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Nate Silver


The Raving Lesbian

Stephanie Donald—Publisher,

According to Nate Silver and his blog, Presidential hopeful, former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton got quite a bump in her poll numbers while Trump and his big mouth keep causing his numbers to fall.

Silver is legend for never being wrong when it comes to baseball (sabermetrics) or political election polls (psephology) predictions presently shows Clinton at 63.3% and Trump at 36.7% on Silver’s blog

While Trump got a 3-4% bump directly following the Republican National Convention, which seemed momentarily promising—until Trump decided to deride a Gold Star military veteran’s family simply because they was Islamic. This triggered an almost instantaneous drop from 49% to 36.7%.

Even though it’s doubtful that Trump will win the White House, at least we get to stick around and watch his dog-and-pony-show-Bozo-the-Clown act wind-up being one for at the very least, Guinness Book of Records in the category of “Dumbest Candidate for American President”, or run the textbook companies out of paper trying to explain to future generations just how ridiculous the 2016 Presidential Election was.

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