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1942-Aw-Take-The-Day-Off-Pall-What-Have-You-Got-To-Lose-Lay-Offs-Costs-LivesThe Raving Lesbian

Stephanie Donald | Publisher, LGBT-Today

A few nights ago Donald Trump, the TV reality star who duped ignorant people all over America into becoming the GOP nominee, gave a speech that effectively set another stupid spin into play by trying to play the card that it’s the Muslims who threaten LGBTQ Americans more than a constant grinder of bigots who gave themselves the unrealistic and unstable platform of rights to be bigots in the first place.

Has anyone else noticed that even Tony Perkins, of the Family Research Council—a group clearly stamped a hate-group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, isn’t using the words “gays, fags, queers or dykes” in any recent speeches? Gee, sounds like a campaign ploy to me—buy support from outspoken hate groups to not stoke the firs, on the promise that he will destroy the ones they hate if they just ease-up on the slanderous language long enough to hook dim-witted LGBTQ people into voting for Trump?

There is also a Mexican company that is planning to sell loads of Donald Trump rubber faces for Halloween Could this be another ploy by the billionaire businessman 492979950to set his face into the collective unconsciousness of the American people? Like, very likely.

Over the past few weeks, Trump’s falling numbers have somehow been bolstered with minority communities. He asked them the same question he did of the LGBTQ community: “What’ve you got to lose?”

 If Trump gets their vote then he will personally be there to turn on the gas in the showers of the concentration camps for almost everyone who isn’t a pure-Caucasian, heterosexual human being. Make no mistakes about it: Trump is a follower of Adolph Hitler and studies films of his speeches in order to draft his policies. The Trump is horribly dangerous even to allow to continue doing business in this country, let alone running it.

Let’s face things bluntly: If you’re planning to vote for Trump then you’re insane. Please seek assistance ASAP.

Trump tried to appeal to our community last week by asking us, “What’ve you got to lose?” Umm, how about taking marriage and the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell—gone—out the window!

Every few generations, a despot is born that has positioned himself into an opportunistic position to bring a dictatorship down on a basically peace-loving people. The last despot to trouble the world with this particular brand of bigotry and fear-factored powerbase was Adolph Hitler. Kim Jong-un, the present leader of North Korea, makes Trump look like a teddy bear in the eyes of conservative and white supremacy leaders, but the truth is that Trump is much, much worse.

petrie511-768x468Should he become President, this nation would ignite another World War and this time, when the smoke clears, there will be no humans left anywhere on the planet to fight with one another . It will just be a collection of archeological digs for some alien race who one day plants its flag on human soil and declares the world for their own. Hopefully, should that happen, that race of extra-terrestrials will learn something from the stupidity that mankind’s legacy that might one day save their own. We’ll be gone—checked-out—pushing-up daisy’s—6 feet under—in other words: deceased once and for all.

Our alternative isn’t much better, in all reality. Hillary Clinton have waffled on issues for decades—always seeking to tell people what her pollster friends inform her—on extremely skewed surveys handed out to companies who pay minimum wage only and whose supervisors intentionally tell their workers to “get that survey finished if you’ve got make up answers”—that the American public wants to hear.

Clinton is a noted corporate-slanted professional politician and she makes no excuses or apologies for continuing the circle of air (economy), fire (cutting budgets for social assistance programs), and water (a particular flair for making people feel better about getting screwed-over) and mostly allowing a oligarchic spin to everything it does. She will mean at least 4 more years of Obama policies and appeasement of the right-wing.

But what exactly has Obama done wrong and what did he do right?

For starters, he offered appeasement for line items like the Trans-Pacific Partners Act to further send American jobs overseas to bolster China and their already dominant position as a world power. He’s given-in on items such as fracking, for which more earthquakes in the world than ever before can be traced to.66908247

What has he done right?

He changed direction, mostly because of Vice President Joe Biden, on the issues of repealing Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, gave his official nod to legalizing marriage equality, which went a great deal to influencing SCOTUS regarding their ruling. The last bellow of Justice Anton Scalia came from the legalization of marriage equality. That fact alone must give our current President a great deal of behind-the-scenes smiles to know Scalia lived just long enough to lose his cookies over the high court’s ruling.

So when we weigh the issues of one candidate against another, we’ve got reality TV star vs. Professional politician—I choose the professional politician, unfortunately.

Earlier in the campaign cycle, I endorsed Bernie Sanders and I still do, but since this country has such a narrow, binary vision—like zeros or ones—in our strangling choses of candidates, I have to surrender my vote to Hillary.

Will the debasement of elections ever cease? I certainly hope so, but for now, we’re being guided down the chute that goes to the slaughterhouses. 

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