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The Raving LesbianSasha Goldstein Twitter Post-1957-2016Sasha Goldstein Twitter Post compairing a photo of black harrassment in Little Rock, Ark in 1957. to Trump's 2016 Lousiville, Kn. rally.

Stephanie Donald, Publisher—

The other night a group of Trump supporters at a rally viciously bullied and battered a black student from University of Kentucky who came to protest Trump’s father being affiliated with the Ku-Klux Klan and his stated racial epithets regarding Muslims and Hispanic people.

One of the people who bullied this poor woman was a recent enlistee to the United States Marine Corps. He was immediately thrown in the brig and now faces federal charges and possible dishonorable discharge from the Corps.

That man, Joseph Pryor, seems to have been the focus of the media over the incident, but he’s just an immature young man who views the world in terms of violence—a product of 36 years of poor public education and worsening hate-based society of stupid people making stupid choices in life. I’m quite sure Mr. Pryor will have a wonderful career in repairing cars and getting drunk at the local bar every night until he dies, but he isn’t the person that should feel more shame than another man at that rally.

As you watch the video below, pay careful attention to the older man wearing the VFW garb. Now there’s a man who should get on his knees and beg the forgiveness of black Americans everywhere. There is a true life-long bigot who hides his hatred behind a flag of the United States.


The horrible treatment of a black student who was exercising her Constitutional Right to protest Trump's rally in Lousiville, Kentucky.

Yes, he’s a true American with more warts than the Wicked Witch of the West in the Wizard of Oz.

I used to be proud of my country, but since the rise of the neo-conservative movement and the decline in educated people in this nation, I feel nothing but shame for this country of haters.

My family is full of haters. My daughter hates me for being part of the LGBT community and my father, who constantly claims to not hate anyone, despises and disowned me for being part of the LGBT community. It embarrassed him so much that he told his friends that I died and when my mother died, he left my name off the survivors list—all because of his hatred.

So I’m no stranger to the world of hatred. Who in the LGBT community isn’t?

The largest danger of being someone who has been hated all their lives is that they grow older hating other people who are different from themselves. That’s equally detestable to me personally.

Our community is beginning to act just as reprehensibly, bigoted and stupid. No one listens anymore because they can’t hear anything over the roar of their own voices.

When two or people are mad and arguing with each other, no one can hear what the other is saying because they’re too involved with screaming their own views at the other(s).

Those in this world who really pull all strings—have all the power—depend on us continuing to scream at each other. If we’re too busy fighting amongst ourselves then we won’t be paying to their backroom dealing and playing god with our lives.

Donald Trump is that sort of man. He’s a combination of the examples between string pullers and stupid people screaming at each other. He’s a dangerous egomaniac who would be the sort of individual that, if elected to President, would press the button after having a simple disagreement with someone like Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Trump isn’t thinking of all our lives. He’s too busy thinking about his own life. What happens to ordinary people is of no concern to him. He’s far too busy making himself into a brand.

Should I remind everyone of the last two times he tried to run for President? He was considered a joke candidate because no one who truly was aware of the socio-economic realities in America could bring themselves to call him anything except one huge practical joke on the United States and not to be taken seriously.

But now people are stupid enough to listen to his hate-filled prattle? Last Week with John Oliver stunned progressive America with a balls-on assessment of Donald Trump and his Presidential campaign:


"Last Week" with John Oliver; Oliver takes Trump down and proposes that everyone use his original last name of "Drumpf."

Oliver made the point that, “Donald Trump can seem appealing, much like a buffet at the strip club, or the NFL, or having a pet chimpanzee. Sure; it seems fun, but someday Coco is going to rip your fucking limbs off!”

Oliver then noted that Donald Trump once derided his former boss, Jon Stewart, for changing his name from “Leibowitz.” Trump said, “What? Is he ashamed of his heritage?”

Of course Trump has no room to talk about deriding one’s character since he changed his name from “Drumpf” to “Trump,” and now John Oliver has begun a Make Donald Drumpf AgainJohn Oliver's Campaign to "Make Donald Drumpf Again."campaign to "Make Donald Drumpf Again."

Trump has somehow branded himself as “the most successful business man in America” when in fact, he’s been riding the bankruptcy train for almost 30 years with a string of failed businesses, such as the Trump Casino, and loaned his name to fraudulent building contractors who took investor’s money and then filed bankruptcy before ground could be broken, such as the Trump Resort in Mexico.

Trump is not a person; he’s a brand and in branding himself, he’s been quite entertaining, except he basically has an egomaniacal, hate-filled attitude that makes people feel insulted for not being him.

And Trump is not through branding himself, nor will he ever be. His candidacy holds the appearance of Trump looking at the honorable off of President of the United States and then adds “You’re fired!” to the end of that title.

Trump is a public clown who has learned how to act like a buffoon and make it pay for him. Perhaps his candidacy, as has been suggested in a spate of media stories about Trump insiders, is nothing more than an attempt to continue to brand himself.

Trump is well known as good friend to the Clintons. Through the years he has been quoted as a supporter of left-wing America. This new incarnation of the Trump brand has turned him into a serial liar regarding his past stated views and direct quotes. He claims he never said that and then blames the media for catching him in a lie. That's a new trick and a low point for the GOP, let alone the outlandish Trump.

Let’s just suppose for a moment that his run for the GOP nomination is nothing more than his continued branding of himself. Multiple times on The Apprentice he has stated his distaste for how stupid America has become.

What might happen to Trump’s business interests if he attains immortality by getting the GOP nomination and quits his candidacy just before the general election and throw his support to Hillary Clinton?

Would we be dealing with someone who has gained historical immortality by making fools of every stupid person in America who backed him? There would be little doubt about that question if in fact follows this scenario. His business interests would boom while he had the last laugh at the GOP and the idiocy of the public in taking his candidacy seriously.

When you look at his lowest comments during his candidacy, such as comparing the size of his penis to Marco Rubio’, does he really seem like a serious candidate or is he just a huge prick who lined his pockets with laughter and profits at those who were stupid enough to take him seriously?

At best, Donald Trump is the Clown Prince of the GOP and at worst; he’s the most dangerous candidate in U.S. history. He would dare to make a joke out of the candidacy for President and shit all over the Constitution by using that joke candidacy for his own personal profit.

How low can you go, America?

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