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Pigs of IndustryThe Raving Lesbian

Stephanie Donald—Publisher, LGBT-Today

            Since the passage of national marriage rights, there isn’t a whole lot of “gay rights” subjects left to write about. I could continue to preach about the need for a full equality act for the LGBT community, but you aren’t listening to me anyway.

So I’ve decided to write at least some editorials that deal with our freedom and security as everyday Americans and this subject is a lulu.

In 1870, the Atlantic Monthly magazine published an article calling the very few super-rich people in America at that time “Robber Barons.” The term “robberThe protectors of our industries"The Protectors of Industry" illustration from The Atlantic Monthly magazine in 1870 baron” wasn’t new—in the middle-ages, during the years of a feudal society, the royalty or appointed area governors of Europe were originally and literally called “Robber Barons” because if they wanted something they simply invaded and stole it from someone else.

Under the present political structure of the United States; there is a new structure of robber barons and they’ve chosen Donald Trump to be the clown prince of their cause for corporate welfare, no or minute taxes and placing a gun against the heads of workers, medical patients and citizens in this nation who aren’t as rich as they are.

There is always a point in the movement of a particular political environment where they go too far and wind up destroying themselves and that point is rapidly approaching for the GOP. As a matter of fact, 2016 will more than likely be the year where the GOP, as we’ve known it since World War II, finally self-destructs and will cause a new wave of actions that forces the cause of income equality laws to spread like a wildfire.

First of all, let me say that if you’re following the national polling organizations in order to establish your opinions for you, you’re making a grievous error in your judgement.

The polls are NOT composed by independent organizations that seek to find the truth. The polls are composed by various political leaders and candidates in order to lead the public by way of a nose-ring. Anyone who has recently taken a national survey on the political candidates and has an I.Q. higher than a poodle knows that many things get left off each survey and have no “alternative” answer, so you’re forced into a dueling match between every candidate except the one you truly support.

Hillary Clinton-The Democratic Version of a Robber BaronIf you get a call from any survey company, look for the following dueling banjos composition:

  1. “If the election was held today and the race was between Marco Rubio and Hillary Clinton, who would you vote for?” This is a steel-trap question form that always includes one candidate—such as Hillary Clinton and any Republican—and you can tell who paid for the survey because that candidate will be the centerpiece of each and every question. What about including a question like; “If the National primaries were held today, who would vote for; Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders?” Without that question you really have no basis to include a fair and substantive survey of the voters.
  2. Why do these surveys take 15-30 minutes to complete? Giving us 20 similar questions pitting Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton against every other politician running isn’t discovering facts: It’s manipulating your choices with a verbal slight-of-hand. One question would do where 50 questions now serve as their basis for telling the voting public who they want. The question should simply be stated: “If they 2016 Presidential elections were held today, who would you vote for?” Then simply give a list of all the candidates who are running and you will naturally choose the one who matches you’re your own interests in the issues.

The number one issue about how the robber-barons of the 21st century operate is by telling everyone what they should believe instead of giving them impartial facts. I must sadly say that the vast majority of citizens in the United States are uneducated, uninformed simpletons who will listen to their ministers, their relatives or Fox news in order to make their choices.

Because higher education is now so expensive, the vast majority of Americans who are registered Republicans don’t even have a high school degree and those who do have advanced degrees are all higher income people who are making even more money by programming their zombie followers with disinformation, hatred toward races and sexual minorities as the prime motivators toward society. Don't believe me? Next time you see a person in a three-cornered hat waving Tea-Party protest signs, ask them what their education is instead of arguing with them. Once you find out they're uneducated morons you will soon change your views about social issues and politics.

Another historical figure, Adolph Hitler, once did the exact same thing and he became the most evil man of the 20th century. There is no difference between hisAdolph Hitler vs Donald TrumpHitler also used anger and hatred to rally citizens. Donald.Trump is no different. plan to turn Germany against minorities as the primary motivator to seize absolute power in his nation. Immediately following World War II, a very bloody and costly war for Americans, the GOP took up the same plan in order to seed the hatred of Americans toward communism and it worked almost flawlessly, but like I said earlier: They eventually went too far with the House Un-American Activities Committee under Senator Joseph McCarthy and by 1960 the GOP of the past 15 years previous was devastated for the next eight years until Richard Nixon once again proved that the GOP doesn’t have America’s best interests in mind and can’t be trusted.

But Americans have an elephant’s memory regarding the dangers of conservative policy. Ronald Reagan seeded the economic collapse of 2007-2008 with runaway capitalism with no lawful boundaries. The term “trickle-down theory” became nothing more than a synonym of being urinated on for the poorer people of this nation.

Robber Barons never really disappeared from America. They simply became more devious and propaganda oriented monsters hiding under everyone’s bed and only their own best interests in mind.

How is it that poverty stricken citizens seem to support the policies that result in their own strife? It isn’t cheap to buy the souls of Americans and the only ones who have the power of the devil in this matter are the ones who control all the money.

Donald Trump is the devils apprenticeDonald Trump is the devils apprenticeAm I being too cruel by calling the richest Americans the “devil?” If you’re religious, all you need do is take a few moments to think about it.

If the devil came to you, would he/she/it appear as a horned demon who was bright red and carried a pitchfork or would he seem to be the most friendly, influencing parental-figure type with a comb-over? He certainly wouldn’t look like the devil if he wanted you to listen, would he?

The parental figure has been the image of the GOP since Ronald Reagan. They tell you what’s right and wrong and since the richest Americans also own the major news media’s, they no longer present a “fair and impartial” view of America because it goes against every propaganda issue that would benefit their own personal fortunes.

Having just reached the age of 60, I can say with a good degree of experience that this isn’t the same rule journalists were once guided by. As a result, this is not the same America I grew up in and the older people in this country should stop and think about the reasons that America was once great and compare that against today’s America. We have reduced freedoms, less compassion for poor people and more hatred and fanaticism than ever before.

This one fact is proof alone that the Robber Barons not only still exist, but are in control of America.

This should be the one influence that the major election of 2016 stands for and not what you’re being told to do. It’s time for America to stop and get a mind of its own instead of blindly believing the propaganda that now permeates our society.

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