupt not only our nation, but collapse the world monetary system.

    Trump is a high-risk real estate investor. If he gains the White House then he can just use the military to take all the real estate he wants and bring about World War III which nobody will win. Ask yourself one crucial question: Is this the man you really want with his finger on the proverbial trigger of world destruction? A man who has been married three times, has filed for personal and business bankruptcy countless times and dismisses those instances as "just business as usual?"

   This is yet another clue as to how we can gain our total equality which is more necessary than marriage rights, so why am I still being called “fringe-lunatic dyke?”

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