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By Bob Kunst

Dear Pope Francis;

Your political comments against Donald Trump need to be responded to.

After 950 rallies/events since 1989; going to 31 'death camps' in Holocaust and doing over 3600 media interviews, we have an opinion about this latest shameful performance from you throwing stones.

Saying he isn't a Cristian because he wants to build a wall along the Mexican border with the U.S… just continues the G-d awful Papal politics and fallibility, starting with the Vatican itself surrounded by Walls both physically and spiritually.

Didn't you praise Abbas of Fatah committed to Israel's destruction and call him an 'Angel of Peace'? This is the man who helped kill 11 Israeli sin Munich Olympics in 1972 and continued the killings with the 2nd Intifada, killing of hundreds of Jews and Israelis and the latest 'stabbings' of innocents and you embraceMahmoud Abbas September 2014Mahmoud Abbas, then heair apparent to rule Palestine, in September 2014 him to continue this slaughter.

These are the same Arabs, you praise who were aligned with Hitler, to 'Kill all Jews' and still do, while you attack Judaism itself in being part of and leading the attacks against the Jewish "Covenant" with G-d for 5000 yrs.,, that millions of Jews were murdered for and the Vatican role in the Inquisition, the Pogroms and the Holocaust itself. You want Jerusalem, Jewish for 3000 yrs. also divided so that it is also under Vatican control. What is holy to Judaism and Muslims control you say nothing and agree with, with this Wall against the Jews.

You don't just dump on Judaism and its 'occupation of the 'holy land' for 5000 yrs. but you call the "Mufti of Jerusalem", your "brother," who in 2012 called for Arabs to "Kill All Jews" and no different the the First Mufti of Jerusalem who made sure that Hitler would kill 7million Jews with the help and support of the Vatican.

We were the ONLY Jewish group to protest you in Israel in May 2014, when you were at Yad Vashem and demanded you return $millions in Holocaust stolen artifacts, holy books, Torahs, under the Vatican and return to the Jewish people. We asked you to help Holocaust survivors; you turned a blind eye to in another wall you built on Vatican support for Hitler and the Holocaust.

We exposed you for your fraudulent comparison of the wall in Israel to keep out Islamic Nazi terrorists that you and German Bishops previously stated ...with the Warsaw Ghetto, where 400,000 Jews were transferred to Treblinka extermination camp.

Talk about walls? How about opening the books on Vatican support for Hitler, the gold trains that went to Vatican bank; the Vatican 'rat line' to help the killers of Jews to escape and it goes on and on.

While you attack Trump as not being a Christian, your own performance is reprehensible and Vatican for German and European Nazis and Islamic Nazis.

Below is a fuller picture of the Vatican deceit and unforgivable politics that cost so very many Jewish and other lives. Shame on you, Pope Francis! If this wall from Trump kept out murderers, gangs, drugs, etc. who are you to say not to do it?

From Vietnam to Aids, the Vatican has been a disaster including the genocides in Rwanda and Darfur you did nothing to stop. The list is long of these real walls, you choose to deny but the rest of the world gets.

Bob Kunst

Pres., Shalom International'


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