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north-carolina-governor-pat-mccrory-says-he-will-enforce-gay-marriage-rulingNorth Carolina Governor Pat McCrory--Careful of that finger. You don't know where its been.The Raving Lesbian

Stephanie Donald—Publisher,

Spineless GOP Southern State’s governments are passing legislation that basically gives their constituents the right to act like mindless, bigoted, stupid, stereotypical, morons.

Having been born in Florida during the mid-1950s, I’ve seen more than my fair-share of stupidity, in the South, including the Jim Crow era, but the current trend of laws that are forming a new “Pink Crow” set of laws, is by-far the dumbest yet.

North Carolina’s HB2 spawned a storm of businesses, other state’s travel to or through, performers and general commerce’s rejection of this bill that takes North Carolina all the way back to February 1, 1960 when a student from University of North Carolina staged a sit-in at the local Woolworth’s 5 & 10 lunch counter.

In all fairness, the City of Charlotte passed a law protecting everyone in the LGBT community, but the spineless Governor and Legislature passed HB2 removing the ability of any local government to pass laws that protect us.

The battle-cry of the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s was “Separate, but equal is not equal.” So far, all Chad Griffin has managed to do is be embarrassed by sit-inThe lunch counter revolt of February, 1960 in Charlotte, North Carolina--Another age of pure Southern stupidity in full blossom.requesting to talk to Southern governors and been rejected at every state capital building. In other words, he’s done nothing, zip, nada. Bitching is all the right-wing is hearing every time he opens his mouth, claiming to represent many businesses and prominent citizens. His lack of results is further proof that the Human Rights Campaign, which sports their “non-profit” store of useless merchandise on their main page, is not doing the job our community expects of them and is lining their pockets with your donation money.

The primary idiocy of Southern “Religious Freedom Laws” has reached a deafening peak in airing the hateful message to all LGBT people, but particularly the transgender community, who are being relegated to holding going to the bathroom the entire time they work or are out in public. What will happen when businesses and public restrooms have toilet police standing in front of every business and store asking for birth certificates?

Not all masculine-looking women are transgender, but this bill will specifically target older women and those whom nature wasn’t that kind to. Is it a masculine-looking woman? Let’s lift her skirt and find out! How would any woman feel if someone did that to them?

The stupidity of this law is that never, in all history, has a transgender woman or man attacked anyone in a public restroom.

There was a period in history, during the original Gay Rights Movement, when men “trolled” for other gay men MattachineJack Nichols (far right with sign on ground) and the Mattachine Society of Washington D.C. protest at the Pentagon in restrooms because of a lack of meeting places for the LGBT community. Consequently, Southerners thought that gay men would jump them at every possible opportunity, making them afraid to pee or move their bowels for fear of a gay man barging in and stealing their shit.

Now remember that these idiots in Tennessee, North Carolina, Kentucky and Georgia Christians seem to have a genetic memory of these situations, but hey; if you don’t want a pass made at you then just ignore the toe-tapping or knock on the partition. Gay men aren't into straight people and have some of the same "Ewww!" feelings that straight men have about a little pleasure.

Christians, in general, lack a sincere acknowledgement that human beings are, for the most part, sexual animals—no matter whether they’re hetero or homosexual. Everyone in this world is primarily motivated by the urge to get laid. If you don't believe me than just do a search for “politician caught in lewd acts” and see what the net brings-up!

The common name for that is “hypocrite” and that’s something that the breeding-out-control Christians (19 Kids & Counting, etc.) refuse to acknowledge their own sexual desires. They’ll sure spit kids out, but they deny any lust in their hearts.

Even former President Jimmy Carter, of Georgia, a lifelong Christian, has cried foul in this moronic scheme to make the LGBT communities the bad people once again after our Supreme Court win over marriage equality. There is no shortage of Kim Davis’ in this new climate. Not one of them is telling the public the truth and anyone with an I.Q.jimmy carter 01Ex-President Jimmy Carter over 10 knows it.

I decided a long time ago that was not a news organization. We’ve got more than many LGBT news services have and quite frankly, I can read the same basic stories they print on any outlet that uses Associated Press or network media. Why would anyone feel fondness for copycat news being printed? LGBT-Today is a blog of opinions and just about anyone is invited to submit articles to me (so long as they aren’t in the position of pressing the Christian-moron position or plugging products like self-published books or someone who has no grasp of spelling, syntax and grammar) and I will consider them for publication. We’re a small blog, but many in the world read us because we’re different.

These new religious freedom laws are honestly nothing more than an amplification of the image of fat, stupid rednecks with a John Deer baseball cap, swilling beer, belching loudly right behind you in the local Walmart and filling your ears rudely with their support for Donald Trump (Dumpf) while walking into a shopping cart and splitting their heads open.

e1994c094bChristianity is nothing more than a religion for people who have lost all hope because they lived their lives professing their abstinence of sex while popping-out a dozen or more kids that they inevitably screw-up mentally and turn into gangs of young sociopaths in the South.

That’s okay, though. These young sociopaths, like every other generation, rebel eventually against the tug of being nailed to a cross by their parents.

It’s the firebrand of every younger generation to rebuke their elders. I did it, the generation just outside the baby-boomers did it, Gen Xers, and now the Millennials are doing the same.

It’s actually refreshing to see people from my generation who originally professed to be hippies and turned into Christian automatons get doused by their kids. As Thomas Jefferson once said:

“I hold it that a little rebellion now and then is a good thing, and as necessary in the political world as storms in the physical.”

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